Wailed tables in the kitchen

Wailed tables in the kitchen

If there is a small-sized kitchen, you just need to learn how to use space rationally. Since the table in the kitchen is a mandatory thing, then to save a little space, but still be able to sear the whole family, it is worth buying a wipe table.

Features and advantages

Each model of such tables is characterized by dimensions and shape. With fairly small dimensions and small area, it allows you to place a sufficient number of people. In the form of a wipe table can be three options:

  • rectangular+
  • semicircular+
  • semi-core.

As can be seen from the name, such models are designed to accommodate the wall, installation in the corner is also allowed. Wounded tables have many advantages:

  • A small size, if necessary, a larger number of places is suitable for guests+
  • Tabletop can be used for different appointments+
  • Ease of construction+
  • strength.

The only drawback is limited.


Wailed tables are several species, Each of which may correspond to one or another kitchen type.

  • Otkidna most often happens rectangular or semicircular shape. The device attached to the wall, in the absence of a need for its view, resembles a small shelf. If you need to install a dining place, you just need to install the table for one leg or spacers. Such a simple design allows you to freely move around the kitchen while cooking. Often such models are characterized by minor sizes.

  • Retractable Differs in small dimensions and is not suitable for a large family. It is more suitable as a tea-coffee table or an additional countertop, as well as for a family of 2-3 people. Such a model is not distinguished by high strength, but due to the fact that the table built into the furniture is significantly saved by space. Without the need, it easily moves into the cabinet with drawers.

  • Table top at wall or window able to perfectly play the role of a small table. But much more pleasant to the way by the window than the wall. As an option, a wide window sill is also suitable.

  • Wall installed along the wall, and its form can be any. In size it is somewhat less folded, but also attached to the wall. As a backup, a leg or diagonal support is used. In this option, semicircular models look much more attractive.

  • Table transformer Differs in folding design and is suitable even for a large company. The advantage of such a model is that a small table is small, and putting it up, you can quarrel quite a lot of people. The transformation process does not take much time and effort. Such a folding table can be used as an inlet to the wall and separately worth.

  • Bar stand is a long and narrow countertop. It can replace a bulky table on a small kitchen and used as an additional work surface.

What are manufactured from what?

Wounded kitchen tables make from different materials, Each of which has its own characteristics.

  • Acrylic tables Different with durability, the material does not deteriorate from interaction with hot objects and moisture. Such a table can have different colors and perfectly fits into any interior, and it is also distinguished by a light weight. The surface is easily clean and cleared.

  • Plastic design characterized by sufficient strength, and also weighs a little. Such models are in different colors, so they can be easily chosen for any kitchen. Choosing a plastic table, you need to carefully study the characteristics to avoid buying a toxic product or with a surface unstable to hot.

Plastic models are distinguished by durability and rather low price.

  • Glass table top It looks very elegant and sophisticated, visually it is less massive than the same one of the other materials. Tables made of glass are easy to care, they can carry heavy objects or hot dishes without fear, because the material is shockproof and refractory. By cons of such a material include rapid pollution and appearance with time scratches on the surface.

  • Wooden option – this is a classic, it is pretty durable and, importantly, eco-friendly. Such a table will serve for a long time and not require special care. However, you need to not forget that high humidity harms wood, although modern models are treated with a special moisture-repellent impregnation. Wooden design color can be different, which makes it possible to accommodate this table in any interior of the kitchen.

  • Tables from chipboard Pretty budgetary and enjoy popular. Although they can be considered environmentally unsafe, since the starting material is made of extruded resin and dry chips. Pretty durable such a table is also difficult to name, because the structure of the laminated coating is disturbed from excessive external influence, and the countertop may be deformed.

  • Compared to the previous option Table of MDF more eco-friendly, although the price is more expensive. Such material is considered a suitable alternative tree. The surface of the countertop from this material is laminated or covered with veneer. It is worth noting that the designs of the MDF are prone to easy ignition.

  • Alternatively, the last two models can be used Furniture Shield. It is relatively cheap, but durable and environmentally friendly. Represents this material compacted glued bars. Depending on the tree breed, color, strength, and the price of tabletops may vary. First of all, you need to focus on such a characteristic as the hardness of the material, because not all trees have such properties.

How to choose?

With the right choice of a wired table will be a decoration of the kitchen for a long time. It is important to choose a model that will delight the eyes during breakfasts, lunches and dinners, because for the beautiful table to eat much more pleasant. Practicality also plays not a latter role, because in a small kitchen every centimeter of space is important. Almost all options for used tables allow you to significantly save place in the kitchen, but when you choose, in addition to the appearance, you must also pay attention to some factors. Especially needed to pay attention, since the reliability and strength of the structure depends on this element.

A wired folding table of any model must have a high-quality campaign mechanism. Only in this case, when laying, nothing will be swamped, and the procedure itself will happen easily, without a championship.

In addition, it is worth considering the ratio of the fortress of the wall and size, as well as the weight of the table.

For these reasons, models made of light plastic are often chosen as folding structures. If the option is selected that does not need to be strengthened on the wall, here you need to pay attention to the fortress and reliability of the table top.

It is necessary to take into account all the characteristics of the material from which the surface of the table is made, as well as its environmental friendliness and ease. You need to pay attention to the strength of the legs or another support, they must be resistant. Choosing a kitchen table, you need to take into account the overall design of the room – depending on the interior, the table can serve as a decoration of the kitchen and be completely imperceptible. Often, to highlight this kitchen furniture, you choose bright colors: green, red or blue. Such saturated tones give the kitchen brightness and originality.

How to make a homemade folding table in the kitchen in 20 minutes, see the following video.

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