Varieties and tips on the choice of kitchen desktops

Varieties and tips on the choice of kitchen desktops

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the chopping table for the hosts. After all, cook has almost every day. Therefore, everything should be as comfortable as possible and practical. But it is impossible to forget about the aesthetic side of the issue. Let’s figure out what types of cutting tables offer us manufacturers, and how to choose the desired option.


Unlike the ordinary kitchen table, the cutting (or working) table must have a number of benefits and features. These minor improvements and additions greatly make it easier and speed up the entire cooking process.

  • Hole in a tabletop for food waste. This refinement can be done even on your own on the ready table top. When cleaning, cutting and binding vegetables and other products will disappear every time to open the garbage bucket. In addition, it is convenient, it is also safe in terms of hygiene. After all, you do not have to touch the garbage lid every time. As for the technical side, this is a conventional hole to which the container is attached or another container of the corresponding form. As you fill (or immediately after cooking) it is removed, and the content is removed.
  • Additional drawers and courses. The cutting table can be equipped with convenient storage places for kitchenware and tools. All they will be at hand in their places. At the same time, it will not be necessary to run across the kitchen and look for a suitable knife or remember, in which of the numerous boxes are stored vegetable.
  • In most cases, professional (production) cutting tables are collapsible or modular. If necessary, they can easily disassemble and translate or simply change the configuration.
  • Often a chopping table is supplied with small side. They do not interfere in the cooking process. Their main task is not to add any product from the working surface. From the point of view of convenience and hygiene is a wonderful solution.
  • Not always a cutting table is separate item. Some modules can be placed under one tabletop. But each section has its own purpose. In the conditions of small dimensions kitchens it is very convenient. It is not worth it to be confused by the usual section of the standard kitchen headset with a cutting table. In this design, everything is thought out and most convenient: the presence of open shelves, waste holes, wear-resistant surface and t. D.

Materials for table top

It is the table top material in many ways sets the style and image of a cutting table. It can be made of various materials. The choice of one of them will be based on your preferences, financial capabilities and styles of the room itself.

  • Stainless steel. It is such tables that can be seen on professional kitchens, in cutting shops and restaurants. They are obliged to a special set of qualities. Steel does not absorb smells, does not damage from minor shocks and is easy to wash. In addition, the design is collapsible, so it can easily be supplemented with the desired sections, boxes, baskets, shelves or hooks. But there is one significant drawback.

Such tables are little suitable for apartments, as they cannot boast of special beauty. This subject is designed for professionals who value convenience, practicality and safety.

  • Plastic. One of the most popular worktops materials. Manufacturers offer more variety of colors. It can be both monochrome solutions and imitation of natural materials (stone, marble, wood). Unquestible advantages include the price. And although in this segment there are quite expensive models, but still plastic remains one of the most affordable materials. Material is resistant to mechanical damage and long retains its properties. He is not afraid of any straight sun rays, no moisture, nor even high temperatures.

  • Fake diamond. Such countertops are beneficial from plastic. Distinguish from natural stone material quite difficult. At the same time he is more wear-resistant. The market presents a large variety of shades and colors. Therefore, it will be easily able to pick up a countertop under the already existing kitchen design. Material is resistant to burnout, detergent and abrasive means. At the same time, the chips can be restored by grinding. But it will cost it more expensive than the plastic version.

  • A natural stone. Lovers of all expensive, natural and luxurious this option will have to taste. This material is the most expensive. If you do not want to imitate marble, stone or granite from plastic (or artificial stone), then manufacturers will be happy to offer you this option. But it is worth understanding that then the rest of the decoration must correspond to such an ambitious countertop. In addition, natural stone is very heavy, and install a countertop on a flip (for example, plastic) the design will not work.

Best of all in this case will look a natural tree. Such solid furniture will serve you for many years and will delight with its uniqueness.

Dimensions of tables

One of the most important parameters when choosing a desktop. Frequently selected sizes will fully depend on the convenience of operation.


If it is assumed that the desktop will stand separately, then there are no restrictions on the choice of height. In this case You must focus on your height. When cutting and cooking, the spin products should remain in a vertical position. If the table is low, you will have to bend, which will lead to rapid fatigue (and even problems with the spine). Too high table will also not please.

The process of shredders, for example, it will be difficult, since the hands will be on an unnatural height. Height is easy to pick up when one hostess in the kitchen. But if the family and husband, and even the younger children are preparing in the family, it will be more difficult to choose. Try to find a compromise height at which it would be convenient to prepare all. For children, you can also provide small chair stools.

Standard desktop height in Russia is considered to be 85 cm. Interestingly, in the US, it is above 5 cm. But this can be explained by the fact that Americans are more preferred to prepare semi-finished products that do not need to be cleaned, linked and t. D. Worth considering another moment. If the table is under one tabletop with other surfaces, their height will be identical. If there is an ordinary (not built-in) plate, it can cause difficulties. Since all surfaces may be at different heights.


There are also generally accepted standards for the requested options (headiturists). Trainer manufacturers are also focused on these parameters. And offer options with a width of 60 and 70 cm. Even a little big width of 80 cm you will have to do under the order. But it is this width (60-70 cm) it turns out to be enough. It allows you to accommodate everything you need on other surfaces (if it is a headset) and leave a place to work on a cutting table.

Exception can be made only for table island. In this case, the approach to it can be from all sides, and the big width does not prevent. In the seated two-door versions of the wall, the wall will not be used, and to get dishes from the depths of the boxes will be inconvenient.

Pros and cons

Like each subject of furniture, cutting tables have their own advantages and disadvantages. With their consideration, it will be possible to understand whether you need a cutting table in the kitchen, or you can do the standard option. The advantages are.

  • Convenience and food processing speed. These tables are created precisely for this purpose. Ease of operation is their main task.
  • The possibility of selecting individual filling. You yourself can decide which boxes, baskets you need. Will this table with open shelves or a two-door version. You can also plan a place for washing, waste holes and T. D.
  • In the presence of such a specialized table, you will ensure the safety of other surfaces. After all, all the most dangerous mechanical processes will occur on it. When the table comes into disrepair, it will be possible to replace it only, and not buy a new headset entirely.
  • When choosing a stainless steel table, you will ensure the safety of your family. It does not produce chips and cracks, in which bacteria can multiply. It is easy to clean from any contamination. In addition, often such designs are mobile, which is very convenient.

Minuses are also available.

  • In the manufacture of plastic and artificial stone can be used harmful to health.
  • If the quality of the tabletop leaves much to be desired, then scratches and chips will appear on it very quickly. This not only looks nonethetically, but also can become dangerous (due to the reproduction of microbes and bacteria in them).
  • Quality natural materials are very expensive.

Desktop in the kitchen is convenient and practical. Do not chase for expensive natural options. Better pay attention to the dimensions and filling that will be convenient for you.

How to choose a kitchen desk, look in the following video.

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