Statuettes from Polisterstone

Statuettes from Polisterstone

On the shelves of modern shops and page of Internet sites, you can often find souvenir and decorative products from Polisterone. What is this material and how to choose a suitable statuette of it – read below.

Features of the material

Polystone is called artificial (polymeric) stone, outwardly similar to natural, but devoid of flaws of the latter. It includes:

  • Acrylic resins+
  • Grinding natural stone+
  • Aluminum hydroxide+
  • Mineral pigments+
  • Plasticizers.

    Polistone characteristics:

    • No porosity due to which the material is small exposure to water+
    • Uniformity structure+
    • Increased cold resistance, heat, sharp temperature drops, exposure to UV rays+
    • Strength, wear resistance+
    • Lightness processing.

    It is thanks to all of the above polystone, large companies and handmade masters are chosen for the manufacture of figurines and garden figures. Let’s talk about their assortment.

    Types of statuette

    Traditionally, to decorate the household territory, choose the following topics:

    • Garden gnomes+
    • animals: cats, horses, frogs, elephants, dogs, snails, ducks, turtles, chicken, pig+
    • Heroes of cartoons and fairy tales.

    The huge advantage of polystone in front of the rest of these materials is a stunning color reproduction. Figures are very bright, with expressive features, because of what they look like alive. Colors will not fill over time, since the impact on the product of external factors does not affect its appearance.

    To decorate the interior of the apartment thematic directions of several others.

    • Lovers of classics Fine figurines in the form of beautiful ladies in the dresses of the Victorian era, pikers in elegant costumes, cute playing kids.

    • Strict Business Cabinet Style Stressed figurines under the bronze: medieval knights, Roman warriors, antique girls goddess (Femis, Athena and T. D.). Often they are supplemented with clock, pencils, bottle holders.

    • If your interior is made in style ethno, then depending on its direction (Africa, Asia, Arab countries and t. D.) You can choose a suitable Polystone desktop statuette: Exotic African, tender geisha, beautiful Persian princess or Egyptian woman.

    • Fans Fengshui Will be pleasantly surprised by a huge selection of figures on this topic: hottests, three-chart cash toads, a variety of deities.

    • Fantasy fans Let’s be happy to put a statuette in the form of a gentle elf, driad, gnome or troll.

    • In general, people’s figures are in demand more than others and most often depict representatives of a variety of professions: here you and ballerina, and bright clowns, and cooks, and doctors, and even the police. A similar thematic souvenir will be able to become an excellent gift for a professional holiday.

    How to choose?

      When choosing a decorative garden figure or miniature statuette, you need to remember what: it can also highlight a certain place, so attract unnecessary attention, for example, to a not quite successful design solution of a household site or apartment. Therefore, when buying a product should be guided by important recommendations.

      • The total storyline (theme) should combine all decorative figures. You must clearly represent exactly how you put them on and how they will look together.
      • It is better to abandon the acquisition of statuettes, various structures (manufacturing technology, color gamut, material).
      • It is not necessary to clutch the seamless territory a multitude of figures – it is better to stay on the 2-3 most suitable and install them in different corners of the garden. The same applies to souvenirs designed to decorate an apartment interior.

      All the advantages and disadvantages of such material as Polisterone, you can find out by looking at the following video.

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