Transparent kitchen chairs: pros and cons, choice and care

Transparent kitchen chairs: pros and cons, choice and care

Transparent chairs in the kitchen interior are an original and interesting solution. Suitable as it is impossible for small-sized kitchens. People trying to follow fashionable trends, happily consider such a furniture option – among the abundance of products you can choose the desired model, choosing a color, design. They create space indoors and visually expand the space.

At first glance, transparent chairs are even invisible that it is just necessary if you can not boast a large kitchen. The model is selected based on the requirements – there are completely transparent, and there are colored or with metal legs. The main thing is to choose the right high-quality model from a proven manufacturer, then invisible furniture guarantees safe use.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the main features is that the chair is transparent, therefore, it will bring ease in the interior of the kitchen, and there will be no overload in the details. Usually massive chairs litter the view, make it visually drowning. It is enough to change the massive products on transparent kitchen chairs, as the interior immediately transformed.

In addition, transparent chairs have a number and other advantages:

  • Attractive appearance+
  • Small weight+
  • Adding light and free space+
  • Large selection of shades+
  • Long service life+
  • Among the abundance of choice there are bar models+
  • Unpretentious care.

In addition to listed advantages, there are others: The price of a product is low – it all depends on the design and firms of the product. Among the multicolored models, you can choose the one that will enter the interior a bright accent and decorate the kitchen.

For example, color chairs are an excellent solution for the kitchen, made in neutral, restrained color colors.

But, of course, in all there are also cons – transparent chairs in this no exception. Some models are too tough, so you have to change them after some time to others, or something to put on them on top to sit down. The second option is the simplest solution, in a textile store you can find a soft pillow that will fit into the interior.

Of the disadvantages can also be noted:

  • deformations – Cracks and scratches can appear on the chairs+
  • Non-adaptation to temperature drops – from the sun plastic can melt, and from frosts – crack+
  • Non-quality material – If you buy a fake, then such a model may even harm health.

When buying a transparent plastic chair, carefully examine the product, be sure to require a certificate of quality from the seller. If you feel at least the slightest unpleasant smell – it is better not to hurry with such a purchase. To protect yourself from bad things, always read reviews about the online store or firm, where you will acquire the desired model.

How to care?

The transparent chairs are very easy to care – even if there are specks on the product (which is practically not avoided in the kitchen), then they are easy to clean with several movements of the hand. Plastic models you need to simply regularly wipe the microfiber cloth with a damp cloth. This fabric does not just help remove contaminants, but also eliminates the surface from bacteria.

To give transparent kitchen chairs, glitter uses glass cleaning agent. Just a couple of movements – and the product will look like a new one (of course, if the model is high quality). The means for glasses must be sprayed on the product, and then wipe with a dry cloth – no divorces will remain.

How to choose a model?

In order for the product for a long time, buy chairs is recommended for proven manufacturers. You do not need to rush with the purchase, even if the model really liked it – you first need to explore a firm that creates chairs, read reviews and, perhaps, to talk with people who have already bought a product in this store.

The price of a quality product should not be low – if so, it is worth alert. From a cheap plastic material may proceed an unpleasant smell, which indicates the presence of formaldehyde in it – they are harmful to mucous and skin. A model from polyurethane varnish is suitable for the kitchen – it has magnificent protective and decorative properties.

It is important to know: Material from which a transparent chair is usually made – thermoplastic. It is good because it is easily beaten, gluits, cuts. Thermoplasty serves quite a long time and very durable. The main thermoplastics for the manufacture of invisible model are acrylic glass, polycarbonate or polymethyl methacrylate.

Plastic chairs can be decorated independently – certainly, this is another plus. Additionally, the model from thermoplastic can print a drawing or apply engraved. Small invisible models can make significant changes in the kitchen interior and transform its appearance by creating an ease atmosphere.

Video review of transparent chair Alice See More.

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