Views and features of the accommodation of open shelves in the kitchen

Views and features of the accommodation of open shelves in the kitchen

Interiors of modern kitchens are equipped with various components of furniture heads. Among the existing diversity, it is worth highlighting quite popular options for open shelves that are notable for their external appeal and functionality.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such elements of kitchen furniture are inherent positive and negative features. The advantages of open shelves include the following.

  • The presence of such furniture introduces additional notes of comfort to the atmosphere. That is why kitchen headsets with similar filling are in demand.
  • Shelves without doors facilitate access to subjects that are on them, things, products. What speaks of their functionality.
  • Kitchen design with lower and upper open shelves allows you to visually expand the area of ​​the room, which will be relevant for small kitchens. Installing such elements will not waste space.
  • Thanks to the accommodation of open shelves in the kitchen, it will be possible to avoid storage of unnecessary things in everyday life, which in closed cabinets very often occupy a lot of space, and in the process of cooking are not used at all.
  • Very often, such elements are found in modern furniture options, which allows you to equip the kitchen, adhering to the latest trendy trends.
  • The cost of such shelves will be below the products, for the manufacture of which a large number of materials and components are used for the functioning of sash.
  • Even on small shelves, the main things used or products will be visible, to be at hand, which will save from the need to search for the necessary items.
  • Open shelves will be able to use in the kitchen not only as a functional element of furniture, but also for placement of decor items, which is not possible in closed varieties.
  • In the arms of the kitchen, choosing this option of furniture, you can save useful meters of the area due to the absence of the need for an area with a calculation of the area, which will be used to open the sash.
  • Shelves without doors will be able to harmoniously combine with different decor and functionality with cabinets or pool. Therefore, they can be attributed to the universal category of furniture for the kitchen.

Among the minuses of open shelves should be noted such moments.

  • They are distinguished by smaller capacity, in comparison with closed options for hinged cabinets.
  • If necessary, storing low-rotor or large-sized shelves of this type will be less functional. For such purposes it will be more correct to use closed type options.
  • Open shelves will require special attention to cleanliness. Such elements headset will need to be cleaned from dust and other contaminants more often, which may be inconvenient for some owners. This is especially true of the elements placed above the stove, where the objects located will be faster to be covered by splashes from preparing dishes.
  • An unspeculent dishes will not be able to store on open racks, because its presence is negatively affecting the kitchen interior.


Open shelves are classified by the manufacturers of kitchen furniture, taking into account different criteria. First of all, it concerns the materials used for the manufacture of products. So, today the shelves of this type are made from:

  • tree+
  • Glasses+
  • Metal+
  • Plastic+
  • MDF+
  • Chipboard.



Wood products belong to the category of expensive products, however, in terms of operation such options are not always practical. Glass products are highlighted by their presentability, as well as ease of care.

Shelves made of polymers, MDF and chipboard are notable for their available cost, so for modern kitchens are quite in demand.

According to the option of fastening and configuration, open shelves are so.


The most popular option of open-type designs. Their installation is carried out directly to the walls in the room, without using additional fasteners or systems. Such shelves can be used at the bottom of the kitchen headset, in the middle or above. Products are highlighted by the color manifold, can be made from different materials, have different surface textures. Standard shelves are suitable for premises in any stylistic solution.

Such structures in some cases will be able to fasten not to the wall, but to the ceiling, sometimes there are fastenings of a combined type.


Most often, this option is chosen for premises with non-standard or complex layout. It concerns kitchens with niches and other designs. Built-in open shelves in the deepening look stylish and attractive, moreover, help smooth the architectural disadvantages using them with maximum benefit.


A rather difficult solution for the arrangement of the kitchen room, especially in terms of the filling area of ​​the free area. This option will be in demand for spacious premises.

The positive feature of the angular elements of the headset is the possibility of rational use of space at the joints of surfaces.

Shelves like the components of the rack

This option is different from the standard foam in that it will not have the rear wall and sash. The design is obtained as open and air. Open shelves in this style are highlighted by its available cost, since the main costs for fasteners and facades, in this case, will not be relevant for the manufacturer. A positive feature of such furniture is the possibility of using structures for stationary placement on the floor or with the help of fastening, as an upper tier headset. The dimensions of such shelves can be different, depending on the preferences of consumers and stylistics of the kitchen.

For which styles are suitable?

Solutions relating to the relevance of open shelves directly depend on the material used for the manufacture of furniture. As for the wooden options, they will be appropriate in classical interiors, as well as in rustic styles – Provence, Country, Scandinavian and T. D. Metal shelves are usually used in Kitchens in the style of Hi-Tech, Loft, or Fusion.

In addition, the metal will be appropriate in rooms equipped in minimalist style.

Accommodation options

Layout and placement of furniture will depend on the area and planning of the kitchen. Also accommodation of open-type shelves will depend on their functional destination and personal preferences of the kitchen owner. As for the elements on which it is planned to store decor items, it is best to use several small elements placed in the corner or in the window opening area. Also for storing decorative items, you can fix the open shelf over the entrance to the kitchen with one or both sides. From placement near cooking surfaces or stoves should be refused.

In some cases, the presence of shelves above the working surface will be appropriate.

In the case of storage on open surfaces necessary for daily use of dishes, spices and other frequently used things, accommodation options should be based on the convenience of their access for a person without unnecessary movements. Therefore, most often such designs will be located in the field of working kitchen apron or dining area. The height of the attachment is selected individually in the height of the hostess and other family members.

If the open shelves will act as the main or single designs of the upper tier headset, they are recommended to mount them on both sides of the hood at the hood level.Also, they can be placed on both sides of the kitchen sink. In case the sink is at the window, the installation of shelves from two sides at different height will make the interior of the room interesting and functional. Shallow shelves can be combined with mounted deaf cabinets of suspended type. They can perform a full-fledged continuation of the upper tier if you attach the open shelf at the top of the cabinet or at the bottom under the bottom.

How and what can be decorated?

Even those shelves that are made of bright materials will need additional decoration. You can supplement the decoration of the kitchen with culinary books in conjunction with dishes or statuette. Also transform them will be able to preserve decorative dishes, which can be stored together with conventional utensils. Light white or dark wooden shelves can be reeded by plated vases with alive or artificial colors, decorative small towels with a beautiful edge, which will be partially dropped. Candles in candelabra, clock, boxes, wicker baskets will be appropriate at each kitchen, such add-ons will make the room more cozy, also add the interior of conciseness. Such an original kitchen will be furnished and tastefully decorated.

About the advantages and disadvantages of open shelves in the kitchen, you can find out, looking at the video a little below.

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