Vidima kitchen faucets: pros and cons, models and selection

Vidima kitchen faucets: pros and cons, models and selection

It is very important when equipping the kitchen Choose a high-quality and good mixer for sink. In the modern market of sanitary equipment, a wide range of instrument data is presented.

To date, Vidima mixer is popular among consumers. In this article, let’s talk about this brand, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of its products, consider the most sought-after models for kitchen sink and define the selection criteria.

Brand history

In 1934, in the city of Sevlievo (Bulgaria), a company engaged in tin works. Several dozen years have passed, and the company retrained to the production of plumbing. The name Vidima was obtained in 1989. To date, the brand belongs to the leader of the ISI market (IDEAL STANDART INTERNATIONAL).

Almost from the very beginning of the existence of the brand, she won wide fame since The products “Visima” corresponded to all European quality standards. Quite quickly, the brand was released on the level of world production and gave impetus to the opening of products for the production of products under this brand in the whole world.

Today Vidima is high quality and reliability. In production use exclusively new technologies, modern equipment, high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials and materials.

Vidima kitchen faucet is the perfect option for those who have ease and comfort to use.

Advantages and disadvantages

The company’s products have many advantages that have determined such popularity and demand. The pluses of mixers include:

  • Wide selection and range+
  • reliability+
  • Highest quality+
  • Water saving+
  • Warranty from the manufacturer, which is at least 5 years+
  • Ideal shape and excellent appearance+
  • The mixer is characterized by excellent power+
  • Wear-resistant equipment+
  • long service life that can be 15 years old+
  • Crane comfortable and easy to manage.

As you can see, Vidima benefits are more than enough. But, no matter how it was, it is not for shortcoming. The minuses include:

  • price (given the characteristics that are peculiar to the mixer is not surprising that its cost may seem high, but it fully corresponds to quality)+
  • There are models, in the event of a breakdown of which is quite difficult to find on sale the item that needs to be replaced (in most cases you need to contact the manufacturer or its representative)+
  • Availability of many fakes (it is not surprising, because of each successful and sold brand there are many fakes, it is very important to carefully read the products and make sure that the goods are bought at the legal representative).

Review models

Assortment and selection of Vidima models are quite diverse. The company is engaged in the production of two types of mixers – single-art and double-handed.

Consider in more detail several of the most popular and frequently purchased brand faucets.

Among the single-art mixers you can see such Vidima models:

  • Hype+
  • Next+
  • Wave+
  • Balance+
  • Uno+
  • Orion+
  • Logik+
  • Fine+
  • PROFI.

Each of the above models is made in accordance with modern technologies and designer trends.

I would like to separately allocate the UNO and ORION model. These are mixers with an ultra-thin steel housing, outlined by handle, ideal for any interior design.

Among the double-tempered mixers, you can see such Vidima models:

  • ART+
  • Neo+
  • Retro+
  • Eco+
  • Quadro+
  • Trinity+
  • Life+
  • Practic+
  • Iskar.

Each model of the mixer has two cranes, with which you can adjust the stream and water temperature. Each mixer does not look like another. For example, a retro style crane, which is peculiar to the color of chrome, simply fascinates with its appearance and can even move thoughts into the past.

How to choose

Choosing a kitchen faucet need to take into account many criteria, especially this is important when choosing a crane of a well-known and successful manufacturer.

Choosing a kitchen crane of this brand, consider the following nuances:

  • As far as he is heavy and powerful+
  • Carefully visually inspect the selected model and make sure it is integrity+
  • Check for quality certificates for products.

If you buy a Vidima mixer not directly from the manufacturer, and his dealer, representative, ask for documents that confirm the legality of its activities. It will protect you from the acquisition of fake.

Vidima Tarner mixer review waiting for you further.

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