Sofas with a sleeping place in the kitchen: species and tips for choosing

Sofas with a sleeping place in the kitchen: species and tips for choosing

The kitchen sofa with a sleeping place is a convenient and practical invention that makes the kitchen even more comfortable and cozy. Due to the presence of a sliding mechanism, a compact and neat “daytime” sofa turns into a full-fledged bed and can be used as both a guest and a permanent option.


Creating additional beds is a fairly common problem for residents of small-sized housing, with which they face not only during the arrival of guests, but also when posting for the night of members of their family. In this case An excellent solution will be the purchase of a kitchen sofa equipped with a full-sized bed. For example, this option will be a real rescue in families with newborn children, providing a normal dream to a working father of the family.

In addition, an amateur of night television views or an active Internet user, which often interferes with the rest of the family, with pleasure. This problem is especially relevant in one-room apartments, when there is no opportunity to get away from a restless family member to another room.

However, during the daytime, such a sofa will not stand idle. On it with comfort can accommodate a large company of friends, and maybe someone from households. Moreover, most folding sofas are equipped with built-in boxes for storing various things that in conditions of not too big living space will be a pleasant bonus.

In the spacious kitchens with the sofa, the room zoning is carried out, dividing the working and dining area.

Advantages and disadvantages

High consumer demand for kitchen models with sleeping place due to a number of indisputable advantages of this convenient and practical furniture subject.

  • The presence of such a sofa makes it possible to accommodate a rapid guest or a non-resident relative, placing it in a separate room. In such conditions, neither the owners nor the guests will be in the constricted conditions, as it happens when guests have for the night in the room on the floor.
  • On the sofa is much more convenient to eat food, What you especially like to fans to eat in front of the TV. Now for this you will not need to carry a plate into the room to watch in a comfortable environment. It will only be enough to buy a TV for the kitchen and the problem of mugs and crumbs in the living room or the only room will be finally solved.
  • Thanks to a wide range with a large variety of forms, designs and colors, pick up the model for a specific interior and the color of the room will not be difficult.
  • The presence of a sofa gives the kitchen an extra comfort, making it comfortable and functional.
  • Thanks to a lightweight design Washing floors under kitchen sofas does not cause any difficulties: they are with ease of movement and allow you to carry out a full wet cleaning.
  • Wide price range The models presented in the market makes it possible to purchase a product in accordance with your material possibilities. Assortment of kitchen sofas includes both expensive leather copies for spacious canteens and modest mini models intended for small kitchens.

However, along with the obvious advantages of disadvantages of kitchen sofas, there are still. These include High risk of upholstery pollutiondrops of fat from preparing food, probability of shedding various liquids andThe need to arrange kitchen ventilation or hood. The last requirement is due to the tendency of the soft filler and the tissue coating of sofas to absorb various kitchen smells that do not add comfort during sleep.

Another disadvantage of models equipped with a sleeping place is their overallity in comparison with simple kitchen sofas. Therefore, for free placement of such a sofa, a kitchen needs a kitchen at least 8 m2, as it will be problematic to squeeze such a product into the room.


Classification of kitchen sofas with a sleeping place is made in several signs that determine from which is Form of product. On this criterion, several varieties are distinguished, the general characteristics of which will be discussed below.

Corner models

This type of furniture is very popular among the owners of small kitchens, in which the installation of a classic straight sofa is impossible or difficult. The angular construction makes it possible to rational use of a limited area of ​​the kitchen without prejudice to its main purpose – cooking and reception of food. The presence of an angular sofa makes the kitchen space as close as possible to the living room, adds to him comfort and comfort. In addition, you can move the dining table to the corner sofa, which can freely settle down a numerous family.

Installing the corner sofa produce in the free corner of the kitchen, preferably not at the window. Otherwise, the massive sofa will overlap the heating radiator, located under the window, and besides, in the immediate vicinity of the window, it will not be very comfortable.

The optimal option will be the installation of furniture in opposite from gas (electrical) stove angle, where the sofa will not fly and fat will not.

From the sink, the product should also position as far as possible so that the splashes from the washing of dirty dishes did not fall on the upholstery. Very often, the angular models are equipped with spacious storage compartments for bedding, Kitchen utensils and small household appliances. It is very convenient when it is impossible to accommodate hinged cabinets and installation of Penal, it allows you to fold a large number of things in the sofa in the kitchen.

Sofa Couch

Such models are ideal options for tiny kitchens, they are often acquired by the owners of “Khrushchev” and other small housing. The design of the couch does not provide for the presence of boxes for linen under the seat, and in the folded form, the design details do not interfere with the legs of the seated person. Externally, such a model is a light and compact couch that does not agar space, But at the same time it is highly functional and convenient.

Modular structures

Such sofas are formed from individual modules that, if necessary, are quickly drawn up in a bed, and in the daytime are used as separate puffs. Composite parts of the module are movable and can move under the table or roll out to another room. Of these, you can create a sleeping place of any configuration, which is very convenient on small either too forced furniture spaces.

Modules are equipped with special loops, with which it is reliably fasten with each other, forming a smooth bed.

Straight sofas

These models are the facilitated form of a traditional room sofa and are in high demand from the owners of large and medium-sized kitchens. In contrast to the classic sofa, such models often do not have sidewalls and armrests at all either have them only on one side. This significantly saves a place in the kitchen and allows you to sit on the sofa from any side. However, direct specimens are less convenient when placing a large company at the table, which requires more chairs and stools for their disposal.

Designs of folding mechanisms

To date, 5 types of sliding mechanisms are used for kitchen sofas: “French folding bed”, “Dolphin”, “Accordion”, “Book” and “Eurobook”.

“French clamshell”

This type of mechanisms in most cases are installed on direct sofas. Under the seat of such models there are three modules folded on each other, which are easily folded into a very spacious bed. For this, it is enough just to pull ahead and up a special belt, located on the junction of the upper and middle modules, and beaten legs from the metal frame. Such sofas look quite compact, can be equipped with sidewalls and have a small width.

but Due to the fact that the design is folded forward, clamshells require free space in front of them, equal length of the bed plus minimum 50 cm on the passage. In addition, these sofas do not provide built-in box storage boxes, and therefore “French folding rooms” are more suitable for spacious kitchens, in which there is where to lay a sofa, and for storing various things there are cabinets and penalty.

The disadvantages of this type of sofas include the impossibility of achieving an absolutely smooth bed location due to joints between modules, and therefore it is recommended to use the mattress.


Sofas of this type are well suited for continuous use, in connection with which high demand. The principle of operation of the mechanism is as follows: Sleeping is hidden under the main seat and equipped with wheels. If it is necessary to decompose the sofa, the lower structure is rolled out, and the second part of the bedside place seems to emerge from under the seat, forming a single bed with it.

The dying mechanism is very easy to handle, due to which even children can cope with him. The main thing is to put forward the lower part, and then the mechanism will take care of how the module gets to his place.


Sleeping of these sofas consists of several parts, folded in the form of a harmonic. Such models are also suitable for daily use, but, like the “French clamshells”, require a sufficient amount of free space. In folded form, sofas look pretty compact and fit well in the kitchen interior.


Sleeping in sofas of this type is formed from the back and seats, which are laid out on the principle of an open book, forming a spacious bed as a result. Such models do not require a large space in front of them and are the best option for narrow kitchens. The decomposition mechanism itself is quite simple and reliable, which allows the use of a sofa as a permanent place to sleep.


This mechanism is considered very strong and durable. The seat in such models is advanced forward (on itself), and the backrest is placed in the vacation space, forming a wide sleeping place with a seat.

A huge advantage of such products is the presence of spacious built-in storage boxes for the storage of various things.


For the production of kitchen sofas with a berth, the same materials are used as for the production of ordinary room models, but taking into account the specifics of the operation of products. This mainly concerns upholstery, as the internal device and those and other sofas are practically identical. The use of wear-resistant upholstery tissues is due to the finding of kitchen models under the influence of aggressive factors, such as increased humidity and high temperatures.

Besides, The furniture in the kitchen is much more susceptible to pollution than room, and therefore should be practical and undemanding in care. For this reason, as upholstery is used Ecocked, natural skin and innovative materials, Possess high resistance to pollution and humidity.

Such materials are very durable and able to repel spilled liquid and fat. Caring for the upholstery is reduced to wiping with a damp rag and removing fatty spots with warm soapy water.

The most practical and popular of the listed tissues is an eco-skin, which, unlike genuine leather, passes air and has a low cost. The only disadvantage is the high vulnerability of the material in front of sharp objects.

Genuine leather looks very rich and is a sign of wealth and good taste of the owners. However, a long time to sit on a leather sofa, especially in hot weather, very uncomfortable, in addition, the cost of folding leather models is very high.

Quite often, for kitchen sofas, material with the effect of “anticature” is used, which does not allow the appearance of fumes from the claws of a pet, as well as the microfibra – a soft and resistant to damage material that is easy to clean and not afraid of stains.

Popular upholstery fabrics like Velur, velvet, jacquard, flock, shenill and tapestry for the production of kitchen sofas are practically not used. This is due to their tendency to absorb various kitchen smells, which will inevitably call discomfort during sleep. Although for the sake of justice it is worth noting that many of them are very well cleaned and have a pronounced dirt-repellent effect.

Kitchen sofa frames with sleeping place are made of Wood solid breeds, MDF and Fiberboard. Products with a frame of natural wood are distinguished by durability and are able to last up to 20 years. Wood slab models are less reliable than wooden, but differ in low weight and low price. Often in the frame there are metal parts made from high-strength steel making a sofa strong and reliable.

As a filler for kitchen models, synthetone, foam rubber, hollofiber, polyurethane foam and periothek are used. To give the base of the orthopedic effect, materials are combined in different combinations, laying them with layers.


The modern mild and cabinet furniture market offers kitchen sofas with a sleeping place in a wide variety of sizes. This allows you to choose and sofa, folding Block and providing one bed, and a full-fledged double “book” capable of accommodating two people.

However, even In the most miniature products, the width of the bed can not be less than 60 cm, since even a child will not be able to fully utterly settled. The maximum bed width is usually 175 cm. The depth of the seat varies from 50 to 65 cm – it depends on the design of the sofa and its design. The length of the bedroom is usually 190-200 cm, which allows you to fully settle down a rather high person and meets sanitary and hygienic standards.


The kitchen sofa with a sleeping place often does not just complement the overall composition, but also acts as an independent element of the interior. So, in the kitchens with a predominance of natural textures, the models of concise design look very harmoniously Coffee, linen, anthracite, cream and chocolate shades, as well as ivory colors. Stylish Red, raspberry, azure, sapphire and lemon Sofas with a low back, as well as a modular transformer with a lack of sidewall, will be perfectly in most modern interiors, such as Hai-tech, modern and minimalism.

For Scandinavian and Enespel, the acquisition of models with ornament will be an excellent option, And for Ar Deco, Provence and Country the perfect choice will be a white beautiful sofa. The classic interior will look good white and brown steel models from genuine leather, as well as options with striped and checkered upholsters.

Features of choice

Before you start choosing a kitchen sofa with a sleeping place, you need to measure the kitchen, to determine on their basis extremely valid furniture dimensions. It is necessary to make sure that the laid downside place will fit into the space scheduled for it. Besides, It is necessary to determine in advance where you can remove the dining table when using the sofa under the night.

It is also desirable to measure the distance from furniture to the kitchen door and make sure that the sofa in the unfolded form will not be blown out.

After the size of the product is defined, you need to select the type of folding mechanism.

  • If it is necessary to constantly place two people, then it is better to stay on the design “Book”.
  • If the sofa is expected to be used very rarely, then the “French clamshell” will be a good option, the decomposition mechanism of which is rather weak and quickly wears.
  • Sofas with the mechanism of “Accordion” are suitable for large premises, since in a small space to decompose them for sleep will be very problematic.
  • When choosing “Dolphin” Attention should be paid for the presence of springs-closers.
  • If it is decided to purchase Eurobook, That optimal option will be the presence of profiles instead of rollers. Such models have a stronger design and serve much longer.
  • Upholstery quality should also be paid to high attention. So, if there are animals in the house, then from models, upheld ecocuse, it is better to refuse either in advance to take care of the acquisition of covers. The most suitable option in such cases will be the purchase of a sofa covered with teflon flock or microwleur, – materials that are less suffering from claws and teeth of animals. However, these fabrics can absorb kitchen smells, and therefore need regular care.
  • And the last criterion for choosing a sofa is its price. The cost of folding kitchen models begins from 10,000 rubles and ends with 100 or more than a thousand exclusive copies of genuine leather.

In the next video you will find a sofa review with a bedroom kitchen.

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