Sofas with sideboard for children from 3 years

Sofas with sideboard for children from 3 years

The choice of a sleeping place for a child, which will soon be 3 years – an important thing. After all, this age denotes the beginning of a new stage in the development – both physical and psychological. Of course, here you can and need to involve the children themselves, but before that, parents must learn all possible models and suggest to choose the most optimal of them. One of the most popular options is a children’s sofa with side.


The children’s sofa has many advantages that speak for themselves.

  • This is the only furniture that combines two functions at once – here the child can not only sleep, but also spend time during the day – sit, play, watch cartoons, communicate with friends and parents.
  • Modern sofas have a special coating and filling of a sleeping unit, allowing to sleep comfortably without harm to health.
  • They have many options for sides protecting from falling, drafts and shocks about the nearest items.
  • There are compact models that can significantly save space in the room (especially if you have to divide the space with someone else).
  • Due to the wide selection of models, upholstery and design, children’s sofas look bright and beautiful. Such furniture will complement any interior and like the child himself.

There are flaws from the sofas. For example, you have to clean the bedding daily, and in the evening to be stuck again. First, these troubles will be slandered by their parents, then the child himself will seek such home affairs.

Review of species

In any furniture salon, the selection of sofas is quite extensive, and it sometimes happens in such a variety sometimes. Most often, a full-fledged bed is achieved by transformation (there are folding and retractable models), but they are not equipped with side.

Since the child is still small for three years, it is not necessary to order a sleeping place for him equipped with any mechanism. More convenient option will be the usual sofa sofa, only with sides.

It will be better if it provides boxes or niches for storing bedding, toys or other things.

But it is not necessary to forget that its price depends on the complexity of the product – additional parts and mechanisms Express Furniture.

You should distinguish between the usual sofa and sofa bed. The main difference between them is precisely in the convenience of sleep. The sofa bed instead of the usual coating and filler is equipped with one mattress or a set of several small toppers. The mattress can be spring or flawed. Modern orthopedic models are most preferred for children, since it is at an early age a spine more vulnerable.

Bortie varieties

The main function that boards from the children’s sofa is performed – protective. In addition, soft rollers or panels are supporting, allow you to take a convenient position in the sitting or lying position. Beautiful sides are decorated with furniture, give it a finished look and complement the design.


In order for a child to be freely use the sofa during wakefulness and was as quick as possible from falling in a dream, fitRemovable borders. It can be the sidewalls from the same product with comfortable fasteners that can be easily removed or installed if necessary.

There are also universal sides that can be purchased additionally – they will not always be perfectly approaching in appearance, but they will be well cope with the tasks.


Permanent sides are characterized by greater strength and do not differ from the sofa style of execution, color and material. Of course, in terms of practicality and aesthetics, they are more attractive. But if the child grows or need to rearrange the furniture in a different way, the board can stop being a necessity. Even if the item will be removed, followed by traces after it – it should be considered for the future.


The number of sides depends on the location of the bed location relative to the wall and other furniture. For convenience, there are enough two sides – from the end where the pillow is lying, and along the wall so as not to touch her. If the sofa is perpendicular to the wall, sufficiently small frames in the headboard and in the legs. At the same time, their height does not necessarily have the same. Such an option provides greater freedom to use and does not shift the movement of the child.


As a rule, if the sofa has 4 sidewalls, one of them, located along the long side, will be a little shorter – it is necessary that the child can freely climb or climb back. Despite the fact that the sofa closed from all sides cannot be actively used for games, it is this location that is most safe for kids and provides psychological comfort. So that the design does not look cumbersome, front side can be rounded or made through.


One of the most important criteria for choosing children’s furniture is the material from which it is made. Not only the quality and reliability of the product depends on this, but also its appearance.


Frame and supports are most often performed from one material, but there are also combined models. Each of them differs in strength, service life and ecology. Therefore, if you have the ability to choose, these indicators need to be borne.

  • Wood is most preferable for the manufacture of children’s furniture. It appreciates naturalness and strength, as well as a pleasant appearance.
  • MDF much cheaper and affordable, but it breaks easier. Its appearance is quite diverse and depends on the type of coating.
  • Metal carcass Good quality is well withstanding the load and will last much longer than the above options.

The quality of fixtures, mechanisms and other fittings plays great importance. Despite the fact that small children weigh a little, they grow, and accommodate the load on all the framework of the frame. Therefore, they should not save on them, because even small problems with such furniture will cause inconvenience every day.


As a coating, both natural materials and synthetic materials can be used. Most often in the composition of the fabric are also those and other fibers – this combination allows you to make upholstery beautiful, pleasant to the touch and at the same time practical.

  • Jacquard, Tapestry and Shenille. Attract the brightness and presence of natural threads. However, to remove stains from food or felt-tumbers from such a surface will be difficult.

  • Microfiber and Scotchhard more practical. Thanks to the special structure, they are less dirty, and if this happened – easily cleaned. Bright coating is resistant to abrasion, so even a few years of use will look like a new.

Design options

In this question, you need to navigate the tastes of the child, his interests, hobbies. As a decor, the upholstery is mainly. It can be both monophonic and decorated with one big pattern or a lot of small images. Different topics:

  • Heroes of cartoons or books+
  • Funny and cute little animals+
  • Transport (cars, ships, rockets, trainings and t. D.)+
  • Houses, Castles+
  • sport+
  • flowers+
  • stars, month and other night symbols and t. D.

The choice of color scheme depends on the type of fabric, the modern producers it is quite wide. Now there is no color binding to the sex of the child. Orange or red sofa bed perfectly suit the boy, will have a positive effect on the mood and increase activity. However, if the child is excessively energetic, it is better to stop the choice on warm, calm shades of blue, green or brown.

Girls love all bright. Yellow, red, lilac and pink – here are their favorites. More gentle agents are suitable blue, turquoise or white furniture. Do not forget that surrounding things create the necessary attitude in the child and give positive emotions.

How to choose?

So that the acquired sofa really pleased the child, need to take into account several nuances at once.

  • Correctly determine the size (both in the folded and in the unfolded state). Sofa parameters depend on the room, the location of the furniture, as well as the growth of the child. Folding models essentially save space for games and classes.
  • Rate the quality of all the details of the sofa. This is especially true – for children, it should be quite tough and even. Preferably, the sides have a soft coating and rounded corners. And if there is a mechanism for folding, you need to check the convenience of using it. Material safety is usually confirmed by certificates of compliance with standards and requirements.
  • Decide with the design. Have to look for a compromise between the beauty of the sofa and its practicality, because not all models are equally convenient to use.
  • Find out product care information. Since the sofa is designed not only for sleep, it will have to be cleaned more often. If the coating requires delicate cleaning, you should get a cover.
  • Choose a manufacturer. This will help our reviews of real buyers about the identified advantages and disadvantages of furniture in the process of its operation.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Any parent wants to equip a cozy room where children will be pleased to spend time. And first of all, children should not be boring – for this it is selected furniture with a bright upholstery and an unusual design. So that the interior does not look overloaded parts and did not suppress the child, you can go to another way – to choose a sofa of neutral color and supplement bright details (pillows, mats, paintings). In order for the details of the room look harmoniously, it is enough to use 2-3 combined colors and a minimum of textures.

Large value is the location of the bed. The optimal solution is to install the sofa with sofa in the angle of the room or along one of the walls. It is undesirable that it is near the windows, a doorway or radiator, as well as too close to the TV screen. To save place, you can use all sorts of superstructures and systems for embedding. If a child sleeps in a room with parents, you can pick up a compact model folding forward.

        Since the children grow quickly and change their needs, the furniture will have to update periodically. To do it as much as possible and avoid additional trouble, you can choose a model having flights, but with a more restrained design. The same applies to the case when room is intended for two children.

        Review of the children’s sofa with sides Look in the video.

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