Shower corners without pallet: varieties and choice

Shower corners without pallet: varieties and choice

Shower cabins without pallet can not be called innovative ideas. Rather, it is well forgotten old. Such designs are very functional. Consider other features of similar models.

Pros and cons

Shower cabins without pallet – it is ergonomically and rational. Such structures due to their lack of pallet can have various forms and sizes. Thanks to this cabin, the drain of which is organized directly in the floor, you can enter almost any room.

Such designs are suitable for non-standard bathrooms, rooms with niches, because in the niche itself you can organize a shower, making the door and a pair of walls, and in some cases enough doors.

In such systems, drainage and drain holes are in the floor, so even at the accident, the risk of flooding neighbors is excluded. The absence of ports in the booth is convenient and safe for the elderly, people with disabilities.

However, it is incorrect to assume that the installation of such a system is much easier than the installation of a shower box with a pallet. Since the drain hole of the designs without pallet is located right in the floor, Pipes and all communications need to be hidden in the screed.

In addition, it is important to take the floor under the slope so that the water flows exactly into the drain hole, and the puddle of the bathroom did not spread throughout the bathroom.

In addition to the preparation of the floor, it is necessary to take care of the alignment of the walls. If this is not done, then the shower sash will not be closed tightly. And any tightness can not go and speech.

Thus, a minus or, rather, a feature of the cabin without a pallet is The need to perform a large amount of preparatory work. In the absence of such or violating the technology of their execution, all the advantages described above come to no.

Installation of the system is better to entrust professionals because it is necessary to take care of waterproofing, monolithium and tightness of all seams and connections.


For the manufacture of walls and doors of the cabin can be used glass or polymers. Polymers are a transparent plastic that can be quite attractive externally. However, if we talk about reliability, tightness and durability, then glass options are preferable.

Do not worry that the doors and walls of the glass cabins will be fragile. Special tempered glass is used for production.

It is more durable and even in case of damage, it does not scatter hundreds of traumatic fragments, and cracks and remains on a special film.

The advantage of glass is also in the fact that it has a dirt-repellent impregnation, which means it is characterized by the simplicity of care. Water flows on glass drops, not leaving divorces and spots. Glass can be transparent and matte, have a rifer, drawing.

Glass varies with thickness and features of processing. As a rule, tempered glass has a thickness of up to 4 mm, this is a simple hygienic option. Thicker, but light glass is a plexiglass. The disadvantage of the transparent canvas is the inability to polish it in case of the appearance on it scratches and chips. However, there are no such problems with matte products – when scratching material is easily polished.

In the manufacture of cabins used another glass option – triplex. According to the method of production, this material is similar to car glass – these are 2 shockproof glasses with a transparent reinforcing film between them. Characterized by durability and security.

Polystyrene walls and doors have a smaller weight, more affordable cost, but they cannot boast a long service life. Usually such models are installed on cottages. Another lack of plastic structures – more complex care, on the surface there are often divorces and soap spots.

Despite the fact that such designs do not have pallets, it is necessary to take care of the quality of the cabin floor. He must be non-slip.

Special floor tiles or mosaic will suit for this. Alternatively or additions can be used anti-slip silicone mats on suckers. Make the floor safe and non-slip will also help the use of a wooden lattice.

Forms and sizes

In small and medium-sized bathrooms, the cabin without pallet is usually placed in the corner. It may have a triangle shape, square or rectangle. Rectangular booths can also be located along one of the walls of the room. Compact Cabins are considered in the form 1/4 (placed in the corner) or 1/2 circle.

For more spacious premises, you can choose the cabin of almost any form. Constructions enjoy popularity in the form of rectangles, products of asymmetric forms. Comfortable and ergonomic square products, However, it is better if the width of the wall begins from 70-90 cm. It can be products in sizes 75×75, 80×80, 85×85, 100×100 and 110×110 cm.

With competent planning in the standard bathroom, the cabin in the form of a square 120×120 cm.

It may be interesting and Cabin-trapezium. It will take less space than rectangular analog. Standard for such a design are the dimensions of 80×100, 90×80, 70×80, 70×90, 100×80, 100×90, 110×70 and 110×80 cm. For more spacious bathrooms – 110×90, 120×90, 120×80, 120×100 and 100×120 cm.

To create a spectacular interior of the bathroom, you can choose Round shower cabins. True, they require quite a lot of space to install. In addition, due to the features of the walls (the technology of manufacturing round and arcuate glass parts is very laborious) Round cabins are usually more expensive. Dimensions of cabins can also be diverse, when buying, you should navigate the dimensions of the bathroom. Usually the minimum length of the wall of the cabin is 70 cm, the maximum – 150 cm.


The design of the corner is due to its shape and sizes. Depending on the use of transparent or matte glass, the appearance of the design also changes.

On the aesthetics of the booth, as well as the features of its operation affect the choice of doors. The most common option is swing doors and sliding. The latter are arranged like a wardrobe door and slide on a special guide.

Typically, such doors are chosen for small-sized premises, as they allow saving free space in the bathroom.

Also, the doors can be retractable and pendulum, folding (add to the type of books or accordion, are also characterized by ergonomics) and radius. Sometimes only a bathroom curtain can be used. This is usually democratic cabins organized in a wall niche or in the corner of the bathroom.

The appearance has an impact and whether the framework of the frame. In this regard, the frame and frameless cabins are isolated. The frame is a metal or plastic circuit that protects the rest of the design elements. The frame makes the booth more reliable, but deprives her visual lightness, airiness.

Frameless models involve the use of materials that do not need additional stiffness levels, for example, it can be shockproof glass. Frameless models literally dissolve in the interior, allow you to make it visually more spacious.

Review manufacturers

One of the leading manufacturers of cabins without pallets is called the Czech company RAVAK. Products are distinguished by high quality and functionality.

Glass surfaces have special antiCalc protection – this is a patented manufacturer development.

Among the popular models without pallet, you can allocate:

  • Ravak Pivot Pskk3-80: Corner model with swing doors for small-sized bathrooms, size – 80×80 cm, used tempered transparent glass and white metal frame+
  • Ravak Smartline SMSKK4-90: In general, the model is similar to the previous one, but has large dimensions – 90×90 cm+
  • RAVAK CHROME CRV2: Available in several sizes (with width of walls from 80 to 110 cm), shape – square, doors – swing, use transparent tempered glass.

Cups from the French manufacturer use customer demand Leroy Merlin. The secret of popularity is the optimal combination of quality and cost. In addition, the brand boasts a wide variety of models. Designs without pallet usually have a quarter of a quarter, square and a rectangle. Unforty are the models of the Purity, Sensea Optima and others.

In search of a durable and ergonomic cabin, you can contact the collection Brand RGW (Germany).

One of the advantages of the products is the use of special glass Triplex.

This is a multi-layer “Pie”, which is not broken, has a special anti-altar layer, thanks to which it always looks perfect.

Present German quality and attention to detail – all this can be found in the product of this brand. It is especially clear this can be traced when evaluating fittings.

Models without pallet:

  • RGW PA-45: Sizes – 120×90 cm, form – rectangle, transparent tempered glass, sliding doors+
  • RGW WA-01: rectangular design with 90 or 100 cm wide, heavy-duty tempered glass with a thickness of 10 mm, type of doors – Walk In+
  • RGW WA-02: Square construction in 3 sizes (from the side width of 70, 80 and 90 cm), tempered glass for 6 mm, doors – Walk In.

Chinese brand Appollo Collaught existing myth of low-quality Chinese products. Shower cabins of this manufacturer are characterized by reliability and durability, have many “smart” functions, and even buyers note a high level of service.

The line of structures without pallets includes not only standard angular, square and rectangular models, but also a plurality of asymmetric. Designs without pallet from this manufacturer – CERUTTI ZP91 (pentagonal tempered glass cabin) and rectangular cabin CERUTTI ZQ91.

The best manufacturers of plumbing, including shower cabins, are Italian brands. One of them – Cezares. Products combines high quality, latest technology and stylish french design.

The following brand models do not have a pallet: Pratico R-1-90-C-CR (shape – 1/2 circle, size – 90×90 cm, doors – swing, walls – tempered glass) and exquisite Valvola-AH-1-80 / 90-C-CR (frameless square model in the amount of 80×90 cm).

How to choose?

First of all, you need to decide on the size of the structure. You need to choose the design, considering the size of the room.

Despite the fact that the minimum wall length begins from 70 cm, it is better to choose a booth with a length of the walls at least 90 cm.

This is due to the fact that during water procedures a person does not stand motionless, but moves. In the cramped cabin easy to hurt glass, mixer, get injured.

The form of construction is also often determined by the bathroom dimensions. In small rooms, it is better to mount the angular models in the form of a quarter or half-chamber. Square or rectangular designs are suitable. For small rooms, they usually choose a cabin with sliding doors.

At the same time, you need to make sure that the guides are made of metal, equipped with magnets and rubber linings.

If a design with swing doors is selected, you need to make sure that when the door is opened, does not interfere, no spacespace. Swing doors can be on loops or hinged, the second option is more reliable.

When choosing the cabin materials, preference is worth to give metal, not plastic (If we are talking about frame, components), and glass (when choosing doors and walls).

Beautiful examples in the interior

Convenient and stylish – rectangular transparent cabin without pallet. Thanks to the transparent glass and minimalism in design, the shower is almost invisible in the interior, adds to it.

The angular model, and it is not fixed to the wall, but is organized using special partitions. The space behind the partition has become the storage location for bath accessories.

      Another example of how the transparent design without a pallet can be dissolved in the interior. Special chic can be achieved thanks to the same chrome-plated tint of plumbing and carcass.

      With tips on the choice of shower corners without pallet and the features of their operation, you can also get acquainted in the following video.

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