Semicircular Shower Corses: Views, Sizes and Secrets of Choice

Semicircular Shower Corses: Views, Sizes and Secrets of Choice

Nowadays, few people have time to lie and relax in the bathroom, moreover, for modern bathrooms, the availability of the bathroom is an inexpedient interior solution, so many buyers prefer shower cabins. Especially good in a small room will fit a shower corner. Consider more than one of its forms (semicircular) and possible types and sizes, as well as reveal the secrets of the right choice.


Square and rectangular cabins are considered correct, And a semicircular corner is the wrong shape of the box, however, it is the maximum rational solution at the arrangement of a bathroom with limited space. As a rule, such a design has a pallet in the form of a semicircle, and 90×90 cm is considered the most appropriate size for the standard bathroom.

Review of species

You can classify semicircular corners by type of pallets.

  • High pallet – a very convenient element. If there is a high nose, the cabin can be used not only as a device for taking a shower, but also for laundry laundry or bathing children.

  • Low pallets Provide the presence of low-sidelights located almost at the same level. This option is recommended to choose elderly people or disabled features. Externally, the design looks very stylish, modern, visually expands the space of the room.

  • Shower box without pallet. In this case, the walls of the unit are located on the floor, in which the flow of water is already organized. Choosing such a model, the buyer can order the cabin on its own project. In addition, this option has a small weight, which facilitates transportation and installation.

Semicircular corners differ in the type of doors. It is usually customary to use swing and sliding structures, but some creative people prefer to see in their bathroom folding, pendulum, radius, retractable doors.


Most often showers are made of glass. Production uses matte, transparent, tinted glass or materials with glass decor glass elements. Often buyers choose glass structures decorated with geometric shapes, flowers or mosaic. Glass in production is treated with a tool that protects the surface from divorce and lime plates.

Also plumbing boxes can be performed from polystyrene. These models can be matte, transparent or with a pattern. The main advantage of such partitions is the price below the cost of glass corners. Some companies offer acrylic designs, but this is not the most successful option. Such models are inferior to glass on ecology, they are not so durable and durable.

To create a more presentable appearance, acrylic can be decorated, but even in the painted form it has several “cheap” design.


The width of the semicircular doors is 70-90 cm, so it is placed in a small-sized bathroom. If the most compact option with the door-coupe is used, then its size is 70×70 cm. It is this design that is recommended for the room where every centimeter of space is valued. Also, the following parameters of the corners are also distributed for small bathrooms:

  • 80×90+
  • 80×80+
  • 90×80+
  • 90×90+
  • 100×100+
  • 120 90+
  • 110×110.

All these sizes are considered standard for semicircular boxes. If the area allows you to choose a large unit, the dimensions of which vary from 125×125 to 150×150 cm.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a semicircular corner, listen to the following recommendations.

  • If the cabin is located next to other objects, such as a sink or washing machine, then prefer models with sliding doors, since the swollen mechanism will affect the adjacent object and deliver the inconvenience.
  • Do not be afraid to use models without pallets. They are technically simple, convenient, compact, budgetary, suitable for a popular minimalism style.
  • When choosing accessories, pay attention to the manufacturer. High quality offer manufacturers from Europe. The range is presented both universal fittings and products, specially intended for rare semicircular corners. When buying European elements, high price will be justified.

If the selection fell on a box of polystyrene, then buy a matte version or model with a pattern, since the transparent coating quickly loses its initial attractiveness, purre or covered with divorces.

How to collect a shower corner right, look in the following video.

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