Shower fences with pallet: materials and sizes

Shower fences with pallet: materials and sizes

To date, the popularity of shower cabins is increasing compared to traditional baths. This design is considered more modern and stylish. In addition, it saves a place and fits into any interior. A common variety of shower cabins is shrill (or fence) for the shower. Most often, such a design is made of glass.

What are the features of shower fences with a pallet? What types of designs exist which materials are used for their manufacture? How to choose the fencing? Answers to these and some other questions you will find in our material.


Shower fence (or shirma) with pallet – this is a kind of shower. Most often similar designs are made of glass or other transparent material, so that fit into any interior and look quite stylish.

However, before purchasing a similar design, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its characteristic features, positive and some negative properties.

So, first of all it should be noted that the shower shirma is a way to protect the walls and floor in the bathroom from the splashes on them. So you not only protect your repair, but also increase the level of safety of staying in the bathroom – on a wet and slippery floor, you can slip and get a serious injury.

Many users of shirm for the soul mark Spectacular Exterior Design. It is modern and meets all the latest trends in the world of design. If desired, transparent glass You can decorate according to your individual order. So you will turn your bathroom into an exclusive room.

Shower fence are made not from the usual, but from durable tempered glass. In this regard, you can be confident in the reliability of the design, it will last you for many years. In addition, manufacturers of shower fences supply them with special means of protection against cracks and seals that prevent water leakage and provide tightness.

Housewives are aware of how difficult to wash and clean the baths and showers. However, care for the similar glass shower shower is very simple and does not cause any difficulties.

In addition, such a glass fencing will become an excellent solution for small-sized bathrooms, as it will not only save the available space, but also visually expand it.

However, despite the number of positive moments, some shortcomings of the shower fencing should be allocated.

First of all it is necessary to keep in mind that Similar structures have a standard height that is very limited. If you want to install a higher device, then you will have to spend a number of additional work (at least the device racks). Accordingly, the cost of the design itself will increase, as well as its installation.

In hard-to-reach places of metal compounds with glass, dirt can accumulate, and in case of cracks – a rust occurs.

That is why it is very important to be careful and attentive in the process of operation of the structure, as well as to clean and wash the cab regularly.


Today, 3 main types of shower fences are presented on the market. Consider more each of them.


As you can guess the name of this type of shower shower, the main feature of such a design is the presence of a frame. Most often, such a fence is made from metal products. To this material attached sheet polycarbonate or glass. Depending on the specific model, Shirma may consist of one solid frame either from several separate sections. It is believed that the second option is preferable: its side elements are still, and in the middle there is a special sliding design


These designs have a more attractive appearance. The main material for their manufacture is tempered glass, which is characterized by increased rates of reliability, strength and durability. It is designed with the fact that high temperatures and moisture will continue on the material. Among the frameless Shirm are the most common structures with two sash.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that such fences will have a higher cost than frame scrolls.


Combined structures include characteristics and frame, and frameless shirm. For example, one part of the fence may consist of polycarbonate, and the other – from tempered glass.

Screens can be both with the roof and without it.


Both the partitions themselves and the pallet for the shower can be made from different materials.

For partitions

Partitions for shower cabins are most often made of polycarbonate or glass. There are several varieties of design. So, Partitions with glass doors can be transparent, translucent or opaque.

The choice of a specific variety depends exclusively on your individual preferences, as well as from the interior design of your bathroom.

For pallets

Pallets for the shower can be made of a variety of materials.

  • Acrylic. This variety of pallets is considered the most popular. In the market you can find pallets of the most different shape and size. In addition, many buyers attract affordable design prices.

Specialists are recommended to give preference to pallets with increased rigidity, as they are considered the most qualitative and even able to keep heat.

  • Cast iron. Cast iron pallets are the most reliable and durable. Nevertheless, this material is less popular than acrylic. The thing is that the cast iron itself has a rather large mass and has bad thermal conductivity (that is, slowly heats up and slowly cools.

  • Steel. In order to install a steel pallet, you will need to install special designs for amplification. The main disadvantages of this material include the fact that the water jet, which beats about the pallet, creates a very loud noise.

  • Kvaril. Are among the most expensive, but possess good physical qualities: they are thick, durable, have high thermal conductivity, as well as easy to install them. In addition, care for such structures does not cause any difficulties.

In addition to the materials described above, the soul pallets can be made of ceramics, artificial stone, wood and other.


Today in the market you can find shower fences with a pallet of different sizes. The most popular of them:

  • 80×80+
  • 90×90+
  • 80×100+
  • 120×90+
  • 120×80+
  • 100×100+
  • 80×120+
  • 70×70+
  • 70×100 cm and others.

The choice of one size may depend on several factors. So, it is recommended to take into account the total area of ​​your bathroom, the growth and dimensions of households, as well as interior solutions.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a shower screen for your bathroom, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to such key characteristics of structures as manufacturing material and dimensions. So, choose only those supplements of cabins, which are made of durable and durable materials.

As for the size, before producing repairs in the bathroom, It is important to carry out all the necessary measurements and make sure that the desired shower fence will fit in the room and will not block the placement of other furniture and technology.

Despite the fact that shower shirms can fit into any interior, it is important to think in advance the concept of registration. Depending on this, the type of glass may vary (for example, transparent or opaque), as well as its color. In some cases, you can approach the shower cabin with original design.

Shower fences with a pallet are a fairly large purchase, so make sure you deal with a responsible and conscientious seller.

Feel free to ask him all the necessary documents: quality certificates, licenses and other.

Examples in the interior

As mentioned above, shower shirms are structures that will perfectly fit into any interior:

  • High-tech (you can use backlight)+

  • Neutral design+

  • minimalism+

  • Medieval style+

  • Natural decoration.

The shower structures themselves can be installed in various parts of the bathroom:

  • in the center+

  • near the window+

  • in the corner.

With the arrangement of your bathroom, give will your creative gust and creative. If necessary, you can seek help for professional designers.

How to choose a shower corner, you can find out by looking at the video below.

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