Sliding wardrobes in the whole wall in the living room: what are and how to choose?

Sliding wardrobes in the whole wall in the living room: what are and how to choose?

Sometimes the area of ​​the apartment does not allow neatly decomposing all things. In this case, a large wardrobe comes to the rescue. Having placed it in the living room, the owners can put inside a large number of items, while retaining the feeling of perfect order. In this case, the correctly selected design can turn this piece of furniture to real decoration of the room, it is worth only to take into account some nuances.


The wardrobe on the whole wall can look in the living room very attractive, although it visually and reduces the area. In the spacious hall, this moment does not matter, but in a small room there may be a problem. However, after careful thinking it becomes clear what the solution is in any case is successful.

First, such furniture can accommodate a large number of things, Freeing space. Secondly, she is quite can replace the usual wall. Typically, such cabinets are made under the order by specific sizes. Accordingly, the design and internal filling can also be any.

You can highlight in the design place for a TV or add open shelves. Furniture functionality is very high.

As for design, You can choose a light tone, visually expanding space, or make a cabinet mirror. In the latter case, you will create the illusion of the continuation of the room, which is very valuable in a small room. If the living room is spacious, you can give the will of fantasy and make a cabinet model so that it will impress stained-in doors leading to another room or photo shutters adorning the interior. Variants set.

Pros and cons

Many users have already rated the dignity of installation in the living room of a large wardrobe.

  • Practicality. Such a wardrobe is very spacious. By selecting the desired location of the compartments, you can place any things in it. There may be a pantry, a dressing room, a place for storing household appliances, books, accessories, linen, children’s toys and even a bar. All this will be hidden from prying eyes and sorted by departments.

  • Accuracy. Such furniture is very massive. However, if it takes the whole wall, it becomes almost imperceptible. The absence of pens makes the facades smooth, visually merging with the walls.

A particularly successful solution will be the installation of such a wardrobe in a narrow and long room. Puting furniture from a short wall, you can not only organize a convenient storage system, but also to adjust the lack of planning.

  • Variety options. The cabinet may be not only case, but also built-in. In this case, the function of the bottom, the top and side walls will be performed by the floor, ceiling and walls. You will need only install shelves, rods and other internal elements.

This will reduce the cost of the product and increase its useful area. It is also worth saying about the infinitely large number of internal filling variations and the choice of doors finishing materials.

Each buyer can choose an option that suits it for the price, functionality and appearance.

  • Design. Wardrobe Couple can enter almost any interior style. For a minimalism style, ideal will be the choice of a glossy monophonic facade or matte glass. Photo printing will be appropriate in modern. Eco-style will emphasize the option with rattan finish.

Japanese theme can be expressed in hieroglyphs. Even in the elegant classic interior, such furniture may look harmonious. Imitation of gilding, damask, stained glass, elegant vintage patterns – there are many options to stylize cabinet doors.

  • Durability. Such furniture breaks rarely. Of course, sometimes something can fail, but malfunctions are usually easy.

There are practically no shortcomings of this solution. The only thing you can mention is the price. You can order a budget model from chipboard, but externally, it will not be remarkable. If you want to decorate the room with a high-quality and spectacular model with photo printing, painting or other decor, you will have to pay much more.


Usually, the production of furniture frames of this type uses two types of materials.

  • Chipboard – Completed secondary raw materials treated with special resins to increase the strength and stability of the material to humidity. This is the cheapest option.
  • MDF Just more expensive. His quality is higher. The material is durable, resistant to moisture and is absolutely safe for humans.

Each of the options can be covered with natural or synthetic veneer. Also, the decor uses a glossy or matte film of all sorts of shades.

For the manufacture of the frame applies an aluminum profile. Also, facades can be drawn up using glass (transparent, matted, painted), mirrors, plastic, rattan, artificial leather.

Color solutions

When choosing a hint of a cabinet worth considering several main points. First of all, it is the size of the room. If the living room is small, it is better to give preference to light tones or mirror surfaces. If the hall is spacious, you can choose a dark version.

The following criterion – the desired effect. If you want the furniture as little as possible rushed into the eyes, pick up the tone close to the color of the walls. If you, on the contrary, you wish to highlight the wardrobe, stop on a contrasting shade or interesting design with a pattern.

And, of course, It is worth considering the style in which the living room is decorated. The classic interior involves soft, discreet tones and smoothness of transitions between shades. For such a room you can choose Milk, beige or brown Cabinet color. You can decorate the product of patina, exquisite patterns.

Minimalism – style in which cold colors prevail, conciseness and lack of decoration. Furniture is perfect for such a living room White, Gray or Black Flowers. Vivid stripes are allowed (purple, turquoise, red or other shade), geometric prints.

For Modern characteristic both neutral tones and wood textures and bright shades. You can make a wardrobe Pink, Blue or Green, decorate it with any drawing. The main thing is to think over in advance whether such a riot of paints will not be delighted, because large furniture is usually bought for a long time.

You can pick up the color of the cabinet to another furniture. For example, if the living room has a snow-white mini wall or chest, you can make the same and storage system. So you will get a harmonious environment, because the furniture will seem a set.

In addition to one and two-color execution, there are many other options for interesting design of such furniture. Consider them in more detail.

Design options

Glass, mirrors

Mirror doors – a practical solution. First, in such a mirror you can completely discern yourself, which is convenient when choosing daily and festive images. Secondly, the mirrors visually expand the space, create a feeling of space in the room. In the classic interior will be appropriate stained glass. Although it is worth noting that It is worth this version of the design is quite expensive, because this is a real work of art.

Matte glass – stylish modern option, often used in minimalism and high-tech styles. It also illuminates the furniture, makes interior air.

Sandblast patterns

Diversify the design of the mirror cabinet can be beautiful drawing. Small sand is applied to the surface with a air jet. As a result, it turns out The effect of a nonsense openwork pattern. Such a design can not be called coupling. He is unobtrusive, but elegant.

Photo printing

This option can be chosen if the walls of the living room are monophonic. Drawing on the cabinet doors can be any. Romantic design will create image of colors. Strict and stylish interior will work if you choose a black and white photo. An excellent solution for a small room will be Select photo printing with panoramic image.

Going away the distance road or coast with the endless blue sea will allow you to dream and create the illusion of the presence in the place shown in the photo.

Combined facades

Sometimes materials combine to make the design even more interesting. Shining gloss can be combined with wood texture. Simple mirrors can alternate with sandblasting patterns. Doors can have horizontal mirror or color inserts. This is not all possible options.

Construction features

It is impossible not to note the nuances of the structure of the cabinet, which can affect its appearance. More often the facades are solid. However, if desired, you can allocate in the center of the design site for TV zone. Also, the furniture can have open shelves as side and in the center. This allows you to place souvenirs and other decor that creates a homely atmosphere.


Spotlights built into furniture visor, not only are part of the design, but also help to illuminate a small area next to the subject. Of course, such a backlight is not enough to ensure good visibility of distant corners inside the cabinet. If desired, you can use LED ribbon.

All light sources are installed at the furniture manufacturing stage and are performed only by qualified specialists.

Recommendations for choosing

Choosing a wardrobe, it is worth paying attention to several main points. First of all, you should measure free space between the walls, To order the product of the appropriate precisely for your living room dimensions. Then you need to think about Exterior design Based on the furnishings of the room, the style of the interior and personal taste. In addition to choosing a shade and materials, you should decide whether you need open shelves, niche under the TV.

One of the most important nuances – Interior filling of furniture. First of all, the cabinet must be functional. Therefore, you need to decide which things you will store in it and what compartments will be needed for this. The most popular option is the separating walls with horizontal shelves and drawers from chipboard or MDF.

Such filling stationary and is not subject to change. Innovation in the production of such furniture – metal structures. Such elements can be rearranged if necessary, to change places.

Choosing the first option, follows think over the amount of shelves and drawers in advance, as well as the height of the bar for shoulder. For example, for shirts and jackets require a small height of the compartment. This allows you to use free space for other purposes. Dresses and coats require more space.

Of course, it is important to consider the financial issue. Keep in mind that Inclusion in the design of the drawings on the facade, metal moving elements (baskets, rods, hangers), as well as backlight increase the final value.

Beautiful examples

The mirror cabinet with openwork white patterns makes the room light, spacious and exquisite. Golden door edging helps furniture perfectly fit into neoclassical style.

Black and white photo printing – a wonderful choice for the design of the modern living room. Thanks to the plot image, the cabinet turns into a spectacular room design element.

Laconic burgundy beige colors allows the built-in model to harmoniously fit into the interior. Excellent selection in the style of minimalism.

But a wonderful example of how you can perform a wardrobe and other furniture in a single design. White combined with mirrors and glass visually makes items easier.

You can combine in one product comfort of modern sliding furniture and aesthetics of the classical direction. In the center there are a swing locker, open shelves and a place for a TV, and on the sides – mirror doors with exquisite antique patterns. Such a design can be rightfully called unique.

    Video review of the wardrobe on the whole wall for the living room Looking below.

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