Semi-binary chairs for kitchen: views and features

Semi-binary chairs for kitchen: views and features

There are a large number of varieties of semi-cuisine. Designers are developing new models, change the principles of manufacture, use unusual solutions. Products are different from each other by appearance, and they have the same purpose for them: they are used for cozy leisure at the table or bar counter. Most people in our days are purchased in their kitchen semi-cartoon chairs.


A semi-fruit chair is a product up to 60 cm high, designed to sit at the table of people. It happened from the bar variety of seats.

It began to produce such products much later than bar. The manufacture of them took up when people began to appreciate the comfort and aesthetic appearance. They fit very well into the studio apartment design.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the semi-fruit products are that they are very comfortable in use and make a stylistic completion in the situation. But along with this, sex chairs have a weighty minus – they do not fit the standards of standard height. Dining for them, taking advantage of such chairs, it will be quite uncomfortable.

Principles of selection

There are uniform principles of selection of semalent chairs. Holding to them, you can buy such products that will serve for a long time. Before purchasing a semi-fruit chair, you should know the necessary dimensions. The highest height of the chair – above the middle part of the bar. Such a magnitude will be optimal. If the table is purchased after the chairs are already bought, then it is necessary to trace it to be on high legs.

When choosing a semicard chair, it is necessary to pay attention to its stability. To buy data products will not be much difficulty, it is much harder to choose such that they would come under the main environment. So, wood products are well compatible with a kitchen in a classic style or “Country”. Options made of metal or steel will become part of the Kitchen setting “High-Tech”, “Modern”. Plastic is widely used in dachas, and glass products are suitable for any design.

In order for the semi-walled chairs to become part of the kitchen environment, you can change the upholstery on them or sew textile covers in the desired color palette. If you treat the material with a special composition, then it will become immune to the liquid. Special view of the kitchen will give pillows on the seats of chairs, stitched independently.

It happens that the desire to have a semi-fruit chair in its kitchen leads to the fact that this acquisition is carried out thoughtlessly. Do not do it because If the selected product will have a beautiful appearance, but it turns out to be uncomfortable, it can only be the subject of the situation – no one will use it.

Therefore, when buying a chair, it follows it well to examine, study the magnitude of the goods and its characteristics, try to sit on it. And at the slightest discomfort, you should refuse this purchase and search for a comfortable product further.


Most often, these products make two materials: Metal or Steel. Chairs from such raw materials are very durable and have a long service life. They are withstanding a lot of weight, are not subject to temperature fluctuations. Behind the chairs are very easy to care. In addition, the product of steel or metal is very difficult to damage. The only unfavorable point is that it is inconvenient to sit at such chairs at negative temperatures. But here the problem can be solved, putting a soft seat.

Wood products Watching a solid design with the inclusion of plastic or metal parts. Positive characteristics of such chairs is that They are environmentally friendly and can be used even in cold times. In addition, they can be painted in any color.

Frequently used material for semalent chairs – This plastic. It is budget and practical, has a small mass and resistant to temperature fluctuations. However, this material The most short and unreliable.

For the production of semalent chairs apply and glass. Frame Usually in such steel products. Although glass and quite durable, few people are resolved for the purchase of such interior items.

They are well suited for a small kitchen to visually make the space more.

Making your own hands

Home semi-fruit chair can be made independently made of wood. This procedure is not so complicated, especially for those who are a bit dismantled in the joiner. It is necessary to prepare a drill, an electrolovka, a screwdriver, emery paper and a grinder. In the process of manufacturing a semi-minister chair, it is also not to do without a hammer, a planer, roulette. In addition, a wooden timber will be required.

Stages of work:

  • make a scheme of the future product with precise size+
  • For the seat you can use one board or a few, make legs+
  • Processing the resulting design+
  • For reliability of the design, the legs need to make a thickness of 2.5 * 2.5 cm and strengthen them with special corners on screws+
  • All discovering angles need to be smoothed with sandpaper.

The seat for the chair can be made rotating, which is very convenient. In most cases, it is done on the metal frame. On the product you can independently make covers from the material suitable under the interior. Beautiful will look capes from Denim. Unusually and originally the chair will look, where instead of ordinary legs – baseball bits, here it is only necessary to take measures to make the product to be stable.

Details of the rathanting weaving will be unique in the situation and will be perfectly combined with the style of “Provence”.


Some kind of complex care for semi-walled chairs is not needed. It is necessary to care for them in the same way as after another furniture:

  • Do not allow contact with cruel-cutting items and boiling water+
  • As dirty you need to wipe the products with a damp cloth.

Next, see the survey video of the semi-clock chair Zebra Antishock.

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