Statuettes from the porcelain of the Soviet period

Statuettes from the porcelain of the Soviet period

In the Soviet period, porcelain figures could be seen in almost every home. Now the figurines that were manufactured in the past century are very popular among collectors and can cost very much.


Figurines from the porcelain of the Soviet period are distinguished by high quality. Vintage figures look very beautiful, despite their age. In addition to durability, they have other advantages.

  1. Uniqueness. In the process of creating figures, their decor paid a lot of attention. Therefore, each series of statuettes was obtained original and special.

  2. Functionality. In the time of the USSR, a large number of beautiful ashtons, inks, candlesticks and supports decorated with elegant figures were produced.

  3. Strength. When creating porcelain figures, a special firing technique was used. Thanks to this, statuettes still look brightly and do not fade over time.

The only negative of Soviet articles is that it is quite difficult to get the original porcelain figurine. Especially if it belongs to some rare series.

Review manufacturers

When buying statuettes, it is best to pay attention to the products of large manufacturers.

Dulya factory

This enterprise has been engaged in the production of unique products for many decades. Figures that were produced at this factory, decorated with a refined floral ornament consisting of roses with large buds and rounded petals.

Bright colored pattern draws attention to its elegance. Most often, different shades of red were used to decorate the figures.

Lomonosovskaya factory

This company is one of the most vintage ceramics manufacturers. At the beginning of the last century, the best samples of campaign porcelain. Statuettes of those times are now appreciated by collectors very high.

Figures produced on the Lomonosovsky factory have a smooth white surface covered with bright painting.

Dmitrovsky factory

This company is known far beyond Russia. Product quality that is produced, confirmed by a large number of awards and premiums. Plant fame received in the 30s of the twentieth century. It is figures that were produced at that time are now sold at the highest prices. Special attention deserve work created based on folk fairy tales.

Gzhelskaya factory

This company produced a large number of beautiful figurines, decorated with cobalt painting. Porcelain figurines manufactured at this factory most often decorate a sophisticated blue painting, made by the hands of talented masters. It is on the combination of blue and white flowers you can find out true Gzhel.

Kiev factory

This company was founded at the beginning of the last century. Initially, there were only paints for the ceramic industry. The production of original products from the porcelain plant took up only after the end of World War II. For several decades of existence, many interesting figures were released there. The most famous and valuable are the figurines of “Carace and Occupka”, “Bandistka”, as well as “Children with Pigeons”. Find them now is not so easy.

The most expensive models

Rare porcelain figures created in the USSR are now sold for hundreds, and even thousands of dollars.

“Happy childhood”

This series of figures was developed by Galina Pulbo. Figures depicting children produced in many plants. The most valuable acquisition will be the figurines of production of Dulyovo and LFZ. They depict players reading and dreaming about the bright future pioneers.

“Cossack on horse”

Figures manufactured at Dmitrovsky Porcelain factory are now sold for several hundred dollars per piece. Especially valuable are the figurines that were produced in pre-war years.

“And dawns here are quiet”

Figurines from this series were released in the 70s of the twentieth century. Figures, depicting two heroines of history about war, beautiful and elegantly. Each of them is thought out to the little things.

“Awakening East”

The collection of figures depicting the Eastern woman with a newspaper in her hands, saw the world in the 20s of the twentieth century. Elena Danko worked on her creation. Beautiful oriental figurines released in different colors are now very popular among buyers from around the world.

“Red and black”

In the time of the USSR, ballet and chess used their very popularity among residents of the country. These classes inspired many masters for creating original works of art. The author of these original figurines for campaign chess was Natalia Danko, a talented artist who created many interesting figures from porcelain.


Such statuettes were produced at the Gzhel porcelain factory in the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century. The average cost of such figures in modern catalogs – 500-600 dollars.

“Girl with apples”

An elegant figure depicting a girl with a basket of fruit in his hands today is very expensive. This is not surprising, because the same statuette made on the Lomonosov porcelain factory can be seen in the Hermitage Collection.

“Kuznets and Reaper”

Simple figurines depicting two kids were created by Catherine Yakimovskaya. They are an excellent example of campaign porcelain. Buy a figurine made during the origin of the USSR, can be in a few hundred dollars.


A lot of popularity among Soviet masters used figures depicting different animals. Most often shelves decorated small porcelain dogs and cats. Now the figure depicting a horse is very popular. Figures produced in the 1950s of the twentieth century are evaluated by collectors very high.


Heroes of different fairy tales often inspired masters to create elegant porcelain products. Figurine depicting Cinderella, was created based on the work of Charles Perro in the middle of the twentieth century. Also popular features of the Snow Maiden and Red Hap. They look very beautiful.

Porcelain figurines of the Soviet period will become an excellent gift for collector. The main thing is to buy them in proven stores or in merchants with a good reputation.

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