Two-color kitchens in interior design

Two-color kitchens in interior design

Two-color cuisines – non-standard solution when arranged kitchens. Leaving the right to emphasize the space, they contribute a special flavor and temperature. In this article we will look at how to choose the right color solution and style to find the furniture in the kitchen not only stylish, but also status.

Combination of flowers

It’s no secret that the color has the ability to visually change the space. Choosing the right contrasts, interior design professionals create a certain mood in the kitchen, emphasize the architecture of the room. This allows you to beat the shortcomings of the room, giving them the type of advantages. Each duet should carry a certain promise.

Dark bottom + bright top

Today it is fashionable to choose models with dark bottom and bright riding. This allows you to visually erase the hard boundary of the walls, expand the space and lift the ceiling. An example of an ideal combination can be called white contrast with graphite. No less successfully looks in the interior of the kitchen of the headset, the floor cabinets of which are made in brown, and hinged boxes – in beige. The visual effect here is similar, but the use of color shades creates a different atmosphere in the kitchen.

It is also fashionable to combine white with wine or dark pistashkovy, vanilla and turquoise.

Light bottom + dark top

This solution is used less often, however, with the right approach, it has every chance of becoming a design highlight. As a rule, it uses a combination of chocolate, coffee with milk and beige. Black color here is undesirable, because at the top position it will put pressure on the atmosphere of the room. In general, the duets of white with wood shades can be used here, the colors of the sea wave with light sand. These contrasts are particularly carefully selected, the colors used must be soft and muted.

Two-color facades

Two-color furniture of this type looks unusual: the upper, and the lower cabinets can be painted in two contrasting colors. Often so that they do not merge into a single color spot, they are placed with a certain pattern. For example, the upper cabinets can be created from two low boxes, contrasting color. Sometimes, when drawing up a furniture ensemble, the upper cabinets create a certain composition.

At the same time, the contrast is maintained at the bottom: these cabinets can also mean a certain arrangement with the condition to bring up with the top to create the desired visual effect.

Accents on the main background

In addition to the above models, the own group includes modifications, the contrast of the color of which is based on the game of the color of the facades with the color of the accessories (for example, cabinet handles) or elements of the ensemble itself (sinks, countertops, built-in equipment). A contrast countertop on the background of a line of light drawers looks expressive, emphasizing the geometry of the headset and the linearity of the forms. Dark contrast looks very beautiful on the background of light furniture.

Combination of light tones

Not at all, it is not necessary to buy a headset with a pronounced contrast to the kitchen. For example, you can bet on the white duet with any tint of the color palette. It is neutral, and especially successfully combined with light colors (for example, with Pistachki, gray-pink, lilac, mint, blesno-turquoise, caramel, lime, lemon).

At the same time, contrasts can be the most different: white top and colored bottom, neutral bottom and color top, mixing colors in a specific headset composition, focusing by the color of the islands, table tops, washes, finishes.

Best contrasts and textures

This season, interior design stylists offer to pay attention to The following color combinations of two-color kitchens:

  • White and Steel (Graphite, Gray)+

  • Vanilla and gray brown wenge+

  • White and brown-violet+

  • White and blue (gray blue)+

  • White and cappuccino (coffee with milk)+

  • Black and pistachio (lime)+

  • Sea wave and white+

  • Lilac and creamy+

  • Purple and beige+

  • Yellow and graphite (black and brown)+

  • Burgundy and dairy+

  • Red and white+

  • Turquoise and black+

  • Turquoise and Moko+

  • Beige and gray+

  • Fuchsia and black and brown+

  • burgundy violet and black.

As for the texture of the furniture, one must be withstanding the same. Otherwise, when looking at the headset, the impression can be created that its elements are purchased for skchche and are not a holistic ensemble. The texture is usually selected based on the type of specific stylistics. For example, the resources of modern interior design destinations is the shine demonstration, while retroxts need the matte texture of furniture facades.

Style solutions

The effect of stylistics on the choice of furniture color is huge. Each interior style has its own favorites among the shades of the color palette, through which it is possible to specify better to belong to stylistics. For example, for Rustic retrusters of Provence and Country it’s bright colors, dark contrasts here need to be dosed. This means that in general the color headset should be light, when choosing contrast, you need to bet on the bright accent in the form of accessories.

This will be created expressiveness without infringement of color rules of styles.

Two different colors headset style classic There is nothing but a selection on the principle of palace solemnity. For example, it is a white background and gilding, dairy top and gray-turquoise bottom. An interesting solution will be the creation by the color of the accent zone in the center of the kitchen headset. Let’s say, it can be allocated in one color, and the rest of the furniture is chosen in another. It will be more than appropriate and harmonious to look at such a design in the interior of the classic kitchen.

When it comes to choosing a color for modern stylistics, you can look at the contrasts of neutral paints (white color with steel, gray, graphite and less often – black). It is very important to add to Interior of modern styles (for example, High Tech, Modern, Ar Deco, Brutalism, Lounch) textures for metal or pick up tones that are better combined with him. For example, this is the majority of shades of noble wood varieties.

For ethnic styles There is nothing better as the use of wood tones. However, as it wanted to fill them the space for the maximum, you will have to limit yourself. The tree can turn the interior into a wooden box or a chopped bath when it is too much. It is expressive only when it can stand out at the expense of another color and material.

When buying furniture of this contrast, it is necessary to consider: neither on the walls or on the ceiling of wood texture should not be. The texture may not be too glossy and matte. Wood drawing looks in the interiors very stylish, bringing high status to the atmosphere. Wooden color can be embodied not only in the facades, but also in the colors.

Choosing a kitchen headset

Despite the fact that two-color headsets are not so universal as their monophonic counterparts, choose your own option among a wide range of proposals you can still. To do this, it is worth considering a number of basic recommendations that we usually keep on a notch, but forget at the right moment.

Temperature Schtenkov

Pay attention to the side of the windows. If they look north, buy headsets in cold color solutions can not. When they look like south, room and so warm, do not create a suffocating atmosphere by buying an option in warm paints. Think what contrasts will look in your kitchen winning. Pick up a few duets in case the store does not turn out to be better, pay attention to the temperature of the shades.

Type of furniture

The headset can be angular, linear (straight) and P-shaped. If your kitchen is elongated, take the straight direct, if typical rectangular, it is worth picking the corner. If it is square and spacious, you can buy a P-shaped. Before going to the furniture store, measure the place under the headset, draw the scheme of its location to understand whether the placement will be successful and convenient. Decide that you will suit you better: an option with a rack, bar, an island, a peninsula, one outdoor cabinets without top boxes or with them, shelves, open storage systems.

Sizes and form

Kitchen set can have strict geometric or curved forms. Some models have modules protruding for a total line. If your style is striving for curved lines (for example, as in modern), this is your headsets. If the design is based on the style of minimalism, take the option with straight lines. The size of the entire ensemble must be commensurate with the kitchen area. Than it is less, the easierless design and compact headset.

Harmony of contrast

Pay attention to the number of contrasts used. Stick Rules: Light in the ensemble must be at least 60%. Cannot pick up colors that compete with each other. Dark sets must be necessarily softened by light color, otherwise it is not beautiful to look in the interior, there will be no beautiful. Do not take products with sharp contrasts (for example, red with green or blue) – the tones are different emotional color, they look in the interior they are difficult.

Binding to furniture

Before paying for the purchase, think carefully: whether the colors of the headset are suitable for furniture, which is already in the kitchen. On the wallpaper can not be oriented, because they are easy to replace, but the furniture is bought less. You can buy objects of the desired shades only if you update all the furniture of the kitchen. If you plan to buy only a headset, you need to choose it in colors that may not be identical, but at least related to one of the tones of the elements of the available furniture.

Nuances combination

Consider the fact that any interior is built on the use of 3-4 contrasts. No need to take an option that will not leave the chance to use other accents in the kitchen interior. For example, take into account the color of the apron, which can both successfully connect the mounted and floor cabinets by color, and destroy the interior to smithereens.

If you choose the option in bright colors, pick it up so that in the future it can be decorate with a bright apron. Light tones look in the interior gently, but without bright dosage strokes lose expressiveness. Take those furniture options whose color combinations will be more universal. So you can add 2 colors to any accessory right up to living greenery.

For example, it may be the contrast of white and gray, beige, sandy.

Duets of gray and beige

Such furniture today looks in the kitchen especially expensive. However, to achieve the desired effect will have to pay attention to the purity of the tones and their temperature. You can choose a model with gray bottom and beige riding, which will contribute to an increase in space. If you want to demonstrate the uniqueness of the headset differently, you can look at the options where contrast cabinets and hinged boxes can be combined into one group by placing them, for example, in the center of the model headset.

Successful design examples

We offer 10 examples of harmonious choice of two-color cuisine For interior arrangement.

  • P-shaped set in a modern style for setting small kitchen.

  • An example of a visual increase in the kitchen due to the contrast of blue with white.

  • Arrangement of spacious kitchen furniture of two-color type with the focusing of the island zone.

  • Using a dark color for emphasis not only the lower but also the upper facades.

  • Accenting the island on the background of a light base headset.

  • An example of playing design by means of white contrast with wood and its multifaceted texture.

  • A concise solution for a small kitchen, through which the effect of an increase in space is created.

  • Example of kitchen zoning by color headset, stylish interior option.

  • Kitchen in neutral tones with linear type of furniture and island.

How to choose a kitchen facade – look at the video.

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