Sliding wardrobe in the living room: views, selection and options in the interior

Sliding wardrobe in the living room: views, selection and options in the interior

The wardrobe in our time has become an integral part of the furnishings of almost any apartment – it takes relatively little space, but it has a decent room. Outwardly, it also looks stylish and very adequate, and therefore is often used for the purpose of aesthetic decoration of the room. For the living room, this is one of the best options for choosing furniture.


This type of cabinet got its name by analogy with the train coupe – here the door also does not open out, but drives away. Such a design is especially convenient and advantageous in a close room – it does not matter, the doors are open or closed, they still do not limit the passage. Modern manufacturers have mastered the release of wardrobes in a variety of design and design, therefore there are no problems today in order to enter such a headset to the room of any style and color scheme.

Spacious insides of the cabinet allow you to hide a wide variety of things that are not allowed to be in sight – It can be clothes, small household appliances and more. The integrity and presentability of the facade instead of the placer of the different-sized content allows you to give the design room design and calibration.

The accommodation of the wardrobe is appropriate not only with the most obvious practical purpose – so, this is the simplest way to hide the flaws of the walls. In addition, the installation of such furniture is logical in those places where something else will simply fail – to their number we will carry out various niches, empty angles and so on.

If you are still heated, it is worth buying a wardrobe for the living room, rate it. Such a headset allows:

  • rationally organize square meters of living room to make it and practical and beautiful+
  • choose from the variety of design solutions that will fit into any interior+
  • Ensure the safety of open furniture – you or your children will never stay in the open door+
  • Store a huge amount of property in one place and in an ordered state+
  • Do not be afraid of environmental harm for their households – such structures are usually made from environmentally friendly materials+
  • save on the assembly – if the product was brought to you disassembled, you can try to collect it yourself, because for a skillful man it will not be a lot of Labor+
  • Solve the problem of furniture for many years ahead – the wardrobes – the coupe usually differ in the thoroughness, therefore serve as its owners for decades.

Since the positive aspects of such furniture were described, it is worth recognizing that it also has flaws, even though they are somewhat less. The following features of operation should be attributed to obvious minuses:

  • when they talk about the durability of such a headset, in mind there is usually only a framework, but the sliding system once a few years will have to be repaired or even change, because it is far from eternal+
  • In order not to repair and replace the sliding system too often, you will have to regularly care for the guides – for this they should be cleaned regularly or even lubricate+
  • In the thickness headset, the sliding mechanism takes a slightly more place, rather than ordinary doors, because the classic cabinet of the swap design and the same size in practice is usually a little more compatible.


A variety of modern wardrobes assumes that such furniture is fundamentally different. How convenient and practical will buy you to buy depends on the correctness of the model selection.

First of all, the cabinet has a built-in or frame. The first option is optimal for niches and corners, although occasionally it is performed on the whole wall. The essence of the built-in cabinet is that he uses walls and ceiling as its own frame, and sometimes the floor. In other words, shelves and doors are mounted directly in the opening of the room, and to move such a headset will not work – it is just a set of shelves without rear and side walls.

The frame model is much more familiar – this is a separate, independent piece of furniture, which can be fluent in the apartment.

It should also be noted that the cabinet can be a completely separate piece of furniture or an integral part of a large modular hill wall. Sometimes it is directly embedded in such a wall, but more often it is still an independent module that is written in the ensemble stylistically, but it can be moved within the complex or even regardless of it. Sometimes the entire wall is, in fact, one huge wardrobe, but with pleasant bonuses in the form of a niche under the TV.

In most cases, the framework and the facade of the product are made of one material and differ except for the shade, But mirror models use in great demand. Instead of finishing, the facade of such a headset is decorated with a mirror, which not only allows you to evaluate your own appearance, but also visually expands the room, and also adds its illumination.

Finally, not all cabinets have clearly certain angles – the needs and design needs may assume rounded and smooth lines. The so-called radial models are usually located in the corner and suggest a certain degree of concavity of the design – thanks to it you can conveniently get to the depths of the headset, and the design of the room becomes softer.

Materials manufacturing

Modern furniture factories make cabinets from anything – not only plastic, but even plasterboard can be used as a frame material. Facade decoration options even more – Glass, mirrors and any other art delights are used as decorative materials.

However, a raw material of wooden origin is still most often used as the main frame material.

In this sense, of course, the array of wood looks best – despite the high cost, buying furniture from it by 100 percent is justified, because it is extremely durable and durable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly and visually attractive material that has been thinking about wealth.

MDF plates made from pressed under high pressure chips use even wider demand – They can be considered an optimal combination of price and quality. Such material is in all inferior to wood, but can be very similar to it, and also serves several decades, being quite strong and natural in its origin. The situation is worse with the chipboard, which is pressed and glued with potentially toxic adhesives – it turns out and is dangerous, and relatively short-lived, because the only argument of manufacturers still use such raw materials is its extremely low cost.

Separately, it should be said about the materials of the sliding mechanism. Aluminum guides are rightly considered the best solution in terms of durability, while steel, and even more plastic, they cannot boast such achievements.

Color and Design

Such a large object, like a wardrobe, will inevitably fall into the field of view of everyone who comes into the living room, because it is very important that it is beautiful and stylish. Fortunately, modern furniture manufacturers are perfectly understood and go towards consumers.

If you want to buy an expensive headset from a natural tree, then most likely not to look for some original color solutions – such furniture usually do not paint, once again demonstrating how expensive and luxurious. There is a deep meaning in this, because natural wood tone and itself looks worthily, and he is able to fit into almost any style, except for several ultra-modern, indicative refusing materials of natural origin.

Due to the fact that wood elements look in the interior are intertwining and attractive, even products from cheaper MDF and DSP are often not painted or painted for more believable wood.

If you want a closet of any other color, better focus on light shades. Most domestic living rooms do not boast of impressive spaciousness, and a large closet closet further narrows space, because its white execution can be very useful – this color visually increases space. In addition, it is a achromatic tone, which is perfectly combined with any other colors, and therefore allows you to perform a radical room repair without replacing furniture. About the same reason, many consumers choose and mirror models.

Internal filling with dimensions

Good cabinet capacity – abstract concept, you are required to choose such a headset, which, indeed, it will be convenient and practical. Equipment of furniture inside is not standard, therefore it should be understood which things you will store and in what quantity, and then choose furniture.

A good wardrobe can include a ward compartment with hangers in its design, Including for outerwear, as well as separate shelves on the sides and wider pull-out drawers at the bottom. Someone one of these components is not needed at all, and for someone he plays a decisive role, and should not be attended, but to be sufficiently spacious.

It is important to correctly calculate not only the number of shelves, but also the full volume of the cabinet to understand whether your things are able to accommodate. It should also be borne in mind that large wardrobes allegedly the same size actually accommodate a different number of things depending on their type – So, the built-in headset does not include in its own wall volume, therefore it is quite logical to be slightly more spacious. The separation of space by numerous partitions inevitably reduces the volume, and what they are more, those, in fact, the less practical purchase becomes.

When choosing a width and height, it is worth a lot orient to the dimensions of your room, and the depth should be determined also on the principle of practicality.

If you hang here top clothes on the hangers, it is important to make sure that each individual instance will fit in the width. If the frame will be too narrow, it turns out that you are in vain exactly this model, because it will not be able to keep even one coat, without referring to it.

For which styles are suitable?

Modern cabinets are good in that they fit into any interior and can meet the requirements of any direction of design.

If your hall is decorated in a classic idea of ​​comfortable, you should pay attention to the cabinets weathered in strict rectangular forms. However, this is the only thing that here is strictly and “boring”, because in general the classic involves the maximum of the mouth and high cost. As a material it is worth using only expensive wood, which should be decorated with carvings, various purely aesthetic trifles, and ideally – also gilding, at least artificial. You can choose a model with unique beautiful handles – approach the intended even closer than expected.

Provence, which is one of the most common rustic style samples, also to wood, Because it is a natural material, but allows its staining in light pastel tones. In this case, it is also not necessary to abandon the old traction to the entire exclusive and original, but there is no longer worth pretending to be your wardrobe – museum work of art.

For rustic style, the foundation is important, and it is also extremely desirable to show that the product is made albeit with love and effort, but with a simple folk craft, and not the best masters of their era.

Modern is the same classic, only with several rounded lines, already without sharp corners. Here is where we can use with radius cabinets – they still need to be beautiful and even several artistic, but with the form you can finally experiment as you please.

High-tech – one of the most running varieties of minimalism, And this direction, in general, does not imply use at least any decorations. According to minimalists, beauty is in extreme simplicity, because all parts of furniture should have strict practical application, and deviate from this principle is unacceptable. In addition, it is in terms of choosing materials to focus on modern, such as plastic, metal and glass, but natural wood, whether it is an original or skillful imitation, here are inappropriate.

How to choose?

First of all, the wardrobe is a practical piece of furniture, and not a simple decoration, because it is obliged to fit your request for storing various things. This is such a thorough piece of furniture that its purchase usually means a refusal of any other bedside tables or even more than other cabinets – everything should fit in a wardrobe. The only exception to the rule can be done for a two-bedroom apartment, if people live independently of each other, And everyone wants to keep his own wardrobe closer to himself. Consequently, the headset is obliged to accommodate all or almost all of your SKARB.

At the same time, the requirement for aesthetic appeal either no one has canceled.

Choosing a model, do not forget to look at the features of the interior – the economical cabinet in the middle of an elite apartment looks no more inappropriate than the only copy of the dear furniture among the simple Russian housing.

Pick up the furniture so that it appropriately harmonized and with finishing, and with the other furniture – if it was not in the tone, then at least it would be an interesting accent against the background of everything else.

In pursuit of beauty and aesthetics do not forget to precisely measure the free space that you are willing to highlight under the closet. The absence of a swollen door makes its size stable, but it is always necessary to add several centimeters to dimensions, which can be taken away by the same plinth.

Placement rules

The fact that the cabinet has no swing door capable of clutching the passage does not mean that it can be put anywhere. Even the requirements of fire safety assume that it is properly to leave the passage of at least 120 cm, And this means that in the elongated and narrow living rooms, the headset is better to give a narrow wall entirely – so it will not interfere with anyone and partially fix the form of the room.

In Khrushchevka, very relevant to place the built-in wardrobes in the niche, Since the layout assumes a recess in the wall that will still fail to occupy anything else. The assembled headset is obtained in short with the rest of the wall, but it is quite easy to get to him, and he does not perform at the side of the center of the living room, leaving there free space.

If your living room is very small, and under the closet you can not select a single wall, pay attention to the angular radius models. This design is very compact and is placed even in amazing tightness, and the absence of any corners only enhances the illusion that the room is not so small. Purchasing such a wardrobe, pay special attention to the mirror models – they will help solve the problem of limited space even more efficiently.

Successful examples

The living room would seem to guests much more closely, if it were not for the sober idea of ​​the owners to put a mirror wardrobe. Even with not the most successful angle, it can be seen that the room is small, because the headset occupies a good part of it, but the full facade of the mirror creates the illusion that the room extends further. In addition, the mirror “catches” sunlight from the window, because the living room is highlighted better than could be.

Glossy black execution is a characteristic example of the design of the future, although at this wardrobe is a component of the wall in classic wood shades. At the same time, the headsets are very successful in the interior – it echoes and with the sofa, and with the carpet on the floor, and with the design of the niche for the TV, and with the TV itself.

Curious sample is a wardrobe wall. The material indicates the classic design roots, but at the same time glass inserts are not absolutely harmonious in the form plan, which seems to be a clear retreat from the canons. The shape and appearance of inserts are echoing with a typical Japanese interior, due to which the original mixing of several styles is obtained.

Overview of the cabinet in the living room in the video below.

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