Sink Tulip Bathroom: Features and Choice

Sink & Tulip & Bathroom: Features and Choice

The sink is an integral part of the interior of the bathroom, so it is serious to take it seriously. The main thing is to understand that the washbasin should be not only a beautiful scenery, but also possess useful features. Sink “Tulip” has long proven itself in the plumbing market and adequately holds its position for many years.

What it is?

Sink “Tulip” is a classic model of this type of plumbing with improved design. Among the large variety of “Tulip” is distinguished by the presence of a pedestal, the so-called “legs” that performs certain functions.

  • First of all, it serves as a sink support, providing stability design.
  • The second function can be attributed to aesthetic. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to hide the entire water supply and sewer system of communication.

This type of shell has a wide range of a huge variety of forms and color palette. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to pick up a model that will profitably fit into the interior of the bathroom.

In size, the bowl of the sink is distinguished by its practicality, Therefore, such a design is perfect for installation in a small bathroom area, especially if you purchase a plumber of “mini”. As well as under such a sink, there are many free spaces, which can be successfully used.

To carry out this type of shell, you will not need a lot of effort and time – With due preparation it is possible to implement it yourself.

The main advantage that many pay attention is an affordable price segment. The cost of the model range of Tulip’s shells is justified and budget. The main thing is to take into account the fact that the price directly depends on the material of the product, its appearance is rarely evaluated. However, if you compare the tulip and other models of the shells, made using a similar material, then this product will cost much cheaper.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tulip’s sinks have a wide range of products from the form to color, so everyone can find exactly the model that will have to the soul and perfectly emphasize the design of the bathroom. This is definitely the biggest advantage of such washbasins, but far from the only one. Before buying it is worth considering all the pros and cons of the product to make the right choice. Pluses such a sink a lot.

  • Practicality. The simple design of the product allows him to fit into any interior, the main thing, decide on the right color palette and shape.
  • Compactity. Often you can hear the second name of this washbasin, which speaks for itself – sink-compact. Due to the small dimensions of the design, the washbasin can be installed in the smallest room.
  • Despite its compactness, washbasin without difficulty Watching water and sewer pipes.
  • Free space under the sink can be used as you like, This is especially useful in relatively small bathrooms.
  • Budget. The cost of this category of washbasins is considered the lowest among such plumbing. However, the price range of the shell may depend on the set of factors, such as manufacturing material, shape and color of the sink. And also much depends on the manufacturer. When compared with other types of washbasins made from the same materials as “tulip”, the price of the second will still be much smaller.
  • Easy mounting. Installation of the washbasin is only in the mounting in the wall of special studs that perform the role of the design holder. If difficulties arise, then they are usually associated with a siphon or mixer. However, this moment can be attributed to any kind of washbasin.

Deficiencies in such a shell are much less than advantages, there are practically no. Usually the cons of products refer to the materials from which they were made. So, a washbasin made of artificial stone will be distinguished by its big mass.


Sink “Tulip” has a huge number of varieties of models, up to the main and minor subspecies, from whose choice.

Constructive differences

Highlight three main types of sink of this type.

  • Monolithic sink. This type is characterized by solidity of the shell and pedestal.
  • Compact. The opposite of the previous type. In such a design, the washbasin and pedestal are set separately.
  • Sink with semi-thin. The leg of such a product does not stop in the floor, which allows you to put a plumbing device anywhere. Choosing an independent placement height, you can get an additional space and use it rationally.

At the installation site

    This category is usually divided into two types.

    • Angle sink. This design is suitable for small bathrooms and saves space.
    • Sink installed near the wall. Usually they are installed in more spacious rooms, but it all depends on the size of the device.

    By type of material

    This criterion applies to all the “Tulips” sinks, Because for the manufacture of each product, certain materials are used, they include:

    • glass+
    • porcelain+
    • copper+
    • faience+
    • artificial or natural stone+
    • stainless steel.

    Widespread Washbasins made from Fayans. A stylish designer solution for the manufacture of shell is considered to use materials such as glass and stone.

    Materials manufacturing

    As mentioned earlier, there is a huge amount of materials for the manufacture of the shell “Tulip”. Therefore, everyone can choose exactly what will have to do and will be perfectly harmonized with the interior of the bathroom. Among the whole diversity you can select three main categories of materials for the manufacture of washing.

    • Sanitary fiown. Sinks from such material belong to the low price segment, for this reason the operation does not promise to be longer than other more expensive analogues. Reliability of this shell will also lose expensive washbasins. The advantage of such a device is that it is much easier to get rid of pollution in the sink.
    • Porcelain. The price segment of this product can be attributed to the average. Such material is distinguished by a high level of reliability and quality.
    • Artificial or natural acrylic stone. This material obtains very high-quality products, which is also different and high worth. When installing such a washbasin, some problems may arise due to the large weight of the plumbing.


    Washbasins of this species may have all sorts of washing:

    • Square+
    • EllipSoid+
    • semi-hungry+
    • circular+
    • semicircular+
    • Hexagonal+
    • rectangular.

      Standard Sample “Tulip” is usually made in the form of semi-hammer or semicircle. Width washing on average can reach 60-65 centimeters. These parameters are defined without the accounting of side surfaces, in case the product is multifunctional. This range provides a wide range of wobbly models.

      As for non-standard options, they can be both small and large sizes. So, a small-sized model in the width can reach 50 centimeters, and large-sized – 90. Non-standard washbasins of such dimensions are much more complicated in the household appliance market.

      In the event that the bathroom area is medium, it is not recommended to install a large-sized shell, as it will occupy a lot of additional space. There are many buildings with very small sizes of bathrooms, it is preferable to install sinks with a size of no more than 40 centimeters. Such sinks are often called “office”.

      The traditional version of this type of shell is installed with no more than 80 centimeters, with minor deviations from the standard are allowed. If we talk about shells with a semillocation, the buyer himself can solve the optimal location of the sink from the floor.

      How to choose?

      To the selection of plumbing for the bathroom should be treated seriously, as it is usually acquired for the long term. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account certain points.

      • It is not recommended to buy small washbasins to avoid splashing water throughout the room.
      • Many sinks are equipped with a mixer holes, but there are devices made by deaf. Such products should be placed when wiring a closed type, otherwise you will have to additionally acquire the plug.
      • It is desirable that the color of the washbasin harmonize with the interior of the bathroom, and also taken into account the preferences of the home owner.
      • Buying the sink, it is necessary to make the bathroom measurements, determine the distance between the plumbing and the output points of the plumbing and sewage communications. This can easily determine the desired washbasin size.
      • To avoid distortion, it is recommended to pay attention to the density of the design.
      • Set the exact distance between the wall and the stand. It is necessary in order to further pave the communications in the future.
      • It is best to install a washbasin with a removable leg, in this case the repair will leak much easier and faster. The more simple the design of the product, the easier it is to install it and continue to repair.

      Examples in the interior

      There is a huge number of examples of using the “Tulips” shells in the interior, as it is well harmonized with any designer decision and is very practical in the application. The advantage of these washbasins is that they are represented not only by a classic cylindrical form. If you wish, you can choose the sink of any shape, painted with patterns along the entire surface or covered with floral print. You can also combine some items of the product decor.

      • Washbasin with a semillocation will look quite effectively and at the same time hide all communications.

      • If you can not decide which sink you want to install in the bathroom, the optimal solution will be purchased Sink-colored sink – It will become an exquisite decoration for absolutely any interior.

      • Originality the interior of the bathroom will give Colored shells “Tulip”. The main thing is to choose the color gamut.

      • In small bathrooms, usually resort To install angular washbasins, In this case, you can choose both classical and original model.

      The main thing is to determine the stylistic orientation of the interior, and then select a suitable plumber. And in the case of a “Tulip” sink, you can easily choose the necessary product, since the range of this species is characterized by sophistication and grace.

      On how to install the “Tulip” sink, look in the video below.

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