Tacht with lifting mechanism: types, sizes and seventures of choice

Tacht with lifting mechanism: types, sizes and seventures of choice

Tahtu can be considered the ancestor of sofas. In Europe, she got from Asia in the XVIII century and was a spacious bed without a back, which began to call on the Persian Master of Takhta or Turkish – Ottoman. The modern product is much smaller, it looks like a wide and low sofa with features designed for sleep and rest.

Advantages and disadvantages

The ottta today is more diverse than its past analogues. No hard standards for this product. It can have a back, armrests, pillows, an added mattress, and may not have. The model is often equipped with a lifting mechanism that gives access to the lounge box, or the folding system, with which two beds are obtained.

The ottoman is not so granddow, like a full-fledged sofa, it is lower, more elegant, but she has its own advantages that are quite a few:

  • Compactness allows it to replace sofas in small apartments+
  • The product simultaneously serves for day rest and night sleep+
  • Options with layout provide two beds+
  • The ottta often has a large spacious linen box, to which it is easy to get through the lifting mechanism+
  • The simplicity of the product facilitates its use and provides durability, breaking in fact+
  • Low seat location like children and elderly people+
  • The ottta is endowed with a solid wide sleeping place, it is convenient to use it daily instead of bed, for these purposes you can choose a product with an orthopedic mattress+
  • Furniture industry produces a large range of products, they are easy to choose to any stylized setting+
  • The cost of the tacht is lower than the sofa of the same size.

Disadvantage only one, If you use it for daily sleep, bedding will have to hide in the box, and not to cover the bedspread, as it happens with a full bed.

Review of species

The ottta is a kind of upholstered furniture with a wide but low sleeping place. In its destination, it is more suitable for the role of the bed than the sofa, especially if it is endowed with the transforming device. Models with figure backs, wooden sides in the afternoon become the interior decoration, and at night – a comfortable sleeping place.

Tachta can be selected for any atmosphere, designers have developed many models of different types.


Such models do not have a transforming device, but are endowed with a lifting mechanism, allowing to use spacious boxes located under the seat. To apply the ottoo daily to sleep, get better to get an orthopedic mattress.


It has a wide sleeping place, complemented by one headboard, back and handrails or headboard and back.


Convenient version of the ottoman on which you can sit, lie down or head down by postpone the pillows in the afternoon, and sleep well at night. The model is quite wide for recreation, but, thanks to elegant forms, it does not look cumbersome in the interior.

    In addition to the size of the bedroom, the Takhta may vary at location and constructive features:

    • Direct model is installed under the wall+

    • Corner takes the angle of the room, it is endowed with headboard and back+

    • The ottoman with the shelves performs several useful functions at once+

    • Convenient model with a bedside table or bedside table+

    • Tahta-transformer due to the folding device becomes a compact day and spacious night.

    Options for lifting mechanism

    To get to the lounge box, you need to raise the seat. For this model are supplied with one of three types of mechanisms: manual, spring and gas shock absorbers. Choosing Takhta, You should familiarize yourself in advance with each of them and determine the preferences.


    The easiest and cheapest mechanism, although far from comfortable. The base and top of the mattress are connected by conventional loops. The mechanism is reliable and strong, but the raising occurs manually and requires certain efforts.

    Spring systems

    This system is more complicated by the previous one, it also relates to the budget. With its help, the lift of the bedside occurs more convenient and easier. Twity springs are used as shock absorbers. But they have a disadvantage – spring springs are stretched and as a result require replacement.

    Gas shock absorbers

    The most expensive lifting device, actually does not require effort, you need to make a small movement, and then the heavy seat will be raised by itself, without the participation of a person. Shock absorbers work on the basis of compressed air, providing a smooth movement mechanism. The device is reliably, the warranty service life of products from a good brand is designed for 50 years, raises weight up to 100 kg. The disadvantage can be considered a high cost.

    Choosing a Taht, you should pay attention to the reliability of the locks (with any form of lifting mechanisms) that hold the seat in the upper position.

    It will insure users from involuntary bedrooms while loading a lounge box.


    Different materials are used for the manufacture of ottomans, as it consists of a frame, filler, upholstery and lifting mechanism.


    A frame of solid varieties of trees is strong and reliable: larch, walnut, oak, plum, beech, maple. Durable and durable, it will last a few generations of users. But there is such a ottoman not cheap. If for a frame to apply less durable wood, for example, pine, the product will become cheaper. For quite budget options use extruded fane.

    The use of chickens will also significantly reduce the cost of the product.

    The chipboard is made of large chips, combined with toxic impregnations, which, with an increase in the temperature of the external environment, poisonous evaporations are distinguished. In the selling side, when buying is better to ask the certificate to familiarize yourself with the degree of danger.

    Lifting mechanism

    Spring device and gas shock absorbers produce from metal, they are also often amplified by the frame. Some transforming mechanisms also have elements from aluminum and steel.


    Fillers affect the durability of the sofa, leisure comfort and sleep quality. To date, there is a large selection of fillers of different density, textures and cost.

    • Polyurene Foolder It has middle rigidity, refers to inexpensive materials, practical, with moderate service life. It is safe in everyday life, does not cause allergic reactions.

    • Duraphil Also, hypoallergenic, moisture-repellent, does not ignite, strands and goes out. Magnesses, bugs and other insects do not come in mattresses from Duraphil. Filler hard, durable, positively affects the state of the spine and muscles of the back during sleep.

    • Hollofiber in pure form for the filler does not fit, it is too soft, the mattress with its content quickly sends. It is used in mix with other hard materials. If you make a balance, the bed will be perfect.

    • Latex – One of the most expensive fillers, it has orthopedic properties, moderate stiffness, moisture-resistant and durable.

    • Porolon able to love and does not apply to durable materials, besides, it is slightly toxic. The only plus of Foro Rolon is a significant reduction in the total value of the ottoman.

    • Spring blocks Evoid popular with the population. But they are different – dependent and independent. The first option is not too pleasued in use. Springs related to each other cannot fully respond to the load, if you press one of them, others are deformed. With separate spruses, such a process does not occur, they form a more comfortable sleeping place.


    Upholstery material also affects the durability of the tacht. There are very durable fabrics capable of repeling water and dirt. There are other materials that pass water are easily dirty and susceptible to engagement, but they are “breathing”, environmentally friendly and tactful pleasant. Most popular species can be noted.

    • Jacquard – Beautiful lightweight fabric with an intricate pattern, can be matte or with glitter. Consists of complex weave of different threads – silk, wool, cotton, flax and synthetics.
    • Velours Looks like a velvet, but with a shorter pile, there are many synthetics, diluted with woolen and cotton threads. He is harmless, pleasant to the touch and stands relatively inexpensive.
    • Rogozhka Causes a rough simple fabric with textured wetting. Suitable rustic, ethnic and environmental styles. But hooking the thread, it is easy to pull out of the canvas, so such a coverage is not recommended if there are animals in the house.
    • All types of leather – Natural, artificial, eco-tree. They are easy to care for them, they repel water and easily wash, but poorly repaired. The difference in price between natural and other types of coating significantly affects the total cost of the ottoman.


    Given the need for different parameters of upholstered furniture, the ottoo on sale can be found all kinds of sizes. When choosing, the capacity of the room and the purpose of the sofa are taken into account. In small rooms, a large design will grind space. If there is a need for a bedroom, the ottoo should choose a small one, but with the transformation function.

    The overall double model is endowed with dimensions of 90×200 cm in folded form and 180×200 cm – in the unfolded. Such a product can comfortably take two adults high growth man. Single Tacht should be 100×200 cm. As a broader option, you can consider the parameters 110×200 cm. For teenagers and women choose products pounding (80×190) or a little shorter, but wider – 90×160 cm.

    The semi-third soft surface is 120×200 cm or 130×200 cm. If we are talking about too high, the sizes of the ottomans may have 210 to 130 cm. Double products in the unfolded form are parameters 140×200 (narrow option) or 160×200 cm.

    How to choose?

    Before you go for the purchase, you need to find and measure the place for the ottoman in your home. Then pay attention to the situation, the model must match it in color, style, texture, forms or other criteria.

    The number of available means may affect the choice of lifting mechanism, upholstery material, filler. If the possibilities are not limited, it is better to choose a frame from a solid tree array, it will last long. The mattress for a comfortable sleep is suitable with Latex, on birch lamella or on independent springs with orthopedic properties.

    As for the lifting mechanism, preference is better to give gas shock absorbers. Upholstery cloth choose to taste.

    Overview of Ottoman “Artek” with a lifting mechanism is presented.

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