Wall decor options in the kitchen

Wall decor options in the kitchen

To make the kitchen more cozy and revitalize its interior, many use a variety of decor elements. The design of the walls – the reception that can help the owners zonate space, get rid of some shortcomings of the room and errors in design. There are many different options for decoration, from creative plates to graceful painting. To choose a wall accessory, you should consider all the nuances.

Rules for decorating empty walls

There are several principles that will help decorate the walls beautiful. It is best to make out simpleness, located between windows, space over a dining table, a place that is located above the headroom, as well as over washing. It is worth paying attention to the wall above the hood and any furniture standing in the distance. Also you can use space in niche and on the ledge.

The principle of symmetry is what we should not forget. When planning the placement of wall decor elements it is worth remembering that a large number of details can make the interior are littered, especially if there are many complex parts in it. This rule must adhere to the owners of small premises. It is better to use not too many elements.

To decorating organically fit, you need to take into account the design style and color design palette. It is important to pay attention to the shade of the wall that you are going to decorate, on the items that surround it.

A few more useful recommendations:

  • A variety of pictures, posters and other elements of this type is better place at eye level+
  • If there is something in design, it is embarrassed from the common palette of the decoration colors, you should select the elements of the decor in which there are basic shades of the room and the color of this subject+
  • If the owner does not know how to hang any element that fills the wall site not completely, it can combine the decoration with other accessories of small sizes, creating an interesting composition.

What can be decorated?

For wall decoration, a lot of things are used, which, at first glance, are not suitable for this. All sorts of plates, stickers and even boards will help make the interior brighter and more interesting.

Vinyl stickers

This option is most often choosing people who do not want to spend a lot of strength and money for the design of walls painted in monophonic. They are very easy to glue, and also to unlock when there is a need. They don’t leave tracks.

There is a variety of design options for such decorations. Some choose images of vegetables and fruits, appetizing dishes or drinks. Others pick up stickers under the style of the interior, choosing creative bouquets, a variety of figures and other, no less interesting decorations.


Pictures and inscriptions – the idea for those who wish to make the decor unique and create something beautiful with the help of their talent of the artist. Artistic painting is another popular option for design of free walls in the kitchen, Since there will be only acrylic paints for it, an interesting idea of ​​the drawing and the mass of inspiration.

Create an amazing picture on the wall can not only professional artists, but also beginners (using stencils).

It will be the perfect interior decoration, as well as a visiting card for guests. You can use images from the Internet or books and invent your.


Such decorations will be a good option for the owners of the kitchen in the traditional style. It must be remembered that the ceramic saucers should be harmonized not only with other elements of the decor, but also with the interior as a whole. If there is a desire to somehow combine a variety of plates that have a different form, it is worth choosing dishes of one color or saucer with similar prints.

It is recommended to withstand equal distance between the plates. You can form from them any shape, place them symmetrically or, on the contrary,. Some have plates around any central subject. It may be a huge dish, unusual clock, picture or medium-sized mirror.

Pictures and photos

As decor, many use traditional portrait pictures or still lifes, but quite often they can be replaced by a variety of posters, illustrations from books and reproductions of street graffiti. It is better to select photos and pictures that will display the interests and hobbies of the host kitchen. In this case, he will enjoy them.

Photos are placed within, but you can try to place the wall with photos and without them. It turns out an interesting solution. You can also make up a variety of figures, panels and compositions that the interior will be revived and make it more modern.


They look impurious and able to strengthen the lighting, as well as increase the small space visually. That is why this idea of ​​wall design is the best idea for the owners of narrow and dark kitchens. Mirrors fit into both modern interiors and classic design, so they are a universal option.

You can hang mirrors over the whole wall or arrange a small floor from the floor to the ceiling. Some hang them in front of the window to indoors there were more natural light.

Do not forget that if the mirror is big, the effect of increasing the room will be stronger. It is not recommended to place mirrors close to the working area, as in this case it will be necessary to clean them daily.


Ordinary things for which few people look in everyday life can become a beautiful decoration that will help the kitchen to gain beauty and incredible comfort. Cutting boards made of wood, compiled and suspended with loops – exactly what needs creative and extraordinary personalities. To dilute the composition of the boards, you can hang onto them wooden races, metal trays, a variety of baking molds and other items.

You can hang them in the same way as other elements. They can be located independently or to be any composition that is understandable only to the owner. You can post a whole story that will pleasantly surprise guests and households.


Decorations manufactured from polystyrene foams are rather beautiful, besides, the variety of models allows you to choose exactly what it is necessary for a particular person. They are not too expensive, they are easy to stick to the wall and can be painted in any tone. This allows you to place outlets any interior. Wall with relief – an interesting effect that is obtained using painting outlets in the color of the walls.

But it is worth remembering that you need to carefully care for sockets. It is better not to have them close to the plate or countertops, since the material is extremely easy to damage. On the outlet there is a large amount of recesses and depressions, which are pretty seriously cleaned. Perfect option for the location of such a decoration – eye level height.

Before decorating the wall, it is worth covering the rosettes acrylic, and then arrange the necessary composition on the floor. After the elements are applied to the wall.


Panel is a picture that is created from any volumetric elements in various techniques. Choosing a decoration for a small room, it should be remembered that it should also be too big. Spacious kitchens are better not to use small pictures. This element of the decor must have medium sizes, in which case it will look organically and attractive.

There are several options panel. It can be glass, ceramic, modular and other. Many use sweater tools to create interesting paintings. Compositions are laid out of fabric, croup and other materials. It turns out unusual and stylish things.

Other options

Styling boards – good idea for creative people. You can also leave the wall with chalk wallpaper and create artwork on them every day. Option is especially good for families with creative children who like to draw. You can write beautiful quotes and slogans, draw up the wall with drawings, as well as poems and songs. The design of such a kitchen will be atypical and stylish.

Another idea for wall decor – interior letters, creating mood to all households and reviving boring design. You can make up a variety of words that can be both motivating and funny.

If the owner of the kitchen is an amateur retro and atypical decoration of the premises, signs, pointers and signs will come to the rescue.

You can reorganize the wall with real elements, but also the decorative will add a kind of highlight to the interior.

How to choose a decor under the style of the interior?

To decorations looked organically and decorated, and not spoiled interior, You should choose them, given the overall design of the room.

  • Pictures, photos and panels with floral images are an excellent decoration for kitchens in Scandinavian style.

If the room is decorated in bright shades, such elements of the decor will become an interesting and unusual bright accent.

  • In the kitchen, decorated in traditional style, choose the decorations with the image of nature.

  • In modern kitchens there are an abstraction that emphasizes the individuality of the interior.

  • Decorative stickers are also decorated with modern design, but can also become an ideal element for traditional cuisine due to their diversity. You can choose the finished version or order stickers.

  • Panel from fabric (patchwork sewing and patchwork) fits well into the design, decorated in a rustic style.

  • Decorative plates will decorate the interior in the style of classic, country and provence, as well as any other, if you correctly pick up the texture.

Beautiful examples

Present to your attention Several interesting ideas for inspiration.

  • Ceramic plates of different shapes and sizes in white and blue shades perfectly look on a light wall. The interior looks like air and unusual.

  • Socks are an interesting bright accent that creates a cozy atmosphere. Such registration is the best option for the kitchens decorated in traditional style.

  • Beautiful and elegant composition from the plate will revive the design and add it refinement.

  • Mirrors, as a decor element – a gorgeous idea, as they will not only decorate the room, but also visually it will increase it.

  • Styling boards – functional decoration that brings joy not only adults, but also to children.

  • Stickers in the style of minimalism, depicting shelves with different kitchen inventory, look not too catchy, but at the same time interesting.

On how to reorganize the walls in the kitchen, see the following video.

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