Sink to the toilet: varieties and recommendations for choosing

Sink to the toilet: varieties and recommendations for choosing

Any room in the dwelling during arrangement requires a certain furniture. As for modern toilets, the sink is often present in these rooms. Plumbing like this kind is represented in a large manifold, which allows you to competently and functionally equip each room.


Modern type bathrooms increasingly began to additionally become attractive and functional plumbing. In addition to quite common bidis, in such premises it is often installed sink.

Similar addition to the standard set of plumbing devices significantly expands the functionality of the room. This is the main feature of the washbasins placed in the toilet.

Such plumbing is not much different from ordinary plumbing products found in the bathrooms, however, The sizes of the shells in the toilets will still be less. In addition, the owner or designer will require a special approach to the placement of such a plumbing device. As a result, it will be possible to transform the interior of any, even modest in size of the bathroom.

Similar requirements are made to the toilet sinks as the washbasins standing in the bathrooms. therefore They must provide a comfortable implementation of hygienic procedures, stand out reliability, have an attractive appearance, as well as convenient placement indoors. Today manufacturers offer a huge selection of plumbers of this kind, which allows you to acquire the necessary product based on personal preferences, as well as the features of each bathroom.


Classification of shells for accommodation in the toilet are carried out by taking into account the configuration of the cup. Toilet sinks can be:

  • rectangular+
  • Square+
  • Round+
  • oval.

Given the features of the area of ​​toilet rooms, manufacturers offer different types of plumbing, differing in installation option. Small washbasins can be as follows.


The classic version of the plumbing, which will be needed in the premises, where the main point relating to the arrangement is Saving useful area. The bowl of the suspended type will allow you to leave the floor and part of the wall under it, also visually expand the space of the room, will make it more sophisticated. Very often, a similar model is used in rooms where the floor surface is lined with tiles with ornament.

With such a sink, there is no need to hide all the sewers, it will be enough to use attractive chrome pipes and other components that will help harmoniously supplement the overall design of the bathroom. In some cases, suspended services are used with a semi-fold. The bowl of small sizes will be able to fix on any removal from the floor in the light of its small sizes.

Corner plumbing

This type allows you to most effectively use the existing area, including the angles that in most rooms remain unused. Plumbing like this kind can be harmonious in any design bathroom. As for the shape of the bowl, the manufacturers offer models of various types.

It can be mortise bowls with a table, inside which will be able to hide all communications and sewers, and also to store, if necessary, various hygiene products. Corner shells can be suspended in the form of a triangle. Such products are fixed to the wall on both sides. Thanks to the design of the bathroom, such a plumbing will be able to bring original and fresh notes to the interior, as well as solve the problem with the placement of the sink in the cramped area.

Models with Tumba

An option that will also be appropriate for small toilets whose walls can be made of lightweight raw materials. The main advantage of such plumbers is the presence of boxes or shelves, which can be functionally used to store different important things, household chemicals and T. D. The stationary option will help equip the room with useful plumbing, without overloading space and not requiring a sink mounting to the wall or semi.

Toilet sinks are also divided into several groups based on fixing variations.

Today, you can find small shells of the following species:

  • Tulip – Wall fixation with an additional monolithic or donor support+

  • console – The bowl is installed using a special design on legs+

  • Hinged plumbing – attached to the wall using brackets on a certain removal from the floor, no additional supports+

  • Overhead bowls – Used when there are table tops for fastening+

  • Embedded – Combination options with other plumbing species+

  • Half-resistant shells – located on furniture by analogy with an embedded bowl, however, in contrast to the previous one protrudes over the surface.


Modern plumbing manufacturers today use various raw materials for making toilet shells. Among the available diversity is to highlight materials used in production. Most often.


The main component of the material is clay. You can find products whose material varies on the basis of the characteristics of the technological process of its production, as well as the inclusion of certain components. So, shells can be made from porcelain or faience. In any case, the main component of raw materials will be white clay. Porcelain products are notable White surface, material after firing becomes durable and solid.

However, such characteristics, unfortunately, do not give plumbing from this material with high durability indicators.

Faians toilet sinks will be much more resistant to mechanical damage, however, the density of such raw materials will be lower than that of the porcelain, which causes the high porosity of the material. As a result Faians products much faster losing their original attractive appearance, Since various microcracks are formed on their surface, in which dirt and other extraneous inclusions are clogged during operation.

Stainless steel

Such a sink is needed in the design of the bathroom in minimalist style or in the ultra-modern direction of High-tech. Despite the fact that shells of this kind are most in demand as plumbing in the kitchen, Toilet rooms are very often complemented by metal bowls of different shapes and modifications. Stainless steel washbasins can be hinged, built-in either halfway. Surface plumbing is matte or glossy, there are stainless steel sinks of oval, round or square shape.


Beautiful and functional mini-plumbing, which can be used in the design of toilets in the classic direction or retrostile. Transparent mini-sinks will look in the interior with light and air, with the help of such products it will be possible to visually expand the room, without having lost it with a cumbersome plumbing. There are models with exclusive design and shape, for small premises, manufacturers offer products of different colors. Products are highlighted in strength, so are completely safe during operation.

Very often, this option is supplemented by a hygienic shower.

A natural stone

Washbasins made of natural raw materials can be represented by products from granite, marble and other valuable breeds. Sinks from such material belong to the products of the elite class, in the light of which have a high cost. The stone is highlighted by high decorative attractiveness, resistance to mechanical damage.

However, the sinks from natural raw materials even small sizes will have a lot of weight, which will require a special approach to the choice of mounting option.

Fake diamond

This raw material is based on natural quartz, granite or marble crumb, which is combined into a holistic composition using various resins. Artificial stone shells are represented in a wide color of the manifold, may have a different form. Raw materials positively manifests itself during operation, stands out simplicity in caring and affordable cost, Compared with natural stone sinks.


The standard dimensions for mini-shell are considered as follows:

  • Width – 30-55 centimeters+
  • Depth – 25-50 centimeters.

Depending on the manufacturer, the size of plumbing can fluctuate in one direction or another, so When choosing it is to be guided by nuances concerning the comfort of use and toilet area. Handing models for washing hands can have a width of no more than 30 cm, with a depth of about 20 centimeters. Corner plumbing, which is placed on the floor together with a table, is usually made a depth of about 28 centimeters with a width of about 40 centimeters.

Some manufacturers offer products with individual sizes that will correspond to the height of the placement of the bowl and the area of ​​the bathroom.

Design options

  • Usually the bathrooms are equipped in a classic style, Therefore, the predominant majority of mini-shells make this stylistic direction. In this case, plumbing will have white color, as well as streamlined oval forms. This type of shell can be hung, embed, use together with a pedestal.

  • Ethno-style Ensite the use of plumbing from stainless steel, rectangular options, egg-shaped washbasins. In some cases, the surface of plumbing is covered with silver or gilding. As a rule, it will be a suspension production.

  • Provence and Oriental Style We will require purchasing products with artificial or natural stone stands or stands.

  • Greek Style Bathrooms Usually complemented by snow-white plumbing of built-in or suspended type.

Tips for choosing and placement

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of mini plumbing for the toilet, when buying and installing the sink It is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • It is important that with the advent of the new product the interior of the room remained as harmonious as possible and at the same time functional. In this case, it is worth purchasing plumbing complete from one manufacturer.
  • Options for placing the sink in the bathroom will be fully based on the dimensions of the room. In the process of repair work, the presence of a mini-washbasin must be provided in advance. Despite the fact that the sinks will most appropriately look in spacious premises, even small toilets can be equipped with an additional plumbing, choosing the right placement. The optimal option in many cases will be an angular type of suspended plumbing.
  • Choosing models from the proposed range, It is worth considering products from durable raw materials without defects. Even the slightest cracks or chips on the surface can continue to bring many problems.
  • The priority will be a sink, Having a special overflow hole, which will help to avoid many unpleasant situations in the event of a malfunction of a tap or sewer system.

How to choose a saccine, tells the video below.

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