Stainless steel cutting kitchen sinks: features and choice

Stainless steel cutting kitchen sinks: features and choice

The kitchen sink is in the category of primary interior components: the level of convenience in the process of cooking and washing kitchen utensils may depend on the competent selection of the product. Today there is a huge selection of such products on the market, as a result, without some knowledge of this area, choose impeccable shell for the kitchen will not be easy. Patch and mortise are used in special demand. Here is the actual cutting sinks and in parallel about the key aspects of their choice and buying and we will talk in this publication.


In difficult conditions to use the kitchen zone, cut-out sinks of non-corrective steel are simply indispensable. Consider in all parts pros and cons of mortise products for the kitchen: their varieties, sizes and shapes, how they are made and who makes it better. It will give the opportunity to choose the perfect option.

In mortise shells from stainless steel there are quite a few positive qualities.

  • Products made of non-corrective steel Different with excellent properties, including reliability, strength and many years of service are key. In addition, the sink is very easy to install, serve and comfortably use it. All these parameters make plumbing from non-corrective steel rather popular and chassis.
  • When working with a liquid medium, a stainless steel washing medium is simply indispensable. Only the name of the material declares that the emergence of corrosion is not scary. And this is the truth – the sink is not terrible regular contacts with the liquid, the effects of large temperatures and severe humidity in the room. Does not damage the material and the impact of household chemicals of various purposes.
  • Contrary to the fact that for the manufacture, steel of a small thickness is applied, the sink comes out quite strong. Change its configuration or sneak through simple use in the kitchen, in fact, it is impossible. If you do not teach the crash test sink to the strength of heavy objects, then it will not be able to live without any problems, at the same time its external data will not change.
  • Non-corrosive shells are also pretty comfortable to use. They are simply and easy to wash them, for this not required to purchase specialized detergents and cleaning products, enough simple powder and gel for plumbing products. Stainless steel provides high levels of housing hygiene, just because of this, these sinks are practiced in restaurants and cafes.
  • Mortise design versatile. In comparison with overhead shells, it is not necessary to intentionally look for kitchen furniture on dimensions. Cuthes can be mounted in a working surface from any material. The main thing is that the width of the furniture approached the width of the shell. In addition, it should be noted the stylish external appearance of mortise shells, they will greatly be harmonized with any interior design. In retrovers, there are both matte samples and glossy, therefore, choose from what.

Important! With the installation of mortise washing, it is actually overwhelmed with your own.

In non-corrosive steel, as the material used for my miles and their shortcomings are also easy to eliminate them.

  • Reduced noise absorption coefficient. In such a sink, the sound of water flows and blows of dishes are actually heard. If it really causes problems, it is preferable to take products from thick steel or with a sound-absorber of soft materials under the bowl. There will be no loud sounds in these sinks.
  • When used, the surface is quickly covered with lime bloom and fat stains. Only this flags are trifling, because it is extremely easy to wash the incorrect steel.


All sinks of non-corrective steel can be divided into two groups.

Stamped products

The advantage of this type is the absolute absence of seams, since the washers are made from solid steel sheets. This inefficient production technology has seriously affected by the price of sanitary products. Of course, there are also cons, the depth of the bowl of this sink will be no more than 15 centimeters. For a family of four or more people – it is inconvenient because it will be necessary to wash a lot of kitchen items, and it will be uncomfortable. In addition to a small depth, stamped products have another defects – Heterogeneous wall thickness.

This happens when applied by the manufacturer not enough high-quality steel in order to save.

Welded washes

In comparison with stamped sinks, welded products are the most comfortable and high-quality. But also pay for such a sample more. This shell is assembled from two elements: bowls and bottom, so you can choose both a deep sink and not very. Intermediate elements are combined by welding. Here it is necessary to especially pay attention to quality, since the compound areas are able to become a “cat in a bag” and cause leak. therefore Experts advise to take products from well-proven firms.

If we talk not about the manufacturing method, but about the configuration, then the rigorous, round and angular sinks with single, two or three bowls are. In addition to such a plumbing equipment, it is often “wing”, which carries out the role of dryer. Such sinks will be significantly more functional than the ordinary bowl, because they make it possible to easily drain water from the dishes back into the sink, and not in the bedside tables or onto the working surface.

If the sink is completed with two bowls, it is quite practical, one of them can be used to lay the unwashed dishes, defrosting products and other purposes.

Shape and dimensions

Today, manufacturers offer sinks with different configuration and sizes.

  • Square. It is characterized by comfortable use and capacity. Among the dimensions of square sinks are the most running – 50×50 or 60×60 centimeters.

  • Rectangular. It is used in the kitchens, where there is a narrow bedside table or table top. But it is necessary to understand that the narrow sink of rectangular configuration is not very comfortable, because the number of splashes depends on the width. In width, such sinks are 50-55 centimeters, and in length can be different, from 50 to 125 centimeters.

  • Round. A bowl with a similar configuration is light in care, its capacity is much more rectangular shell. Dimensions of round miles are measured by diameters, mostly 45-51 centimeters.

  • Trapezoidal with 5-6 corners. This model is practiced in angular or spacious kitchens.

  • Non-standard. For fans of a special style there are sinks in the form of a triangle or oval. Separate companies even sell sinks in the form of a heart.

It is worth considering the rating of the most popular manufacturers.

  • Omoikiri. This is a Japanese manufacturer of sanitary products. Former, the firm specialized solely on granite products. Now the list is replenished with steel shells.

The production procedure involves control of several levels, which guarantees the compliance of finished products to all standards.

  • Alvenus. This company from Slovenia is also known for its plumbing, pleases consumers. Like the rest of the solid firms of kitchen sinks, Alvenus offers an extensive list of non-corrosive steel products. A good advantage for the consumer can be an impressive set of additional equipment that comes in the kit or bought separately.

  • Reginox. This manufacturer from Holland is producing various plumbing. Main Direction – Stainless Steel Kitchen Shells. 70% of products are made from used metal, which determines the care of the external environment. Increased attention is paid to design.

The choice is rich in both the subject matter and cost, so find an acceptable option will simply every consumer.

  • Franke. This is a company from Germany, which has the richest experience in making kitchen sinks. The first to her products were sinking from stainless steel. One of the features of products is an incredible list of opportunities, which sometimes be able to change the consumer’s imagination about comfort and simplicity. External appearance of miles is another reason for the pride of the company.

There are products with a variety of grinding – from matte surfaces to glossy.

  • Blanco. Products of this company from Germany are synonymous. The remaining kitchen manufacturers can only envy such a choice of stainless steel products, as well as the brand reputation for 90 years of activity.

How to choose?

Choosing a sink for a kitchen made of stainless steel, you need to take into account the following subtleties:

  • steel grade – It is advisable to apply a brand that has an index 304+ brand with an index 204 cheaper, but also less durable and high-quality+
  • Metal thickness – the thickness of the iron, the stronger the sink, today is proposed washing with the wall thickness on a scale of 0.4 to 1.2 millimeters + the less this value, the less the sink will serve, and the more the screen it will produce, but the increase in metal thickness inevitably leads to an increase in the price of the product+
  • Auxiliary coating – Some manufacturers apply a sound insulation and moistureproof coating, which increases cost, but increases the degree of convenience+
  • Dimensions – Dimensions of mortise sinks are obliged to respond to mounting bedside tables+
  • Manufacturer’s warranty – often many forget about this important moment+
  • And, of course, the selection of washing for the kitchen of stainless steel should directly the mistress – To whom, as not she, according to statistics, it will be necessary to use it for almost a third part of the time, being at home.

How to care?

The main rule is, of course, constant care. If it is random, restore the initial gloss washing will be at times harder, if possible. To do this, after all use of the sink, wash it with warm water, remove fragments of food and dryness to wipe out of the grid. Such procedures will be able to prevent the occurrence of drows on the cleaning of the washing and on its walls.

Most small Once a week, the sink need to wash the sponge, using the detergent, Specially designed to care for non-corrosive steel. These are usually liquids and gels. Following this, the sink should be lubricated with some food oils, they are superbly protected steel.

The use of powders containing abrasives is undesirable, as they leave scratches, and the surface will gradually fade. If for some reason the sink is decently contaminated, it is necessary for several hours to fill with water and add vinegar. After which it should be treated with detergent. Further, her dryness wipe and coat with butter.

If water from the water pipeline has many inclusions of iron and limestone, which are the source of the appearance of the sediment, you need to install special filtering devices in the plumbing network.

          In addition, you should not neglect the following recommendations described in the instructions for using non-corrosioning miles:

          • Do not allow the sink to have contact with any rusty items, as it will provoke the appearance of rust spots+
          • It is impossible to clean up sharp things, sandpaper paper and abrasives, as well as active bleach (acids, whiteness, alkali, etc.)+
          • The sink should be used exactly for purpose, it is not necessary to make a chemical laboratory from it or a seductor workshop.

          On how to choose a steel kitchen sink, look in the following video.

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