The dimensions of the aprons in the kitchen: Features of the selection and installation

The dimensions of the aprons in the kitchen: Features of the selection and installation

Apron in the kitchen has not only decorative purpose. It provides convenience during food processing and protects walls from pollution. It has its own definite sizes, because it must cover the entire wall of the wall in the working area.

Standard sizes depending on the material

Standard sizes of this kitchen attribute exist from Soviet times when apartments and kitchens had standard sizes, and the furniture was also produced according to standards. Therefore, the standard parameters of the apron is determined by the dimensions of standard furniture.

The size of the apron includes such parameters: width, floor height. For its width, they take the distance that is between its upper edge and lower.

When determining the standard width, the indicators take into account, Providing average human height:

  • Standard height of outdoor bedside tables, which is 85cm+
  • The distance from the lower surface of the mounted lockers to the floor, usually a component of 140 cm.

The width of the apron in the kitchen is the difference between these two indicators, to which 2 cm is added: 140-85 + 2 = 57 cm. His lower edge should be below the edge of the table top no less than 10 mm and to go to the upper boundary for the mounted cabinet.

However, its width affects the location of furniture. If attached cabinets are located in one line and on the same level, then the apron is performed as the same strip. If between the cabinets there are gaps and they are located at different heights, then the apron has a curly shape.

The presence of an exhaust system also affects the size of the apron and depends on the type of its design.

Currently, when there are a variety of kitchen layouts and their size, these standards may vary. When determining the width, such indicators take into account:

  • Height plate or hob+
  • availability of household appliances (dishwasher and washing machines), their height is also taken into account+
  • View used for the apron of material+
  • The growth of the hostess because it is usually engaged in cooking.

The standard dimensions of the material used do not always coincide with the dimensions of this element of the working area, which may affect its parameters.

There are two options for solving the problem: or somewhat change the dimensions of the apron, or adjust the material under the apron.

Glass panels may have a standard width of 60 cm, but usually they are larger (from 200 to 360 cm). In this case, they must be made to order.

It also concerns the MDF slab, chipboard, the standard width of which is 15-90 cm, so they are required to cut into the necessary fragments.

The most convenient material for apron is a ceramic tile. It usually has a square shape and dimensions of 10×10 cm, 20×20 cm or 30×30 cm. Tile material is easy to choose both under standard, and under the individual size of the kitchen.

Standard width is considered to be 60 cm size, which is especially practical when making an apron of tiles, but the optimal version ranges from 600 to 700 mm. This is the size of the most convenient in the presence of hinged lockers above the working area.

In addition to the standard parameter of the width of the apron, there is an optimal size. It depends on the dimensions of the elements headset for the kitchen, the height of the ceiling, the growth of the hostess and can be 47-117 cm.

The presence in the kitchen of dishwasher and washing machine allows the maximum width of the apron. The height of the table tops increases and at the same time rises the level of mounted shelves and cabinets. In the presence of high ceilings in the kitchen, the distance to the walls can reach even 100 + 2 cm – this will be the width of the apron.

In the kitchen of a limited area with a low ceiling, the width of the apronaceous coating will be minimal and can be 50 cm. In this case, the furniture must have standard sizes.

What should be height?

An important component of the size of the apron is its height.

From the floor

This height affects such factors.

  • Dimensions of outdoor Tumb and cabinets. The standard is the size of furniture within 85-91 cm. The height of the kitchen furniture should be slightly lower than the belt of a person to provide convenience when working. This is the main indicator of its size. Therefore, the lower level of the apron will also be at such a height from the floor. If the host growth is very high, the height of the locker can increase to 95 cm.
  • Height of the hob or plate. Sometimes the plates are somewhat larger than the height of other furniture components. In such a situation, the height of the apron is measured from the lowest outdoor tube or cabinet.
  • If the height and stove, and furniture of the same size, then the minimum height will be 45 plus 2 cm, which are necessary for the table top. The height from the wall lockers to the floor is usually equal to 152 cm, of which 47 accounts for the width of the apron. For convenience, the furniture is customized in accordance with the plate height.
  • The presence of household appliances. In the same way, an apron also affects the built-in washing or dishwasher. If they are planned to be placed under the tabletop, the optimal apron is determined on the basis of their size. Often she can exceed standard.
  • The growth of the hostess, which has an important meaning, Since convenience when cooking is an indicator of the desktop functionality. During work, a person must maintain the correct position of the body: stand straight, without bending, not bothering, hands must be in a convenient position.
  • Height of floor furniture in 85-91 cm is the most convenient for medium height. It is important that the lower surface of the wall elements is at the level of human hand raised to the shoulder level.

From table top

This size of the height of the apron depends on the location of wall mounted hinged, shelves and other furniture elements. As a rule, they are posted in accordance with the growth of man. Therefore, the height of the apron from the tabletop can be different and fluctuate from 47 to 117 cm. But usually the mezzanine is mounted at an altitude of 1.35 to 1.5 m from the floor. With this location, the gap between them and the countertop will be approximately 45-60 cm, and the width of the throat coating is 65 cm. This height of the apron from the tabletop will make it easy to reach your hand to the bottom shelf in the locker.

The presence of exhaust also affects the height and is determined by the view, the form of this household appliance, as well as the interval from the surface of the working area to the lower level of the exhaust.

The easiest option is when the hood is built into wall lockers. The height from the tabletop will be the same as to the wall-mounted mezzanine.

If the extractor is embedded separately (as in the case of flat, inclined or dome models), the resulting space to wall shelves is covered with the same material as a apron, that is, it will be much more.

An apron with such a height can be issued in three ways: To the lower level of the surface of the drawing, to the mounted shelves and the antlesole, to the ceiling. If the antlesoli reach the ceiling, then the height of the apron will also be to the ceiling.

It should be remembered that for the clearance under the exhaust device requires a slightly large increase in height: from about 5 to 10 cm.

How to pick up?

Selection of this kitchen attribute is a purely individual case at which you need to consider all the above points. Besides, In the process of its choice and installation, such features should also be taken into account:

  • The dimensions of the apron are determined by the dimensions of the floor and mounted furniture, and not the abstract calculation+
  • Its dimensions are not constant value, do not have strictly limited parameters, because even one kitchen apron can be of different height and width+
  • His lower boundary determines the height of floor furniture, and the upper – the location of the attached elements.

The apron should have a clear straight line: it emphasizes the aesthetics of furniture location. But sometimes the floor in the kitchen has a small slope and therefore it is necessary that the apron is below the tabletop level 2 cm.

If the top level of the apron has decorative design, it also needs to be considered when choosing a height so that the hinged shelves are not closed.

Picking up apron, you must first consider the furniture arrangement scheme, measure the height of the floor and the level of wall furniture or choose a ready-made kitchen set.

Most easily pick up the desired apron sizes in the event that the kitchen uses ready-made headsets having standard dimensions. Then the apron will be close to the standard.

Sometimes the upper part of kitchen heads includes dischargeable lockers and has additional open shelves that do not cover the wall. In this case, the feature of the installation of apron is that it will have a different level: its upper border must reach the bottom surface of each furniture element.

Selecting facing material for apron, you need to take into account the features of its installation. Ceramic tile is used very often for facing apron, as it is easier to fit it under the required dimensions. When some inconsisions occur, so as not to trim the tile, configuring it under the desired size, it is easier to make a clearance under the closet or a tabletop somewhat more.

When choosing a apron of ceramic tiles, it should be remembered that a feature of this material is a slight increase in the wall thickness.

Therefore, the mezzanine hangs exactly, it will be necessary to install a special rail to which they are fixed. In addition, laying the tiles is quite complex and requires the participation of a professional master.

The convenience of plastic panels is the simplicity of their installation: special profiles on the upper and lower level are used in which the panels are easily inserted. The MDF panels are also easy to install, but they must be selected in accordance and jointly with the tabletop or headroom.

Glass aprons are 2 species:

  • Monolithic panel, it is attached to the wall with bolts or anchors+
  • Glass tiles of different sizes: they are placed like ceramic tiles.

The glass panel can not always be chosen in size. Then it needs to be made to order or change the location of the furniture.

Installing apron depends on its type. But the general requirement is the preliminary preparation of the surface of the walls: they are aligned with primer and treated with antifungal agents.

To strengthen monolithic structures and panels, screws are used, mounted fasteners, liquid nails, glue. Another required point – installation of sockets. In panels, easy pruning (MDF, plastic), holes for outlets in the apron are made before it is installed, and the sockets are installed on the ceramic coating after editing.

The choice of apron also affects the interior design. The closest to the standard standards the size of the apron in the classic kitchen, in which traditional wall cabinets with two doors are used. Make a smaller apron (up to 47-57 cm) in such a kitchen is not recommended, since the feeling of the jet of furniture will be visited visually.

Now in design often use modern non-lunch long hinged mezzanine with the door opening up. They require an increase in the width of the apron to 70-75 cm.

Some other will be apron in the kitchen in the Loft style, in which there are no wall mezzanines, but only open shelves are allowed and the unclosed extract. In such a kitchen, the height of the apron will be arbitrary, and only aesthetic appeal is taken into account.

When choosing apron is also important and such nuances.

  • It is undesirable to be very bright: the eyes get tired of. It is better to choose moderate shades.
  • The glossy coating makes the color more saturated, and the matte attaches pallor.
  • In the kitchens with a small area of ​​the apron with a large pattern looks very voluminous, and in very large rooms, on the contrary, it looks unattractive.
  • An apron with horizontal lines visually expands space. The same effect creates a mirror and glass coating. But they have a significant drawback – any pollution is very noticeable on them.
  • Aprons for the finished kitchen headset must be harmoniously combined with his color.

Picking up apron, it is also necessary to remember that it should be resistant to high temperatures, moisture resistant, hygienic and easy to care.

In the next video you will learn all about the perfect sizes and materials apron for the kitchen.

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