Sofas for balconies and loggias: species and choice

Sofas for balconies and loggias: species and choice

In modern homes and apartments, the balcony is often used as a recreation area. So that it is as comfortable and cozy, to choose all the details of the interior should be treated with special care. One of the most important elements of the balcony interior is the sofa. Consider all the nuances of the selection of the sofa for the balcony in this article.


Considering the balcony as a special area for recreation, it is impossible to imagine without a sofa. Upholstered furniture is ideal for the arrangement of the indoor loggia, but its use on open spaces requires careful care.

Balcony sofa is usually oversized and comfortable design. It can be performed in any style, from any materials.

What model to give preference to a greater extent depends on taste and personal preferences.

Types of structures

The modern market offers a variety of configurations. Selecting a sofa type depends on both the buyer’s preference and the shape and sizes of the balcony. Consider the main options.

  • Straight. This is the most common type of sofas that can always be placed on the balcony. There are mini-models that can be installed on the balcony in width. As a rule, there may be a maximum of two people on such small models. However, for a small room, they will become an ideal solution. In any weather you will have a cozy and comfortable place overlooking the city. In addition to them, there are often long narrow sofas.

  • Angular. It is believed that such models are suitable exclusively for spacious premises. However, such a design can be installed on a narrow balcony. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the size of furniture. Corner mini-sofas will be convenient and original loggia additions.

  • Sofa bed. These are constructions transformers. Sliding models tend to turn in bed. They can be placed both on spacious balconies and small. The main thing is to correctly calculate the length and width of the sofa so that it is placed in the unfolded form. Folding models can turn into a double or single bed. Single models are laid out in length, and double-valued, as a rule, laid out in width.

  • With storage boxes. This option will create an additional storage space. Moreover, you will be able to hide unnecessary things and not litter the loggia.

  • Sofa-Tumba. Such species can rarely meet on balconies, but they are often used in the hallway. This is due to the fact that such models do not have the backs, and therefore are considered less convenient and comfortable. However, such models can be positioned even on the smallest loggias.

  • Sofa Sunduk. These models are similar to the previous model. They have an identical appearance, only them still equip the built-in storage location. This is created by removable seating. Sometimes such options look like a real chest with a soft riding, which is convenient to sit. They will complement the ancient or classic interior well.

  • Modular. This is not too popular, but very comfortable. Such models consist of several modules that are simply attached to each other. As a rule, they are made of lightweight materials.

Modular options are considered one of the most suitable types to arrange the balcony, since they are easy to fold, as well as you can pick up one of the modules into another room if there is not enough places.

Materials manufacturing

The sofa frame can be made of the following materials:

  • Natural tree+
  • Chipboard+
  • Braided models+
  • plastic+
  • metal.

    In addition, today there are often models from pallets and options without frames made of large amounts of pillows.

    An important nuance when choosing a sofa is the material used for its upholstery. There is a wide range of fabrics that can be used.

    • Cotton. This natural material is breathing and hygroscopic, so it can be used at any temperature and do not feel discomfort. Moreover, he is hypoallergenic and has a long service life.

    • Jacquard. This is a dense material with an unusual texture. It is not afraid of the effects of sun rays and does not rub. As a rule, jacquard decorate with floral prints. The most durable and expensive is Jacquard with filling gold or silver threads. This material is often soaked with a special composition that protects fabric from various contaminants.

    • Tapestry. This fabric has a lot in common with jacquard. It has a high density, rich appearance and high price. The latter is due to the use of natural threads for its production. However, more affordable options using synthetic fibers are found in the modern market. Tapestry use both for the design of classic interiors and for modern.

    • Silk. This material is rarely used for the production of modern sofas due to its high price. The fabric does not cause allergies and is not magnetized. Moreover, it is distinguished by exquisite and noble appearance. Its main disadvantage is that it is quite cold material.

    • Leather. It is a rich and beautiful coating that clearly demonstrates the financial condition of the home owners. Skin can be both glossy and matte. In addition, its texture can be both smooth and rough. Such sofas can be decorated with embossed or seal. Moreover, this material is durable, is durable and easy to care for it.

    • Artificial leather. This is a modern material that in appearance is not inferior to natural material, but it has a more affordable price.

    It is hard to break or scratch, it is easy to remove various kinds of pollution, so artificial leather will last long.

    • Flock. This material is very similar to the velvet. It is soft and silky, and therefore warm. It is made of cotton and synthetic fibers. It is resistant to water, is durable and easy to care for it.

    Color and Design

    Beautiful sofa is able to transform the image of any loggia. It is important to decide which design option to you closer. The color palette can have an impact on the mood and the total atmosphere of the room.

    Bright models visually expand space, and make the design more calm and cozy. But bright models are better suited for zoning the room. They attract attention, making the design expressive.

    Specialists advise you to choose a blue or gray version, because with the help of these colors will be able to create an excellent area for recreation. The same properties have brown models. The option of sand color looks warm and cozy. The novelty is the use of amber, gold, emerald and lemon colors.

    It is important to take into account the color palette of the entire interior so that the sofa looked harmoniously. Snow white walls can be added as the brightest model, so light and calm. Beautifully looks like options with non-standard geometric or oriental patterns.

    Light sofas are perfect for bright rooms. So, beautifully combined white walls with pink, orange or green sofa. Unusually looks Suspended models. You can suspend the design to the ceiling, thereby creating a swing. It will make the interior more interesting.

    How to choose?

    Choosing a sofa to a balcony is a difficult solution that requires attention and time. It is important to take into account some parameters.

    1. The size. It is important not to make a mistake with the dimensions of the models, otherwise it will take too much space or does not fit the balcony.
    2. Form. Depending on the form of the balcony, the form of the future model depends. For square rooms, both straight and angular models are suitable for very narrow and long loggias, it is better to choose a direct model, and for semicircular – straight or round sofa.
    3. Design. The model should complement the interior of the balcony, so it is important to consider the color gamut and the style of the room.
    4. Upholstery. From the selected upholstery will depend on the service life of the sofa, as well as its appearance.
    5. Filler. This factor depends on how comfortable you will feel. And also affects the service life, since some fillers quickly seek and lose their initial properties.
    6. Mechanism. If you want to buy a sofa transformer, then it is important to buy a model with a high-quality folding mechanism.

    Knowing all this, you will be able to choose the best option for your balcony, and therefore create a cozy and comfortable area of ​​recreation.

    Accommodation options

    As a rule, on any, even the smallest balcony, you can find a place for the sofa. The direct option can be installed in the room of any shape and any size, and with the corner and non-standard options, everything is a bit more complicated. Before buying, it is important to decide on the dimensions of the model, and depending on them choose a suitable model.

    A straight or corner sofa can be installed on the rectangular balcony. As a rule, it is located at one of the walls, which allows you to make the room more spacious. You can install a mini-option in the width of the room.

    It will be interesting to look like a model of pillows that takes all the space from the wall to the wall. Any configuration is also suitable for a square balcony. However, the corner option is better suitable for a large company.

    If you are a happy owner of a spacious balcony, you can place a direct sofa and several chairs. Another original solution will be the installation of a semicircular sofa with a small table.

    Successful examples

    • A small sofa with embedded boxes will perfectly complement the loggia and will not take much space. Bright pillows will decorate and complement the interior.

    • For a rustic style, you can choose a long narrow sofa that can be used as a bed.

    • On the spacious balcony you can place a small rectangular sofa and a pendant chair.

    • On a small loggia you can arrange two small sofas in the modern style. This will create a cozy place for evening gatherings.

    • The bright blue sofa of non-standard size looks originally.

    • For Loft style, the corner white-green sofa is perfectly suitable, supplemented by a small puff and table.

    • For oriental style, a low sofa with a bright upholstery and plenty of pillows.

    • The interior of the spacious balcony is well complement the corner sofa and two pendant swings.

    • On a narrow snow-white balcony of non-standard form, a small straight line model made of natural wood will fit. Blue upholstery will make the interior brighter and gentle.

      • On the open balcony you can install a small sofa couch.

      This will create not only the seat for the seating, but also for sleep in the fresh air.

      About how to make a sofa on the balcony, see the following video.

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