Transparent chairs: features, choice and application

Transparent chairs: features, choice and application

Create a truly modern interior in your home is possible if you buy beautiful transparent chairs from high quality plastic. Quite relevant, you can call the choice of this type of furniture for those rooms, which differ not in the biggest metra. Products of various manufacturers are distinguished by all sorts of configurations and coloring, manifold design solutions. More relevant such chairs will be for rooms, which are decorated in high-tech or avant-garde styles, fusion or minimalism, eclectics or loft. Scandinavian style and simplified Provence also do not cost today without models of transparent types of furniture, although unhearsal materials are selected for the release of these products.

As a result, it is possible to achieve contrast between soft air and deliberately rude textures.

Advantages and disadvantages

I wonder what the very first A stool with a transparent basis came up with the famous French designer named Philip Stark. His unusual for those years “Creation” he was jokingly called “Ghost”. The product was created from durable polycarbonate, which is particularly different with its transparency.

From now on, the full history of transparent furniture began, which is becoming increasingly popular in public institutions every year.

The positive features of furniture from transparent materials can be attributed:

  • Not quite ordinary, and you can even say, the original appearance+
  • low weight, which allows you to safely move this kind of furniture+
  • Ability to visually expand the space, add light and volume into a small room+
  • Maximum simplified care+
  • A huge range of color solutions+
  • High humidity resistance+
  • Long service life.

To the weaknesses of transparent products can be attributed:

  • Quite low level of comfort, which is directly related to the rigidity of the seat – not all the ordinary people suits it+
  • High probability of purchasing a product from not quite high-quality materials, which will reduce its life.

True, it is worth a recognition that with a special desire, the first drawback can be easily turned into an advantage, just putting a small soft pad on a rigid seat, which can easily become a catchy element of a modern decor.

Views and sizes

Transparent seating A variety of species are produced:

  • it can be a simple stool+
  • This is often a dining chair with a back+
  • Particularly popular Bar chairs with interesting design solutions in the design+
  • It can even be a comfortable office chair.

The presence of special armrests can make transparent furniture much more comfortable, which means – and more in demand.

Transparent kitchen chair is usually offered in various variations, which may differ in its design, coloring, design.

Most often in stores you can find original products that are entirely made of transparent durable plastic.

Metal parts of aluminum or steel, the presence of wooden legs will give the product a much more reliable and steady view. This kind of chairs often make folding or even collapsible, which will be much simplified by their safety.

Another useful feature that may be present in such a design – the ability to regulate the height of the seat or tilt back.

Specially adapted soft pads will make the operation of these chairs more comfortable.

    Fabric covers will allow to combine all the furniture located in the room, in a single whole. But then you will have to hide the main distinctive advantage of such chairs – their transparency.

    Backs and seats can be made from different materials.

    The maximum load will be listed in the instructions. It usually depends on the materials and features of the design of the product used in the release of the stool. The optimal value often reaches 130 kg and more, but there are those products that are calculated by weight up to 100 kg.


    Most often, such chairs are made entirely from plastic, but fashionable young designers advise to consider also a lot of other original options or combinations. Today you can buy transparent chairs with durable and beautiful metal legs, Moreover, models with legs made of durable aluminum or stainless steel, as well as with beautiful wooden legs.

    The main requirements that buyers are presented to transparent light furniture – it is her restrained simplicity, Although in furniture stores you can find models very luxurious and even elegant. The main thing is, it is still not the beauty of the product, but its functionality, because the acquired chairs are needed primarily so that they can be comfortable to settle.

    As materials for creating such furniture, thermoplastics called plexiglas and polycarbonate, which are very easy to handle.

    Polycarbonate chairs will be distinguished by stunning transparency and resistance to damage and aggressive sunlight.

    Acrylic glass (plexiglass) will be very bad to carry the impact of chemical components, Extremely sensitive to the long exposure to the rays of the sun. But the price of products from a similar type of material is significantly lower than polycarbonate products.

    Transparent chairs can be matte or glossy – the taste of any buyer. The matte type will be more practical: it is almost imperceptible scratches, there are no fingerprints from fingers, there are no glare that can cause fatigue and eye irritation.

    Expensive models still covered with varnish, which is based on polyurethane – it will give the product guaranteed protection from any scratch, protects from burnout.

    The most famous manufacturers of products from modern transparent plastic are spanish and Italian companies. At the same time, they not only actively produce this kind of furniture, but also dictate the rest of the world fashion trends in this direction. The very famous brands are company such as Softline and Calligaris, Uno Designo and Bonaldo, as well as Kartell.

    You clearly have to do Chair Victoria Ghost, What has a recognizable rounded back, similar to Greek medallions. Victoria Ghost Create a transparent or colored polycarbonate using casting. It is comfortable, distinguished by increased strength and resistance to different atmospheric influences. This chair is elegantly will be able to fit into any interior solutions.

    Designer glossy Louis Ghost Hard Chair From transparent plastic with a round seat on a 4-legs similar to the chair in the style of Louis XIV. The recognizable “Royal” Chair-ghost can be found in the best restaurants and hotels in the world. The impeccable shape of a lightweight design perfectly fits into many styles, easily adjusting to both your taste and sizes and destination.

    If you need original chairs for your bar, then you should look at the designer model Bar Chair Charles Ghost Bar Stool.

    Another famous sample of popular minimalistic design – Chair Eames DSW, which can be found in modern living rooms and kitchens, cabinets and children’s, on outdoor terraces, in large restaurants and bars. This well-thought-out product will suit such style directions as modern and loft, as well as popular High-tech. Seat of durable polypropylene material with comfortable deep planting, steel light frame and natural array of beech.

    Thanks to this interesting combination of the plastic basis, metal and wood, the product is suitable for almost any medium, giving an atmosphere.

    How to choose?

    If you like new-fashioned transparent chairs, then you can easily acquire yourself 1 or immediately several products, because their price is really low. In the sensitive choice of high-quality transparent chair, you should pay attention to a number of factors.

    1. Exterior view of stool. From this parameter will depend on how harmoniously your new furniture will look at the already existing interior.
    2. Style concept. Best of all stylish chairs from transparent materials selected to the interiors that are decorated modern. But in such styles, like a magnificent baroque or elegant classic, this decision will not be very appropriate.
    3. Combination with existing furniture in the room. Best of all, such chairs will look in a set with tabletop strict forms. Fine if the dining table is made of transparent glass or good wood. It is important that any unnecessary details of the decor are present in the product.
    4. Avoid fake when buying real designer chairs will help availability of a special certificate of product quality and detailed inspection of products. The presence of sudden smells should be seriously alert, and better, in general, do not commit a questionable acquisition. That you have a fake in your hands, will also eloquently talk to the low price of furniture.

    Correct care

    It should be noted that behind transparent stools from the plastic base is very easy to care for. They are stunningly light, for this reason you will not have any problems if you try to make the permutation of furniture in your own home.

    So that your favorite transparent chair always looked as stylishly and looked neat, you just need to not allow dirt and dust to accumulate on the surfaces of transparent plastic. Famous furniture brands make every effort so that their furniture has resistant to the sun light, Not even afraid of serious mechanical shocks and tolerant treated moisture. But for the most reliability, experts recommend to keep plastic chairs in such a way that the rays of the sun do not fall on them.

    It is impossible to affect aggressive substances with alcohol solutions in the composition.

    Clear such a chair can only be used by a simple wet rag. Exercise such a kind of care will be for almost any inhabitant, even a child. Due to the fact that modern plastic chairs from persistent transparent materials are so simple when careing, they can be easily put in the kitchen, where the devices are all the time dirt in the process of cooking or during family trapes.

    Successful examples in the interior

    Choose a transparent plastic chair for kitchen or dining room – this is a wonderful reason to create a unique and modern interior in your own way. It is very important that the transparency of the chair is qualitatively combined with the main colors of furniture, dining table, textile decor. This will save the airiness effect indoors and will help push the borders of the room.

    You can bring the minimalist of the interior to the maximum: white walls and furniture, minimum decor, a lot of light and stylish transparent chairs, as the most relevant addition.

    For the work desk or dressing table, transparent chairs will also look excellent.

    About the primary chairs in the interior, see the video below.

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