Tables for kitchen on one leg: species, shapes and sizes

Tables for kitchen on one leg: species, shapes and sizes

Kitchen tables on one leg quite often chosen for cuisine design, as they always look very stylish and in modern. Perform them in different sizes and forms, using wood, plastic, and glass.


The kitchen dining table on one leg is usually, It has a fairly strong central base, reliable fasteners and high-quality coating. All this provides positive emotions obtained as a result of its use, and also increases its functionality.

The limitless dimensional mesh allows you to choose the optimal object of the interior absolutely for any kitchen, and modern models are successfully complemented by any design.

Pros and cons

Constructions on a single support have a number of both advantages and disadvantages. The main plus of the table is the only leg located exactly in the middle. Such an accommodation allows all dinners to be conveniently located around the table, without interfering with yourself and each other. The plus can be called the original type of interior item that always changes the appearance of the room for the better. Despite one leg, It can be tightly closer to the wall, and thus no one to disrupt the harmony of the interior.

The disadvantages can be attributed not always a reliable design. Cheap models are quite easy to turn over. The only support is correct only with a symmetrical location of the surface, and its slope leads to a violation of the balance.


Dining tables with one foot are made in various versions. In small cuisines, the folding table is most often installed, significantly saving occupied space. Besides, The sliding table uses popularity. It has an additional rectangular panel, which occupies the central zone when sorting out the side parts. Thanks to the inset, the length of the table increases significantly.

Sliding models, as a rule, have additional legs used by increasing the surface.

Dimensions and forms

Variants of sizes and shapes of tables on one leg almost endless. The standard variations include Square, Oval, Round and Rectangular Tables. In the kitchens of a small size perfectly get up Folding structures whose countertop has a rounded edge. Direct side in this case fixes on the wall.

In addition, many companies make tables according to the customer’s desires, so the form may be absolutely unexpected, for example, triangular.

Square tables are considered the best result, considering and capacity and compactness. Not rolling large space, they allow you to place all the necessary dishes on the surface. Round and oval countertops look much more appropriate in large rooms and original interiors.

Countertops sizes can also be completely different. True, choose furniture, the width of the surface of which is not less than 80 centimeters. The diameter of the round table, as a rule, hesitates from 110 to 170 centimeters. but, The more the number of apartment inhabitants, the more digit.


Materials for the manufacture of tables on one leg are both cheap and very expensive. The budget includes options made from MDF and chipboard, as well as plastic. Plastic is completely not afraid of water, which is a rather significant advantage, but it does not differ aesthetic appeal. Chipboard and non-toxic MDF should be previously processed by the protective composition, as well as to win hot dishes and moisture. However, the strength of these materials is satisfactory, and they look very pretty.

Specialists are not recommended to purchase veneer for table top, as it, despite the attractive appearance, is very quickly faced in difficult conditions of the kitchen.

To expensive materials for the manufacture of the table on one leg belong Glass and wood. Both options are pretty capricious and require high care. However, they always look spectacularly, and the wood is different and high strength. For the dining area it is customary to use only tempered glass, characterized by greater reliability. The leg is usually performed from iron, since Less durable material can lead to a fall of countertops and its breakdown.

Color spectrum

Since the right color of furniture largely determines the integrity and mood of the entire interior, the definition of the table top plays a significant role. In general, it should be remembered that Bright shades visually increase the room, and the dark – emphasize the existing interior.

Besides, The dining table must match the style selected for the design of the kitchen. The classic interior is perfectly complemented by simple models from natural or painted in white. The leg in this case can be carved, and even figure.

Suitable white shade and for kitchens in style Provence or Shebbi Chic. You can stay on a regular lacquered model or perform artificial compile. White tree in this case will look good in combination with a glass countertop. For kitchen decorated in Scandinavian style, Most simple wooden tables painted in white or dark gray shades are suitable.

Loft style allows you to experiment with furniture, and therefore it is Here you can put a non-standard iron table on one leg, or a design made of a black metal frame and a glass countertop.

For modern interiors, such as Minimalism or modern, better pick up models of black or dark gray flowers.

It should be added that in all of the above cases, the tabletop can be both completely transparent and practically black.

How to choose?

Choosing a table for the kitchen, it is important to take into account the size of the room. If we are talking about a small room, it is definitely every centimeter is important. It is believed that one person needs 60 centimeters width and 40 centimeters of the depth of the surface. Ideally, you will need another 20 centimeters of the width of the center, which will go for the dishes. Thus, For a comfortable use, a table on one leg must reach at least 80 centimeters wide.

Length is determined depending on the number of people who have to have lunge in the kitchen. Experts recommend picking up Given the possible 2-3 guests. If most inhabitants of the apartment are tall, the table height should not be below 80 centimeters.

In the case when the round table is selected, its diameter is determined depending on the number of people planning to use it. Four people will be comfortable for design with a diameter of 110 centimeters, 130 centimeters will be required for six guests, and for eight – 150. Ten people are welded only the table, the diameter of which is 170 centimeters.

Folding or sliding model is suitable for a family, often receiving guests. Countertop in this case should be not lower than 70 centimeters. An excellent solution in this case will also be the acquisition of a model with adjustable leg height.

Increased support height is suitable for tables, simultaneously accommodated in the kitchen, and in the living room, and therefore the design of both rooms.

Where to put?

Round or oval table must be supplied in this way, To free approach remained on each side. If there is an opportunity, this zone additionally should be highlighted with appropriate lighting or even equipped with podium. Square tables are taken to place at the wall, denounced one of the sides, or in the corner so that the two sides concern the walls.

Rectangular models are most often used in spacious rooms, such as in kitchens, combined with living rooms. It is necessary to have them in such a way as to additionally perform the zoning of the room.

Interesting examples

A pretty wide table for four persons with a glass countertop fits perfectly into a modern interior. Reinforced metal leg painted in white, echoing with color plastic chairs. The table is located in this way, that each family member had the opportunity to quietly come and accommodate the food zone. In the center of the table, the flowering indoor plant is well accommodated.

A more classical solution is Wooden table of beautiful natural shade. His tabletop is square, but with rounded corners, in many ways increasing the level of comfort during operation. The leg itself is enhanced, thanks to the selected cruciform design. A couple of individual chairs and a kind of “corner” are perfectly combined with the table. The legs of the latter are made of the same wood as the table, and the leather seats are perfectly combined with the selected color scheme.

In the kitchen-dining room, decorated in a modern interior, looks very bright and unusual Table of dark wood on a massive leg with mirror inserts. The countertop is made in the form of a rectangle and has an unusual glass element in the center. The dining area is placed on a soft rug of a dark gray shade, which additionally exercises zoning.

The table accommodates a large number of people, But on weekdays there are only four chairs. The legs are made of the same material as the table, and the seat itself is made of light skin.

Scandinavian style kitchen, easy to add a white wooden table with a round table top and curly legs. The small size of the furniture allows you to place it close to the wall and supplement two chairs of the same color. Besides, The food reception area is highlighted by a set of five stylish lamps.

Overview of the folding table on one foot See next video.

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