Teenagers: varieties and dimensions

Teenagers: varieties and dimensions

Children’s house usually have a small metra, which is why parents have to look for solutions for an ergonomic organization of space. Optimal access will be the purchase of a sofa bed. Similar furniture in folded form occupies very little space, it allows you to fully sleep at night, and in the afternoon to take buddies or just relax for the book.

What is better – sofa or bed?

Bedroom of a boy or girl aged 10-14 years is not only a resting place, but also a way of territorial self-expression, where invading without permission is not recommended. That is why when choosing a sleeping place for a child, 10-14 years old, it is necessary to know his opinion. As for the functional characteristics, the doctors give the following tips:

  • Growing spine required solid leisure surface, which will keep the tier muscular frame in a physiological, anatomically convenient position+
  • For children in a pubertal age, it is desirable to pick up a sofa or a bed of slightly enlarged size, Since children at this age grow unevenly and often jumps like+
  • Teenagers are already large enough and physically developed in order to cope with any sleeping room mechanism, so you can pick up Different models – attic, options with a lifting or transforming mechanism.

Given all these requirements, it’s not difficult to choose a suitable model, however, in front of many parents there is a difficult choice between the bed and the sofa. Each type of furniture has its pros and cons. For many years in unconditional priority there were children’s beds. However, these days, the sofas are equipped with all the details important for full rest: an orthopedic basis, as well as an enhanced frame and spring mechanism.

Built-in transformational unit allows you to achieve furniture multifunctionality, That is why such sofas can be installed in the children’s room on a par with traditional beds.

In order to make the right choice, you should familiarize yourself with the features of both options.


  • It has undoubted dignity in the form of a flat surface without any junctions and seams, as well as irregularities that are often found in sofas+
  • For beds, you can always buy mattresses with the most different fillers (for example, “Winter-Summer” or by the testimony of a doctor), a sofa such an option is not available+
  • The bed has much more options in terms of price / quality ratio – manufacturers can use expensive woody array, steel pipes, plastic or cheap chipboard material for frame.


  • The advantage of this type of furniture in its ergonomics and the opportunity to harmoniously fit into any design+
  • The undoubted plus will also become a multifunctionality, since the sofa is both a sleep area, and a platform of communication with friends, as well as a place for games+
  • Sleeping sofas options, as a rule, have built-in sections for storing linen and bed, while the bed of such devices does not provide for+
  • If we take into account the age features of adolescents, then the sofa will become a more appropriate room of the room, rather than bed – folding mechanism allows you to use it in different age groups, which is especially true when it comes to growing children.

Unambiguous answer to the question of what furniture is better not. Each choice is made individually, taking into account the element and the functionality of the bedroom, the characteristics of the character of the teenager and the rest of the room layout.


Allocate 2 sought-after sofas species for adolescent children – attic and transformers.

Sofa Cherdak is a bunk structure in which the second level is located at the second level, and the sofa is located below. The advantages of such products include:

  • Furniture does not require folding and folding+
  • On the sides of the sides you can always hang the shelves or arrange a sports corner.

Transformers folded into bed perhaps the most popular furniture option today.

Such models are convenient for their ergonomics, since in the folded state they allow you to significantly save space in the room – such a sofa can always be put near the narrow wall in the children’s. Models are performed in large price diversity, they have a different frame and different fillers. The most modern products have an orthopedic mattress with a spring block.

    Enjoy a little less popular Sofa with bed lifting mechanism. On the day, the sleeping place is fixed to the wall above the sofa in a vertical position, and at the time of sleep, it is simply lowered. The advantages of models include aesthetic appearance, ease of control, as well as saving free space without loss of functionality.

    The sofas presented on sale can be straight or corner.


    Straight sofas are produced in a variety of dimensions, it can be both small models and products of rather impressive sizes. Typically, the seats are sufficiently soft, feature convenience and comfort to use. For a full rest, such sofas are suitable only if they are equipped with a folding mechanism.

    Choosing a straight sofa, you solve the problem with the need to acquire a bed and save money. And in the daytime it can always be folded, turning into a meeting site with friends.


    Corner sofas seats are usually more stringent. Models are folded and can be used to organize a bed. However, due to structural features They even in the collected state occupy a lot of space – Therefore, such models are suitable for spacious children’s rooms or premises, where there is a minimum of other furniture.


    The overwhelming majority of sofas have such a feature as the sliding mechanism. It is thanks to him that it becomes possible to increase the space during the daytime and bedside arrangement at night.

    • Classic option – Eurobook, is the most popular. Such models are simple and reliable in use, suggest a spacious smooth bed.

    • Sofa Conrad. The retractable model that is characterized by compact sizes in the folded state, has built-in blocks for storing beds and linen, ergonomically fits into the interior of a small room. The transformational mechanism is quite simple, thanks to which the teenage child can well cope with him independently, without the help of adults.

    • “Click-klyak”. Such a sofa is optimal for daily use, its back has 3 basic positions – sitting, lying and half. Armrests are laid out in 4 positions, bed linen boxes are provided. Most manufacturers offer removable covers for such sofas, often contrasting color, which allows you to change the appearance of a teenage room if desired.

    • “Tik-so”. This is a simple and convenient mechanism, there are no wheels or rollers that can damage the floor surface. A child of 10-14 years can easily add and decompose the mechanism, the design does not wear out. Place for sleep here is quite spacious, and bedding boxes are usually spacious.


    The advantages of sofas are in their ergonomics and multifunctionality. In the folded form, their dimensions are small, but in the unfolded – provide a fairly spacious place to rest.

    • Popular single model Usually, the beds usually resemble beds, however, due to the two backs, such models can be used as sofas. Traditionally, the width of the products is 80-90 cm, and the length is performed in the dimensions from 180 to 200 cm. The height of the boxes may be the most different, but most often 30, 40 and 45 cm.
    • Width of the bedroom zone In sofas-attacks, it is usually 80 or 90 cm, and the length is 185 or 200 cm. The height from the floor to the second floor varies in the range of 130-140 cm.
    • The most spacious option is the transformer, The width of the bedroom here is 150-160 cm, and the length is 180-200 cm.


    For children of adolescents, their room is not just a place of rest, but also a way of self-expression, so they attach great importance to her design and style. This means that the choice of upholstery is worth paying a lot of time. It is very important to first discuss this issue with the child – you need to find out which shades prefers the teenager himself.

    Remember that this room you exercise for him, and not for yourself.

    Boys in adolescence are usually active and mobile, so preference is worth paying products that are in the folded state occupy a little space. Several suitable furniture options for boys.

    • For sports guysThe model in the style of avant-garde and constructivism will be appropriate. It can be couches without armrests with linen or cotton upholstery. Tint gamma is usually selected saturated – lettuce, orange or blue.

    • Boys with creative inclinationsLoft sofas are suitable. Here is harmonious a monophonic flock or velor of discreet colors (gray or dark brown).

    • Fans of gadgets and computer equipment you can buy a sofa in the style of Hi-tech. In the laconic, devoid of design sofas on shiny chrome legs will be as the way. Upholstery is better to choose light gray or blue.

    But teenage girls usually prefer brighter and tender colors – lavender, pink or nude.

    • For young dreamers, you can advise sofas In the style of Provence from linen or cotton material, preferably one-photon, although light floral print can also be by the way. You can sew a few beautiful sofa pillows into the kit – such an element will bring the comfort and romantic mood to the rooms.

    • For girls preferring luxury interiors, it is advisable to purchase Classic sofa with a monophonic surface of blue, yellow, white or light green shade.

    • For sports girls is suitable minimalism. A similar style does not allow a contrasting color scheme, so the sofa is better picking up in gray or white tones. In order to dilute a boring view of the room, you can add a couple of bright red or orange spots to the interior.

    How to choose?

    When choosing a sofa for a teenager room, it is very important to pay attention to the structural features of the model you like. For a teenager, functionality and simplicity of transformation is very important.

    Unfortunately, low-quality products are found on sale, the folding mechanism of which breaks after a few weeks after use – Repair of such furniture will be wrapped for you with considerable costs.

    Therefore, you should not choose sofas with DSP frames, especially if you have an active child who uses a sofa not only for a relaxing holiday, but also for moving games.

    Special attention is paid to the filler – For example, a cheap foam has a tendency to frink and quickly loses its original shape. Sleep on such a sofa for children with a growing spine is harmful because it can lead to the development of incorrect posture and even scoliosis. For adolescents, it is better to choose models with a polyurethane filler – it is perfectly held by the form, while it has a long utilization.

    Be sure to test the sofa before purchase – To do this, you just need to lie on it a couple of minutes and evaluate your feelings. The design of the bed must evenly distribute the mass of the body, only in this case the child can count on a comfortable and full sleep.

    If you check the proposed model and you fully arranged functionality, equipment, as well as the appearance of the product – you can safely shop.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    We offer you a small photo generation of stylish sofas for adolescents.

    • Single sofas books are very impressive, as well as roll-out couches – they allow you to save space in the room of small sizes.

    • For spacious premises, preference is better to give the corner options.

    • As for the design, here the choice is huge. For girls, the elegant tacht of pink, turquoise, white and pastel colors choose.

    • But the boy’s room is 12-14 years old, it is better to choose gray, blue and black products.

    About how to choose a sofa to a child, look in the following video.

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