Showers from tiles: species, layout options and design

Showers from tiles: species, layout options and design

Body washing is considered a mandatory procedure that you need to perform every day. Most owners of small-sized apartments carry it out problematic, since the area of ​​the bathroom does not allow you to install a traditional bath there. The exit from this situation will be the manufacture of a shower cabin from a tile, which can have a different form, design, and reliably serve a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shower cabin posted from tile, is considered an excellent alternative to ordinary factory structures. If the apartment has a limited space in the apartment, then thanks to this option, you can not only save the area of ​​the room, but also create an unusual modern design. The main pluses of the shower cabin of tiles include the following points.

  • Ecology and safety in operation. Taking a shower in such a design, you can not worry about the emergence of unforeseen situations, since the material to be finished is not subject to fire and does not carry out electricity.
  • Easy to care. The shower zone can be easily soaked using any detergents.
  • Ability to implement various design ideas. The tile is represented in a huge range of colors and textures, which allows it to fit perfectly into the modern style stylist.
  • Affordable price. Unlike factory structures, cabins made with their own hands, cost much cheaper. They can be installed, given the individual project and size of the room.

In addition, the finishing material helps to hide all errors after repair, leveling the surfaces of the walls. As for the shortcomings, their little.

  • Low sound insulation. To solve such a problem, you should additionally under the screed layer from soundproofing material.
  • The complexity of replacement of components and sewage connections. Before you decide on this installation, you need to foresee all the nuances, namely the location of the water supply system and draining. If the cabin is planned to be installed in a private house, it is projected directly on the ground, in the urban apartment will have to create a small podium.
  • During the installation of such shower, only the installation of the mixer is provided, Therefore, to install additional amenities such as a nozzle for hydromassage, watering can, and so on, you should take care in advance.

Review of species

To date, you can meet various options for cabins from tile, ranging from traditional classic and ending with the most extraordinary models. The last species include showers, whose tiles are laid not only on the surface of the floor, walls, but also on the ceiling.

Huge popularity also enjoy Cabins with plums in the floor and with a miniature seat or comfortable sunbed. They externally have similarities with baths in Turkey and are trimmed with tiles in light green, gentle blue shades. There may also be built-in designs without pallet, but they are more suitable for small rooms.

To the most common types of shower placed from tiles include such options.

  • Mosaic. Are considered an original solution, because from the mosaic you can upload various panels on the walls, creating a special atmosphere in the bathroom, which has to relax and relax. In addition, decorative elements are well combined with other types of finishing surfaces in the room. But when cladding in such a material, it is important to pay attention to his slip indicator.

Tile should be superpower and necessarily not slippery.

  • Glass. In such booths, the finishing material is usually combined, for example, the walls of the walls and the ceiling are mad with glass tiles, which should have an end and a thickness of at least 6 mm, the floor is made in marble. It gives the interior luxurious and expensive view.

  • Towel. This is the most popular view of the Cabin, as it is easy to install and is available for the price. In addition, the tile is ideal for facing surfaces in rooms with high humidity.

Showers may also differ in the pallet type. Distinguishts with ready-made acrylic or enamel base, without pallet and improvised elevation. Acrylic pallet has a non-slip surface, light weight, but it can shut down some time. Enamel base is characterized by high performance, but its surface in contact with water becomes slippery. As for structures with a homemade pallet, it is usually made of bricks or concrete and finished with a cafeter.

If you need to give a bathroom with a refined view, it is recommended to additionally showers from the tile with built-in shelves. In order to visually give the depth to such niches, it follows them to be tinted with a dark color cafeter. It is well fit and contrasting shades, they will make the cabin more decorative. Viewing the area of ​​the shower can be viewed using large-format monophonic tiles.

It must be installed both on the floor and on the surface of the walls, the ceiling, avoiding the height differences.

What a tile is needed?

Ceramic tile is considered universal material for finishing bathrooms, so it is often chosen for the manufacture of shower cabins. A good choice is also considered to finish from a tile, which has anti-slip properties. For the design of bathrooms in modern style It is recommended to give preference to mramor or natural stone. They are practical, but cost expensive. If the owners of housing attracts a glass or mirror tile, then it is important to consider that its scope is limited.

This material is usually used only as a decorative element for visual expansion of space, it is suitable for decorating the door of the cabin.

Since there should be non-slip in the shower facing floor, then experts recommend choosing for base quality plastic, which is perfectly combined with a cafeter. Suitable too For cladding and floor tiles, Possessing anti-skid properties. In the case when the cabin has rounded shapes, then it needs to make a mosaic, which looks original in any design. It is usually laid out on the walls in the form of geometric shapes or thematic patterns.

In shower cabins, where the presence of niches is provided, it will be necessary for their cladding tile. To diversify the interior, the tile must be purchased in darker shades. In addition, it is important to pay more attention to the dimensions of the tile, which are selected depending on the area of ​​the room.

Facing material should not only look stylishly, but also have good performance characteristics.


To date, the construction market is a huge range of material that can be used when creating a shower. At the same time, the most common option for finishing surfaces in the shower is tile. Homemade structures, in contrast to the finished (factory), have many advantages, but when they are installed, it is important to consider the size of the size.

For small-sized bathrooms, many choose a pallet size of 80 * 80 cm, but it is suitable only for use by a person not a large complex, because it can deliver discomfort. It is much more convenient to be designs with a pallet whose width is 90 cm, but they are also tested, so the optimal version is 100 and more.

In addition, the sizes of shower cabs depend on the forms. Classic option is rectangular structures, as they have a greater useful area. For such models, you can choose the size of 900 * 700, 1000 * 800, 1200 * 900, 1400 * 850 or 1700 * 900 mm. If you plan to install a cabin without a pallet, then its width can reach 170 cm, and height – 190, 210, 230 and 240 cm. No less popular sowing square shapes, their advantage is in the smooth sides. For too little bathrooms, the right choice is the corner models with parties 80, 90, 100 cm.

Many designers choose to arrange bathrooms and asymmetric angular cabins. Their width can be from 70 to 150 cm, and height-2400 mm.

Layout options

The decoration of the shower tile can be performed in different ways. Most often for this choose horizontal placing tiles with displacement. If you need to create an unusual design, you should apply a more complex layout, giving preference to the Christmas tree or vertical rows. In addition, the following types of layout are enormous.

  • Standard. Suitable for lining of all surfaces shower. To give decorative finish original and stylish look, it is desirable to choose a large tile.

  • Rhombic (diagonal). The most common option of laying, with which you can create interesting visual effects. Such a cladding gives the cabin depth, and the design is some sharpness. But it is difficult to cope with the installation of the tile independently, the master’s assistance will be required.

  • Wall panel. This is a classic masonry for which the following signs are characteristic: the lower part of the walls of the shower is laid out with a dark cafeter, and the upper – lighter. Thus, a partition between shower and toilet can be decorated.

  • With border. In a similar embodiment, the calculations of the tile should be taken into account that the tile laid out on the floor should be a continuation of the decoration on the walls. Thanks to such a designer idea, shower becomes visually wider and above. You can also add facing by fragments with an accent, they will help to create a harmonious composition. Such an output is often used when a tray is needed in the cabin, designed to store personal hygiene products, seats or niches.

  • Kaleidoscope. This scheme is also called the “patchwork blanket”, “Patchwork”. For facing of surfaces, it is necessary to use a tile of different colors, which can be located both in a certain order and chaotic. This design of Cabin usually choose creative people.

  • Spray. This layout looks unusually beautiful. First create a basic basis, then complement it with separate bright engines of another shade. Plots where contrasting color is used, should consist exclusively from solitary tiles. They are “scattered” chaotic and create the so-called “splashes”. To implement this design to reality, a spacious room is required, in which you can place a large cabin.

Color palette

A huge role in creating a shower cabin from tile plays and the choice of color decoration, which largely depends on the size of the room. So, for example, light brown, blue, gray, beige, white and green color harmoniously looks in any design. For small shower, it is desirable to choose bright shades – they contribute to the visual expansion of the shower, increasing their volume. To achieve a unique and unique design, you should alternate several colors.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the overall stylistics of the room, the shade of furniture, plumbing.


The bathroom is considered a special placement in the apartment (house), because it does not only begins in the morning, but also takes place, where, after a difficult day, everyone wants to refresh and relax, taking a shower. Showers from tiles allow you to save space and give the room a modern view. Usually, Most housing owners prefer to create cocktails from a plum in the floor, they are ideal for styles such as minimalism and high-tech.

Wall clearance, ceiling and floor in this case are performed by glossy tiles. I wonder the options with a glass door and with a curtain.

If you put the walls with a matte tile, then you can get a stylish shower. The floors are best decorated with embossed tiles with imitation of natural stone (on its surface you can see cracks, small foes and irregularities characteristic of natural material), and outdoor tile under the tree. Interestingly, the decoration of the shower, which performs a combination of conventional tiles with a mosaic. It can be posted in the form of patterns or thematic compositions. Mirror mosaic looks especially smart.

Many designers also choose for scenery of shower Concrete Tile with Imitation. For those who love all the unusual and extraordinary, the right choice will be the tile with imitation of fish scales. It is characterized by a mild overflow and visually expands the dimensions of the shower. It is important to choose bright shades.

To date, you can find on sale and Tile having a view of a large pebble. It is resistant to moisture and introduces an atmosphere of the sea coast to a bathroom atmosphere. Such tiles can be combined with other decorative materials. No less stylishly also looks like a trim with a pattern with a pattern, while the images on it can be completely occupying the entire surface, and be made in the form of small drawings.

Such a facing will help to revive the monophonic and sad decoration.

Beautiful examples

The bathroom must have a stylish design in which the design of the shower of tiles is taken a special role. Such homemade structures are ideal for modern style, loft, country and provence. In a large bathroom, shower can be fed up with a cafeter, a color scheme that would correspond to the entire base finish in the room. A good option will be the tile of beige shades, which must be supplemented with inserts from mosaic.

Compositions from tile fragments can be postponed both on the walls and the ceiling. Gorgeous will look panel from mosaic, it will make a shower unique. To the cabin acquired the completed view, the snow-white pallet should be installed and the curb.

For miniature shower It will be appropriate to be a facing of medium-sized ceramics, with small drawings and patterns should be avoided. Scheme of the calculation of tiles on the walls should be selected horizontal, it will visually expand the space.

On the ceiling, ceramics must be postponed vertically, which visually raises the ceiling. If the plums are provided directly in the floor, then to increase the cab area, it is recommended to choose a square or rectangular tile of light shades, laid out diagonally. For registration of such shower perfectly suitable soft pink, snow-white or blue tint.

How to make a shower cabin with your own tiles, look in the following video.

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