Spanish tile on the apron for the kitchen: Review of manufacturers and nuances of choice

Spanish tile on the apron for the kitchen: Review of manufacturers and nuances of choice

The kitchen should be not only functional, but also beautiful to cook to turn into pleasure. The apron made from the right material will decorate the headset and facilitates the cleaning process. The quality of the tile must be high, and an interesting painting will give a highlight interior. In this article, consider the features and advantages of the Spanish tile on the apron for the kitchen, we will tell about popular brands and offer beautiful examples of kitchen design using this material.


Spain is one of the main ceramics suppliers in Europe. Tile has an original and recognizable design inherent in goods from a sunny country. Traditional products have Bright, interesting drawing with patterns and vensels made in oriental style.

Characteristic features of the Spanish tile for apron are and Muslim motifs, who will give the kitchen South Coloring. Ceramics from Spain, as a rule, will be exchanged for creating a kitchen design in Moroccan, Mediterranean or Oriental style. With competent use, it is possible to introduce it into the stylist Provence or Country. Juicy shades will bring color to the room, even if they are decorated with only part of the apron.

The huge advantage of the Spanish finishing material is First of all, high quality, and only then interesting drawing. The fact is that clay produced in the territory of the country of Matador has a special composition. It is processed by the patented firing technology that gives the composition of high strength and resistance to any mechanical damage.

The obtained products are optimal for use in the realities of the kitchen, because they are 100% of the racks to the drops of temperature and humidity, and are also not affected by chemical aggressive substances, such as acids and rhymes.

Thanks to all this Spanish tile can be placed near the cooking surface and sink. You can wash them even aggressive household chemicals, and it will not affect the quality. Do not worry and for the safety of the drawing – after applying the ornament, the finishing materials are treated with a special means, which prevents the possibility of damage to the solar rays or burnout. Patterns will remain as saturated as on the day of purchase, will not be pale even in a decade.

Spanish Ceramic Tile Companies offer a wide range of products, among which everyone can find the desired product. I am glad and a variety of price segment: there is both expensive finishing materials of premium class and democratic brands, whose products will be many on the pocket. A wide selection concerns the tile format that is selected depending on the size of the kitchen apron. The optimal option is square 15×15 cm or rectangular tile – Babanchik 10×20 cm.

Unfortunately, Spanish material has some disadvantages that need to be taken into account during the purchase. Necessing such a tile is not easy: It should competently prepare and start the wall surface. It is necessary to determine the exact dimensions of the kitchen furniture in advance, and correctly calculate the boundaries and the size of the apron. All calculations are needed to properly install tiles. Another minus for some owners can be the impossibility of obtaining a seamless surface, which makes it difficult to clean the apron, because the seams absorb more dirt, rather than tiles.

In Spain, a large number of companies are engaged in the production of tiles, consider the most sought-after.


This brand is considered one of the oldest on the market, it produces products for stylish and modern cuisine. Mainly designers try to emphasize the restrained texture of light tones, so Porcelanosa ceramics combines with any interior: classics, modern or country. The brand rarely applies bright patterns and other scenery, the main tones used in painting – dairy, beige, cream or light gray. Tile is released with glossy and matte surface.


The company offers a wide range of high-quality finishing materials for every taste. There are models in pastel colors for classic kitchen or original products with a bright, interesting pattern in the form of urban prints and even paintings of impressionists.

Here everyone can choose a tile to their taste.


High-quality brand products brought him to leading positions in Europe. Aparici offers its customers ceramics of various textures with an interesting design. In assortment 45 collections, among which there are finishing materials for the apron of any kitchen.


The company is engaged in the production of products with an original design that will bring the highlight to the interior of your kitchen. Each collection is manufactured in several colors with a variety of print.

The most popular is the tile 10×10 cm.


    Brand products are made using innovative technologies that help make tile with three-dimensional pattern and patterns. The main shades of the Novogres ceramics are silver, white, brown and coffee.

    Collections of tiles for apron of kitchens are offered in any style.

    How to choose?

    When choosing tiles for apron, you should navigate the main rule: the brighter ceramics and finishing, the more modest should be a kitchen set and room design. To maintain a pattern, you can use similar motives in accessories and other decor elements, for example, place a plate with a similar pattern, or support it with color.

    Beautiful examples

    Minimalism is ideal for colorful Spanish tiles, not tolerant bright competition. Dark brown kitchen furniture is perfectly combined with painted ceramics. Oriental motifs are made in beige, coffee and green colors. Wall, trimmed with tiles, has become a real rawness of the room.

    Light kitchen furniture with elements of classics perfectly harmonizes with Spanish ceramics. The upper and lower part of the apron is made beige tile Cabanchik, the middle is decorated with painted squares in Moroccan style. Modern household appliances and a bright tabletop do not distract attention from the main element indoors – apron.

    The interior is made in calm blue colors, in such a kitchen it is pleasant not only to cook, but also a way. In this case, the headset and the countertop were selected under the apron from the Spanish tiles with the patterns of heavenly blue, beige, white and brown shades. Blue furniture and light gray countertop it is impossible to emphasize the beauty of ceramics. The box with a transparent door and open shelves do not lose the interior, and the white dishes emphasizes the simplicity of style.

    On the pros and cons of the Spanish tile when decorating the kitchen in the apron area, you can learn from the video below.

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