Shower pallets with curtains: features, varieties, choice rules

Shower pallets with curtains: features, varieties, choice rules

Compliance with personal hygiene – a prerequisite that every person must adhere to. For water procedures, each modern apartment is equipped with a special bathroom. This room is a multifunctional object that makes it possible to take a bath, wash and just refreshing under the shower.

In order to save the total area of ​​the room, many designers in their projects refuse to classic bathroom and increasingly prefer shower pallets with curtains.

Despite the simplicity of design, experts prevent this product very stringent requirements that must be taken into account when purchasing it.


Shutter shower pallets – Modern device that makes the procedure for taking a shower as comfortable as possible. In order for the acquired plumbing device to be in demand and most comfortable, it should be compact, reliable, environmentally friendly and sustainable in high humidity.

Designers use this design as for small bathrooms, Where it is impossible to install a stationary bathroom, and for big, where you can comfortably accommodate a bathroom and shower.

In specialized stores, you can see a wide range of products that differ in manufacturing material, shape, size and type of curtains.

The dimensional row of pallets is in the range from 4 cm to 20 cm. The minimum width of the sides is 70 cm x 70 cm, but the maximum often reaches 130 cm x 130 cm. The most popular size of the design is 90 cm x 90 cm.

Products also differ in their shape and can be round, semicircular, rectangular, square and triangular.


Particular attention should be paid to the material manufacturing material, on which the strength, reliability and durability of the product depends.

For the manufacture of this plumbing manufacturers use the following types of materials.

  • Acrylic – modern, practical and demanded material that can be used for the manufacture of products of various shapes. Advantages – lightness, strength, possibility of fixing various accessories, ease of care, period of operation up to 15 years. One of the main flaws of acrylic products is their flexibility and fragility.

To eliminate this feature, the acquired product must necessarily have an internal reinforcing layer or mounted on a metal frame.

  • Cast iron – One of the most durable types of raw materials, which has the longest period of operation and is undemanding in care, and also keeps warm. Disadvantages – high weight, the complexity of transportation.

  • Steel – unpopular material, products from which are not in demand for buyers. Disadvantages – high noise, slow heating, cracking upper enamelled layer, impossibility of installing glass or sliding curtains.

  • Ceramics – expensive raw materials from which high-quality and aesthetically attractive pallets are manufactured. Advantages – durability, ease of care, reliability, aesthetic appearance, high level of thermal conductivity, possibility of mounting various types of curtains.

Features curtains

Separate attention requires Curtains that are installed around pallets and prevent water from entering nearby tiles and interior items. It is from this subject that the appearance of the construction and its combination with the common room of the room depends.

This product can be made of the following materials.

  • Glass – Beautiful and durable material, which is distinguished by increased strength and elegant appearance. Features of glass for shower pallets – hardened and robust structure, which when deforming crumbles into small parts.

Advantages – Easy installation, Low price range, Neutility in the care, availability of component elements. Glass curtains can be transparent, matte and darkened.

  • Plastic – Popular raw materials from which can be made as expensive products and more budget. Advantages – the possibility of manufacturing products of various shapes, the use of various methods of attachment.

  • Vinyl – Modern material, products from which recently appeared in the plumbing market. Due to the unique properties of raw materials, products from it are not only practical and durable, but also beautiful. They are easy to care for them, and you can also decorate with various drawings and decorative ornaments.

Despite the variety of materials for the manufacture of the curtains, the most popular and in demand over the past many years is Water-repellent textiles, which reliably protects the room from water splashes.


  • strength+
  • reliability+
  • Elasticity and beautiful drapery+
  • The ability to mount on the eaves of any configuration+
  • Wide color assortment+
  • Easy to care and washing.

For fastening curtains from textiles, you can use both eaves and a string.

      These products may have a straight, arc, angular, oval, round and asymmetric shape. Correspondures can be made of plastic, metal, as well as combined material. Manufacturers release data of two types of products – Standard and exclusive.

      Choice rules

      In order to choose a high-quality, practical and durable product, You must pay attention to the following parameters:

      • location+
      • Type of construction+
      • safety+
      • the size.

      The location of the product is an important indicator that affects not only the interior of the room, but also on the method of connecting communications.

      The simplest and in-demand method of placing the design is the corner.

        It is this method that allows you to use the internal space of the room as rationally and quickly summarize all communication systems. The installation of the pallet in the center of the room will require the presence of not only a large space, but also the intervention of specialists who will help make the right drain and water flow system.

        Modern manufacturers make data of two types of products – solid and prefabricated. Despite the high cost of finished products, they require a minimum amount of effort for installation, and their kit includes all the necessary elements. To save finance, it is possible to collect the design from individual parts, but without having professional experience, this manipulation is very difficult to carry out without errors.

        In order for the product as safe as possible during operation, experts are recommended when choosing to pay attention to the bottom cover, which must have a corrugated structure and be covered with a special anti-slip solution.

        The age and physical condition of family members has a direct impact on the size of the product and the height of its side. For the elderly and persons with disabilities, it is necessary to give preference to low designs that will not create difficulties for moving.

          Bathrooms have long ceased to have a classic appearance. Modern designers are in constant search for new ideas that would not only correspond to the innovative design solutions, but also the needs of people. Shower pallet with a curtain – a modern plumbing device that allows you to save the area of ​​the bathroom and give it a stylish appearance.

          About how to choose a bath curtain, look next.

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