Shower Panels: Features, Types and Choose

Shower Panels: Features, Types and Choose

Shower panels are installed in places where there is no possibility to mount a full bath or shower cabin. Sometimes they are used for designer solutions, if you need to create an interior in the style of minimalism or loft.

What it is?

The shower panel is An extended plate (housing) on ​​which equipment and hydromassage nozzles are mounted. It is made from materials resistant to moisture, temperature and household chemicals. It can be metal, plastic, glass or acrylic. Produce combined options, for example, combine glass with metal.

Should be distinguished by a shower panel and a rack, although often they are called the same. The rack is a watering can, and the panel is equipped with nozzles for hydromassage, it contains the top or flexible shower, can be done by a number of additional functions than them more, the more expensive the product is. Additional devices include thermostat, backlight, aromatherapy option, shelf.

Panel can be programmed, connect to the radio, telephone line. Nozzles placed on the surface rotate, changing the direction of flow. The jet is adjustable on all nozzles together or on each separately.

The panel can have several types of management: manual and electronic (sensory). Electronic models require the tail of the cable from the mains (220 V), but passing through the transformer, downward current, the panel receives a voltage 12 W, providing security to the user.

The panel cannot compete by comfort with a full-fledged hot tub or shower box, but it performs its hygiene functions in good faith.

It can be installed in any room, including in the shower box, it does not require pallet, the environment of walls and doors – only the supply of water supply and liquid outflow system are needed.

Pros and cons

One small panel actually drives to zero stay in the bathroom of shower and bath. It can take advantage of not only in the cramped conditions, the panel is good for fans of space and asceticism in the interior. Modern urban styles often use it for their design. In addition to aesthetic capabilities, the device has other advantages:

  • it compactly does not take up much space+
  • easy and simply mounted+
  • It is convenient to operate+
  • A variety of types of materials help choose a model stylized under the design of the bathroom+
  • The variety of options and different types of management allow you to purchase products of different price categories+
  • The functions of hydromassage and aromatherapy make it possible to carry out health procedures at home+
  • Souls with aeration can save in one reception to 10 liters of water+
  • Wide wage can immediately wash the whole body.

The shortcomings can be attributed to the high cost of sensory products, the number of options that may be unclaimed, and the need to resort to the help of specialists to mount the embedded and electronic models.


Clearly classifying the shower panels will not work, as they differ in different criteria: material, design, installation method, quantity of options and different types of nozzles. Overall models can be with a screen, have a pallet. Products of three classes are on sale.

  • The “Comfort” panels refer to the first class. They can be both with the top and flexible shower. As a material use acrylic or plastic. One big nozzle is represented by hydromassage with multi-line effect, but it can be replaced by four standard elements.

  • The second class is called “Medium”, It has acrylic or metal panels. Nozzles are located on the side, and three of them – with massage destination – in the center.

  • Third class (Premium) Also endowed with side and central hydromassage nozzles that can be launched alternately or all at the same time.

By way of installation, they are the following types:

  • wall-mounted – Responding to its name, mounted on the wall plane+
  • Products built into the wall, look very impressive – the look is presented only injectors, handmade shower, shelves, holders, and the panel itself is hidden in the wall+
  • Corner models occupy any suitable angle, they can be compact or rushing from the floor itself+
  • Universal panels You can fix in the corner, on the wall and even on the ceiling.

Shower products are divided into Household and professional. The difference lies in the number of nozzles: if at home is used from 2 to 8 elements, the shower panels of sanatoriums and waterproofs can have them up to 15 pieces.

Panels of different types contain mechanical or electronic control, the second type is more expensive.

  • Mechanical management Presents a simple mixer with levers and minimum options. The water temperature and pressure are manually exhibited.
  • Sensory models have great opportunities, they are endowed with many features. The control buttons are displayed, with the help of which the pressure and water temperature and water temperature are not only adjusted, but also the music, backlight, radio, aromas, etc.


Today’s consumer reliable functionality is not enough – people want to take a shower in a beautiful setting. The panel itself and its environment must have a style and spectacular appearance, What can you make sure, considering photos of bathrooms.

  • Panel mounted in the wall. Convenient Ceiling Spool and backlight.

  • Compact wall model Supports style minimalism in the bathroom.

    • Creating special interiors, you can pick up Equipment with a retros mixer made of antique brass. For the manufacture of panels, bronze, copper, steel with gold spraying are also used.

    • Metal products with mechanical control perfectly fit into the Scandinavian style bathroom.

    • Modern wall panel, An indicated glass screen, suitable for high-tech styles, minimalism.

    • Peculiar metal product with manual control Ideally correspond to the direction of country.

        • Panel, performed under the tree, with top and flexible shower.

        • Corner panel, Mounted in a shower cabin.

        • Bathroom ecodesign, imitating natural conditions, successfully decorated with shower panels.

        • White shower panel well combined with plumbing the same color

        The shower panels did not enter the Russian market so long ago, but already found their admirers. Designers constantly improve the products of this kind, and today it is not just ergonomic and compact equipment, but also a stylish subject of interior. To have an idea of ​​modern shower panels, we give examples of products of the most popular world brands.

        • Leads in the Plumbing Market of the German company Hansgrohe, What makes shower products of the Pharo series. Pharo’s Prestige Panel has top and manual watering can. The upper swivel is able to change the flow mode on the pulsating, soft and standard. The housing of the panel is made of aluminum, acrylic and glass.

        • No less well known firm GROHE (Germany), Maching shower panels with beautiful design. The models with a large top water canopy, endowed with a tropical rain function. The shower effect is healing and relaxes after a busy day.

        • Italian shower panel Jacuzzi Rei small sizes – 143×27 cm, but endowed with all the necessary options. It has upper shower with rain effect, watering can on a flexible hose, 4 hydromassage nozzles, mixer. Bath kit is equipped with a seat.

        • Company Albatros (Italy) Releases Albatros HR 214 shower panel model with a pleasant design. It has 6 nozzles, two watering cans, thermostat, and also complemented by two elegant shelves.

        • Italian firm TEUCO Offers model P 546 with dimensions of 194×20.5 cm, aluminum case. The set includes pallet. Equipped with hydromassage nozzles and a single-art mixer.

        How to choose?

        Choose a shower panel with the definition of the place where it will be. This will help not make a mistake with dimensions. For example:

        • Bathroom has a fairly compact or medium model+
        • High rack is suitable for boxing+
        • In a small room, it will be more convenient to use the angular product.

        The designation of the price framework allows you to understand which model you can count on. The more options, the more expensive the product. It is necessary to determine in advance what functions will be needed in everyday life not to overpay.

        You can pay attention to devices to help save water:

        • Aquadimmer reduces flow rate+
        • ECO mode overlaps part of the soul channels.

        For a more comfortable stay in shower, you may need a thermostat, shelves, towel hooks. Making a purchase, it is better to familiarize yourself with the instructions of each model to explore the list of functions and choose for yourself the most acceptable.

        Choosing a product with electronic control, you need to know in advance about the possibility of summing up the power cable and the presence of a place for the transformer. Before the purchase itself, you should check the goods for the presence of marriage, and also make sure whether the completeness with the stated list of accessories coincides.

        Installation recommendations

        To install the shower panel of work, produced in two stages: prepare the wall, then mount the equipment. At the preliminary stage, communication pipes are placed in the wall. This is usually happening during repairs, but if it is not planned, you should carefully remove the tile from the installation site, check the condition of the plaster, She should not be in doubt in its fortress, since it will have to install a shower panel weighing 5-10 kg (depends on the model).

        Weak plaster is better to knock down to the capital partition. But before you should make sure that there is no hidden power wiring at the installation site.

        Next steps are made in the following order:

        1. Place pipe eyeliner+
        2. Install communication so that the outlet holes are to be closed with future plaster+
        3. At the ends of the pipes install fittings for connecting them with panel hoses and tied with cellophane to protect during plastering+
        4. To connect the sensor panel, you will need an electrical wiring that is paved in plastic protective hoses+
        5. When communications are carried out, we can add liquid glass to the solution for reliability, but it should be remembered that such a composition is collapsed quickly, it will be necessary to work in an active pace+
        6. When the wall serves, the facing material is installed on its surface.

        Upon completion of the preparatory stage, the panel is started. To do this, produce the following actions:

        1. On the wall with the suspended communications make markup for the brackets+
        2. Next, drill holes for bolts, and screw holders+
        3. After examining the instructions from the manufacturer, connect the panel to communications+
        4. Then spend a test water connection+
        5. If the equipment works without leaks, the panel is fixed on the brackets, from that moment it is ready for operation.

        Who doubts their capabilities, can install the shower panel to instruct specialists, especially if it comes to expensive sensory models.

        Video instructions for installing the shower panel are later.

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