Siphon selection tips for bidet

Siphon selection tips for bidet

Installation of devices in the bathroom can deliver a lot of hassle. This is due to the water supply system to which the structure must be connected. Modern devices not only make the bathrooms more attractive, but also more comfortable. Siphon is one of the elements of the plum, without which it is impossible to properly function equipment, including the bidet.


This device is found in several types:

  • Bottle+
  • tubular.

Depending on the material, it may be:

  • plastic+
  • steel+
  • brass+
  • from a flexible corrugated hose that consists of plastic.

A bottle view is characterized by the fact that it has a form of a simple bottle. These models are more efficient and cheap, which makes them more profitable in operation. In the bottom of these siphons there are subjects that hit there randomly.

Tubular view made in the form of the letter S. Its design is complex, which makes the installation more difficult.

Material can be selected at the discretion of the buyer. Most often, people choose models from plastic, because it is longer and more functional.

Which to choose?

Make a choice based on the sizes that you need. Siphons for the bidet differ from any other siphones by having large dimensions. For this reason, lay a bidet in a small bathroom will be problematic.

Pay attention to the bandwidth. It should be equal to the velocity of wastewater that will merge.

To attach the siphon, usually use threads, but there are also such types of bidets that provide other types of fastening.

To pick up an instance for yourself, do not forget about things like: Bidet installation option (open or indoor), sewage size, type of drain and its diameter.

Some manufacturers (Viega, Kludi, Bandini, Begerit, Alcaplast) have available sifones in which not one is installed, but several hydraulic assets. Such models to a minimum eliminate the sewer smell. They look like a snake. They are often used with an indoor installation.

If the installation is in the open form (when all internal parts can be seen), Metal options will look more attractive. They may have a chrome view of the coating.

Installation type should also be chosen at its discretion. Plastic siphons are less attractive, and people try to hide them with a decorative case. Models with chrome surface will give the bathroom elegance. Such can be calmly installed when installing.

If you buy a siphon in the store, then Make sure the documentation. This technique must be high quality and serve you long so that you often do not change it.

At the moment there are quite a few models that vary at the price.

Montaja rules

When installing, it is necessary to sew all connections.

Knee with a big bend is a feature of the bidet to be able to merge a large amount of water. The carving in the connecting part often happens with a diameter of 1/4. However, some bidets are sold with a siphon, which is already built-in. This type of design you only need to connect to the sewage system, and this is done directly.

Install the siphon strictly according to the instructions, since incorrect installation can cause a device malfunction. It can also damage tiles. At best, the wrong installation will require only the purchase of new spare parts.

Installing the siphon during the installation of the bidet occurs step by step.

  1. Screwing the grill on the side of the hole for draining.
  2. On the reverse side, the bidet joins the receiving part, then the connection. It can be performed by nuts, but only by assembly.
  3. Spin nuts preferably manually.
  4. The end end is set in the same way. It must be connected to the sewer pipe. It is desirable to compact with a sealant or winding from the pane.

Bottom valve

It is worth paying attention to this design. A feature of it can be called water constipation in the device and hold the drain to the desired moment. To control the device with this valve, you need to use a special mechanism, it can be a button or lever. They can be top, side or back of the device. When the bottom valve is activated, the plug moves, which overlaps water access to the plum.

The benefits of the bottom valve can be called:

  • Modern appearance+
  • Easy exploitation+
  • Hygienic+
  • Efficiency when cleaning+
  • Saving a large amount of water.

Modern types of bottom valves allow them to install in restrooms of any style. There are a large number of different colors and shades. This is a plus for those who have a bathroom in a specific color scheme.

Installation of a bidet with a siphon

When the bidet and its internal parts (mixers, valves, siphon) will be ready for installation, then It will be necessary to perform a certain sequence of steps.

  1. Place the bidet at the selected place. If for some reason you purchased the device of incorrect dimensions or location does not match the general design concept, then move it to another area of ​​the bathroom or purchase longer hoses.
  2. Using the perforator drill holes. They should be marked in advance. If the bathroom floor is made of tiles and you are afraid that the perforator can spoil it, then use small speed while working.
  3. Remove all the extra garbage that remained from drilling. Then attach the bidet. Bolts or dowels are used as fasteners. To ensure that their work is effective, put gaskets from rubber under them.
  4. Next comes to sewage. Preferably pipe prepare in advance. To do this, you need to organize the right wiring of communications.
  5. After connecting the sewage will remain Connect cold and hot water.

With unsuccessful attempts to establish the design itself, it is better to trust the specialists. Installation of the bidet is associated with sewage, and any malfunction can cause harm to the bathroom.

The competent plumber will fulfill the whole difficult work qualitatively, and you will not need to be afraid of possible problems in the future.

On how to install the bidet, see the following video.

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