Using blue and blue curtains in bedroom interior

Using blue and blue curtains in bedroom interior

Bedroom is a place where we rest and often spend a lot of time. But it is not always used to sleep: they work in it, read, watch movies, draw. That is why this place must be placed to high-quality and quiet pastime. And an important role in this is played by decor windows. The color of the curtains selected for the design of the window opening is able to bring the owner of the room both negative and positive emotions. Along with neutral cream and white curtains, blue and blue tones are enjoying great popularity, which will be discussed.


Blue color likes many, and psychologists rightfully dismiss him one of the main places in the color therapy. Despite its cooler, blue and blue shades have a positive attitude and create harmony. Speaking as a successful accent, such curtains do not clutter space, do not occupy the whole area, allowing you to beautifully beat the floor finish, ceiling and walls. At the same time, they do not remain in the shade, such as modest white tulle. Thanks to such qualities, blue textiles can be used almost in any interior design of the bedroom.

Having chosen blue curtains, you will receive several advantages at once:

  • calm atmosphere+
  • Positive setting+
  • Increased performance, acceleration of thinking+
  • Depression, longing.

There are practically no shortcomings of such a choice, but buying such curtains in the bedroom, it should be remembered that the abundance of blue is bad. Therefore, do not buy textiles “in the company” to furniture. The atmosphere will be cold, in addition, if the color is chosen dark, it will reduce the room.

A variety of shades

Gamma Blue Tones is enormous, and all of them are associated with heaven, calm, sea iron, winter period. The optimal use of such textiles is the bedrooms on the south and west side. Here in the summer the sun is a lot of faces, and blue will help a little smooth out such an impression. If the room is located in the north or east, then there are also successful solutions. Sleeper blue light curtains will be the perfect choice in counterweight dark blue absorbing light. Let’s see what shades of blue can be selected for textiles:

  • cornflower+
  • indigo+
  • Denim+
  • Gentle blue+
  • azure+
  • Dark blue+
  • Sapphire+
  • Ultramarine+
  • Cobalt.

This is not all colors, but they are the most popular. Any shade has its own features and unique qualities, which appropriate for one interior will look ridiculous in another. It is important to take into account the brightness of the tone.

If you use curtains to create an accent, then here saturated shades are simply necessary, and when textiles are needed as a background of the main situation, it is better to think about the muted colors.


Curtains are different styles, it is necessary to consider when buying. Let’s see which species choose most often.


Modern curtains open a real scope for creativity, allowing you to successfully combine colors and materials, ordering them or creating creative chaos. You can choose any like-liked type, but it is important that the curtains are complemented by beautiful patterns, interesting decor. The fabric should be flowing, dear, for example, silk, atlas, organza, while Jacquard and velor will be a bad idea.

The proportionality of modernity is unusual, smoothness, grace of lines is welcome here. The perfect option for the bedroom is soft, falling curtains in combination with transparent curtains. At the same time, textiles can be both monophonic and having silver or gold drawings.


Classic eternal, and this applies not only to clothes, accessories or music. Classic rich curtains are relevant today, they are able to instantly complement the interior, giving him luxury and comfort. They are always strictly proportional, carefully thought out. Fabric, like in modern, is used expensive, it can be jacquard, velvet, other heavy materials. As a rule, the porters are complemented by lambrequin and are moved to different directions, and special taps are applied. Second layer – thin, flowing curtain.


Provence curtains – this is a sample of taste and incredible simplicity. The fabric must be easy, similar accessories do not carry the function of protection from the sun, they are decorative. From materials choose flax, battered, cotton – all natural and natural. The use of organza and lace elements is allowed. Drapets are absolutely inappropriate, and if you need to protect yourself from ultraviolet, give preference to Roman porters. Also, a light fringe is welcome, all sorts of strings, breeding. For such curtains need wooden eaves.

High tech

Curtains in many styles are similar, but it does not apply to hai-flow. Here you will not meet romantic ruffles and flowing materials. The form is always rectangular, the outline of the curtain is quite clear, no volume. Extremely rare decorations, everything is ashamed in the spirit of minimalism. If there is a pattern on such curtains, it will also have the right geometric forms. As for the fabric, it is better to choose new-fashioned materials with protection from solar glare or metallized.

For which interiors are suitable?

Blue curtains with a competent selection will organically fit into any interior. Let’s see with what color solutions they are best combined.

  • White. The white bedroom is a universal version, here the blue curtains will perform excellent contrast. At the same time, it is desirable to choose darker shades of blue, since a light tone can simply get lost. The main design of the room is recommended to complement golden or silver decor items. In addition, the curtains will play with new paints if there will be several items of the same tone in the room, for example, puffs, bedspreads or flower pots.

  • Cream, beige, Ivory. These are calm, warmer tones, which can also be successfully combined with blue. It is allowed to use brighter shades. An interesting decision will be to choose a carpet of the same shade. Designers recommend choosing a chandelier or a plastic in tone, lamps, backlight, if it is, can also be in the cold range.

  • Grey. The gray-blue bedroom is a muffled option, calm, neutral. Such a room must be diluted with something bright. For example, small pink, purple details, saturated spots of orange and yellow will look interesting. Add Metalline Color Accessories.

  • Blue. Blue Curtains and Blue Walls – This is a new way idea of ​​designers. But it should be more careful here, since solid blue is capable of creating a cold feeling. It is best to select bright shades of walls, but the curtains should be more darker. You can think about this option as finishing blue only one, an accent wall. It should be remembered that furniture in such bedrooms should be pastel tones in order to avoid interior overload.

Applying red, orange and other bright bedroom finishing, be careful. Errors can lead to the fact that the room will look short, rudely, alay. It fails to relax, and extra details will constantly distract attention. Use contrasts moderately.

Recommendations for choosing

      The selection of the curtain is not so complicated if you clearly know what you need. If there is no strict certainty yet, use the councils of specialists.

      • Determine the purpose of the purchase. Decorative flowing curtains are beautiful and elegant, but if you need to protect yourself from the Sun, pay attention to the dense materials. You can buy a lightweight curtain. So, if you wish, you can illuminate the entire room with a sun, and if you need to work, the curtains will easily hide unnecessary glare on the screen. Another Sun Protection Solution – Blinds.
      • Take into account the color decoration. You need to know that there is a dark “steal” in small rooms, so you should select light shades of blue. It is worth taking into account the style of the interior. If the styles are mixed, or you do not know, in what direction a room is furnished, remember that it is best to combine white, beige, cream tones, iovory. And if the room is bright, it is better to use the services of a designer.
      • Fabric It is recommended to select a natural, hypoallergenic: flax, sitherium, silk, satin. Heavier materials will scold dust, which will negatively affect health, especially if the tenants suffer from bronchopulmonary illnesses.

      Basic principles when choosing a curtain is given later.

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