Shower racks with a mixer: what are and how to choose?

Shower racks with a mixer: what are and how to choose?

Shower racks are a convenient standard boxing alternative. Their popularity is primarily due to ergonomics and versatility.


Shower racks are a kind of shower systems with a mixer. The latter are also in the form of panels (those in turn, have a larger set of options, however require more space for placement). Shower rack is a simpler design that has a type of rod, at the top of which shower canoe, in the bottom – mixer. Often the mixer is equipped with another wagon on a flexible hose.

Such a headset is a compact system that does not occupy a lot of space and is designed to receive water procedures. Such a simplified design allows you to organize a shower corner in almost any part of the bathroom. It is only necessary to take care of the floor plum (it should be located at a low angle so that the water is quickly assembled to the drain hole) and close the resulting space of the curtain. Shower rack with a crane can be fixed over the bathroom.

This product will cost much cheaper (both the purchase itself and installation) compared with standard shower boxes and even corners. No need to disassemble a bath for installing a rack.

Modern models have many features, which makes it possible to turn the process of making a shower not just in a hygienic procedure, but in a real spa session. In addition, modern designs are equipped with shelves and hooks, so you can easily organize a functional space in the bathroom.

Options for configuration

As mentioned, the simplest design of the shower rack is directly the rack itself, the mixer and the leak fixed at the top. However, other options are also possible, consider each of them.

  • Rack with thermostat. Includes a stiff shower and a mixer, as well as a thermostat. The task of the latter is to regulate the temperature of the water, excluding the risk of burns or supercooling.

  • Bath Rack. Allows you to use both the shower and fill with water bath. The latter becomes possible due to the presence at the rack of a small spout and the switch (translation of water in the shower or spanging).

  • Stand with 2 types of leek. This species has already been described – one watering can be fixed in the top point of the bar, it is fixed. The second is attached to the flexible hose, so that the water jet can be sent to any hard-to-reach place. Upper shower is usually equipped with a variety of functions, the ability to adjust the force of pressure.

Many models have different soul options – tropical rain, cascade, relaxing shower with small drops and t. D. To switch from one mode to other such products are equipped with a special panel or levers. Sometimes the kit includes shift shower nozzles.

Review of species

Shower racks can differ not only to a complete set and a set of additional options, but also by mounting. They can be fixed on the floor in the bathroom, installed in a shower cabin, but more often mounted on the wall in the bathroom (that is, in the font). Longer racks are designed for self-installation at the wall, as well as in shower cabins. They are suitable for installation near the bathroom, if the font is not close to the wall. If the rack will be located above the bathroom bowl, and the bath itself is installed close to the wall, then the rack is needed.

Placing the rack can on any wall, and for small-sized bathrooms there is a more ergonomic angular model. Wall-mounted models may have a hinge mount, due to which you can change the position of the upper soul.

Depending on the characteristics of the mixer, shower racks can be divided into 2 types.

  • Valves. Have 2 valves connected to hot and cold water pipes. Adjusting the valves, you can achieve optimal water temperature. Such systems are easy to use, allow you to more accurately adjust the water temperature, durable.
  • Single-art. Cold and hot water control, as well as their “mixing” occurs with one lever. It does not allow to achieve as accurate temperature setting as when using valves. The locking mechanism is represented by a cartridge equipped with an aluminum or ceramic plate. In general, the lever mechanism is also characterized by durability, but it is susceptible to the grains. It is best to operate a single-dimensional mixer in combination with deep water purification filters.

Extremely distribution is obtained by contactless water supply systems. Water begins to pour automatically when a person goes under the shower. Such devices are more expensive, but ultimately the use of them turns out to be more economical, because it does not lead to water overrun.


For the manufacture of rack and top shower, a variety of materials can be used, However, all of them are combined by the main requirement – to be resistant to corrosion. Classic is considered stainless steel products. Such products for a long time are not covered with rust, characterized by durability and durability. To ensure their additional strength and imparting a more attractive type, steel surfaces are covered with nickel-plated or chrome layer. From this product acquires a characteristic shine. Stainless steel racks are universal – suitable for both classic and modern interiors.

More durable and expensive are models from brass. Material also confronts corrosion, has a high margin of safety. Such products are characterized by a noble appearance and harmoniously fit into retro interiors.

Plastic models have a more affordable price and diverse designs. There are models covered with chrome or nickel, due to which the material can be imitated to imitate a metal surface. Plastic is not afraid of moisture effects, but even the most durable option does not boast reliability and durability. If you are looking for elite and unique models, you can consider the option of the rack from durable steel or tempered glass. Often the product is supplemented with stone metal elements, forged metal. Undoubtedly, such a design will be durable and will enter the interior of the notch of luxury, aristocraticness, however, it will cost such a rack.


Products of the modern Plumbing market are products From Italy and Germany. They demonstrate reliability and durability, stylish design. However, the cost of such structures is usually high.Practically not inferior to these racks in quality, but have a more affordable cost of the rack from Finland and the Czech Republic. Lower quality is the plumbing from China, Korea, Russia.

It should be understood that many famous European brands have industrial power in the same China and the countries of the former Soviet space. It is at such plants that products with industrial marriage are most often created. However, this is not an immutable rule.

There are a number of Chinese companies that produce high-quality and functional shower racks. Such can be called the Chinese brand OSK.

If you are looking for a premium product, pay attention to Italian racks Cezares. They are made of stainless steel, can be covered in color bronze, chromium, gold. Another famous Italian manufacturer, producing racks in the luxury class, – Novellini. Most models are equipped with a thermostat. Minimum features and maximum quality – it’s about the rack from the German manufacturer Grohe. Material – stainless steel, rack has a round shower with two modes of work.

Convenient can be considered a model Wasser Kraft A005 from the brand of the same name. In addition to standard elements, the rack has a watering can on a flexible hose. Material – chrome stainless steel coated, there is also a special anti-altar coating. Upper shower can work in 3 modes. This model is functional and affordable. Two can also be equipped with a product Lemark LM8801C. True, the upper souls have already 6 modes of operation. The wall model is made of chrome-plated stainless steel with the ability to change the height of the upper shower. In general, the product has a lot of positive feedback. However, there is an opinion that for such a modest functional the price of the rack is high.

More functional can be called the model River River 11. It is equipped with an upper watering can and watering can on the hose, as well as the wrist for the bath. Characterized by a stylish design that combines acrylic and tempered glass. Refers to wall racks, mixer – single-art, cartridge type. High customer demand, however, some users note an elevated noise level of the device in some modes.

Similar package has a rack TIMO POLO SX-1100. Separately, it is worth telling about the materials used – it is stainless steel, brass and special enamel high hardness coating. Thanks to this, components are characterized by durability and external attractiveness, a lime-plated plate is not postponed on the surface, even with mechanical exposure, scratches do not appear.

Sometimes they talk about the high cost of the product. However, those who are already using this rack argue that its high quality deserves this price.

Tips for choosing

Immediately it is worth deciding where the rack will be mounted in. It depends on its type. Be sure to decide and with the method of installation of the product – it will be an open type or hidden. Pay attention to the quality of the product, preference should be given Metal designs. Alternative, but more expensive option – Racks of tempered glass. However, it is worth remembering that such a model can not fit into all classic interiors.

As for the material of the mixer, then the model with brass “stuffing” more durable. If a flexible hose is provided in the product, then a variant with a metal braid will be more reliable. It is necessary to decide whether you need additional options, because the price of the product depends on it. Standard rack is a rod with a mixer and upper shower. Its enough to take water procedures. However, if you plan to receive a maximum relax and massage effect, it makes sense to pay extra for the set of options.

If the shower rack is mounted in the bathroom bowl, it is recommended to choose the product With the insolescent for the bath and an additional shower on a flexible hose. This will save on the purchase and installation of a single bathroom mixer.

Immediately decide what will be the installation of the rack – open or hidden. The second option looks more attractive, however, the process of its installation is more laborious. This option may not be suitable if the bathroom has already made repairs – on the walls of the tile or panel. They will have to be disassembled for the hidden installation system, in addition, this will be “eaten” some part of the bathroom space.

Despite the fact that the leaks on the hinges are somewhat more expensive than the rack, which she is fixed, this is a reasonable waste. Especially if the product will enjoy several family members of different growth. Lake itself must have a diameter of at least 15-20 cm. If we are talking about the shower with a tropical rain function, then the diameter of the watering can – from 20-25 cm. Most comfortable forms – Circle and Square.

It is impossible to say that the larger the size of the watering can – the better. It is much more important here to find a balance between comfort while taking water procedures and economical water consumption.

Conveniently when a shower rack has additional hooks and shelves for bath accessories.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the shower rack with a FRAP F2434 mixer.

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