Tips for choosing a curtain on the chief of the bedroom

Tips for choosing a curtain on the chief of the bedroom

Bedroom – a place in which it is important to create an atmosphere of calm and peace.

When designing her design, it is important to take into account the set of nuances, so that during the rest of the person did not bother bright accents or incomprehensible color combinations. Special attention should be paid to the choice of curtains, since it is this item that can protect against bright light and sometimes even from unnecessary loud noise from the street.

At the moment, the option of their fastening on special rings – lover is enjoying much popularity. How to choose the curtains for the bedroom on the chalks and what is important to consider at the same time, consider in this article.


Puberters are a special type of fasteners, thanks to which the curtain can easily slide on Gardine. They are several species and can be performed from different materials.

  • Steel lover They differ in durability and attractive appearance (subject to the appropriate coating). Metal can be simply polished, galvanized or sprayed.
  • Wooden lover Different with environmental friendliness and special atmosphere that can give the room. As a rule, this option is appropriate in Stylistics Ethno, Eco, Country.
  • Plastic champs Different varieties of textures, colors and sizes. PVC properties make it possible to make manufacturers made from it accessories, imitating and steel, and wood, and many other materials, including stone and even noble metals. This feature makes plastic chalks among the most sought-after market. In addition, such accessories are much cheaper. They move significantly quieter, if compared, for example, with the same steel rings.

When choosing an attachment for curtains in the bedroom, it is important to pay attention not only to the color and material of the manufacturer of therapy, but also directly to the appearance of the curtain itself, since it has a greater importance when forming the interior and sets the main tone of the window space.

Like the rings themselves, hardin can be made of metal, and from plastic, and from wood.

When choosing a specific material It is important to repel not only from the style of the design of the bedroom, but also on how heavy the curtains are planning to hang on it. For example, large heavy blades made of cordial tissue is unlikely to withstand the hardin of thin plastic, designed for light kitchen tulle, or, on the contrary, the weightless aircraft curtain from cotton will be very ridiculous on massive rings and the same garardine from noble wood like oak or Buka.


Since the windows are one of the fundamental interior parts of any bedroom, When choosing their framing, it is important to take into account the general style in which the bedroom is drawn up.

  • Country. A variant in which the room creates a similarity of a rustic spot. Preference should be given to simple materials and natural tissues. Curtain can be made of dense cotton or flax. Gardina and luberers are preferable to choose from a natural tree. In case, when repairing the hosts, the principle of maximum savings adhere to, replace the tree with plastic stylized under natural wood. But still this option is a deceiving, and there is no durability.

  • Classic. Classic bedroom interiors imply a luxurious room design, it applies to the window frame. Golding, forged ornaments, bronze spraying. It will be interesting to look if the design of the curtains will echo with the chammers. For example, you can choose this option, where the gilding of the rings of the fasteners smoothly flows into the bulk pattern on the curtains embroidered with golden threads.

  • Loft. Style that in some cases does not provide for the windows of the curtain. In order for the design of the bedroom corresponding to the canons of this urban stylist, but if it is impossible to abandon any curtains on the windows, you can give preference to lightweight tuna from translucent tissue. The canvas can be attached to the pipe stylized under the camp and accompanied by light aluminum chamoises without any coverage.

  • Bionics. This is a direction showing the proximity of a person with nature, but not depriving and not limiting comfort, which gives a modern level of human development.

Imagine this direction in the bedroom to fully help the curtains on the chokes. In style, natural colors are welcome – brown, green, milk and similar. At the same time, it is important to combine the main color of the interior and the details in it, which are Gardin and Chapens.

  • High tech. Very popular today, connecting minimalism and urbanism, comfort and convenience. In this stylist, it is not customary to use any ornaments, so in high-tech bedroom, as a rule, is performed in one color with the same one-photon accessories. Colors prevail neutral, the abundance of metal and even plastic is welcome. In such a bedroom relevant, one-photon dense curtains, equipped with chrome color champs. Gardin should be tone the rings.

Options for registration

Since the bedroom is a place that is designed to give peace and pacification, the design of the window in it should be stylish, but at the same time calm. Curtains on the champs are able to decorate this room in the most unusual way.

Recently, the interior designers increasingly depart from the traditional set of window frame consisting of two porter and tulle, towards a non-standard combination of not only tissues and colors, but also textures and forms.

No one to surprise anyone with lambrequin windows. And although in the bedroom this technique is not as often as, for example, in the kitchen or in the living room, but in this room, he also takes place. In case of such a combination Lambreken is passed between the folds of the main curtain or tulle or simply swaying. It looks good not in all stylistics, but only in those that suggest a luxurious design, for example, in classics, rococo and similar design directions.

Often in the bedrooms are hanging only corders without using Tulle. Recently, such a decision is gaining increasing popularity. Instead of the shadowing curtains use blinds, rolled curtains or do without them without them.

This version of the window decoration in some plan is fully justified, especially if the curtains are almost always closed, the apartment is above the first floor and opposite the windows of residents of the neighboring house are not located.

Curtains in the bedroom are often supplied with pickups. It is very convenient when there is a balcony in this room. But then it is important to foresee for the rings on curtain, which will not allow the cutter to move from the center of the window. If the curtains and tulle hang on one gradin, of course, the window will always be open. This option is also appropriate only on the upper floors, as the bedroom, like the toilet and the bathroom, is an intimate place in the house, so privacy in it should stand in the first place.

Beautiful examples

Combining the canvas of two shades of one gamma and tulle, you can emphasize the purpose of this room. It is unlikely that someone may argue that the combination of a gentle gray-beige shade of main curtains with an additional silver curtain with an ornament and a dairy-white tulle is suitable for any other room, except for sleep and recreation.

An interesting solution when designing a bedroom in a classic style. Luxurious tulle with a pattern is located and under, and over the porters, so that in the case of both open, and closed with curtains window classic flavoring bedroom will be brightly expressed.

Excellent combined with a window frame Figured multi-level ceiling, a classic massive chandelier and a soft blue main color in the room.

Chrome plated lover and Gardin, oddly enough, found themselves in the classic interior as it is impossible by the way.

Great bedroom design in the house where natural materials are present in the abundance. Curtains on the chalks are located not only on the window, but also on a kind of canopy, which creates a complete composition. The combination of colors is also selected very competently – the brown tape at the top enhances the curtains and tulle, and light fabric adds lightness of the already air and unscrewed interior details.

How to install chammens on the curtains, look in the following video.

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