Wall design options near the table in the kitchen

Wall design options near the table in the kitchen

The kitchen is the center of any house. It is there that the sacrament of cooking. Family for breakfast and dinner is usually going to the kitchen. Therefore, it is so important correctly and beautifully arrange a zone near the dining table. Then communication with loved ones will be even more pleasant and warmer.

Features of the zone

In the kitchen near the table, the whole family spends more time than in any other part of the apartment. Design should be attractive but not annoying. At the same time, the kitchen is polluted daily and quite seriously. The cooking process is associated with splashes of fat, high humidity and air temperature. That is why the design of the wall above the kitchen table has its own characteristics.

  1. Practicality. You can protect the wall from pollution not only tiles. Many modern materials will help reduce temporary cleaning costs. In priority, materials that are not afraid of moisture. It is worth it for a dining area so that it harmonized with the overall setting.
  2. Safety. The decorative wall above the dining table should not be overloaded with furniture and different objects. Heavy hinged shelves with saucepans can fall on the head at any time. First of all it is worth thinking about the security of households. This rule should be especially acute if there are children or squirrel pets in the family.
  3. Aesthetics. Do expensive repair with design decorative elements not necessarily. However, breakfast, lunch and dinner near the naked and monophonic wall is also not very fun. Aesthetics lies in harmony and competent selection of parts. You can choose finishing materials with decorative effects or attractive elements that are suitable in style for the wall does not look empty.

The dining area needs to be separated from the worker so that everything looks like harmoniously. It makes sense to protect or close this part of the kitchen from pollution. You can simply use materials that are easy to wash a damp cloth.

Dining area can be located away from the worker so as not to get dirty. This part of the kitchen can be highlighted, make an accent.

Color solutions

    Wall will be before your eyes every day. Therefore, her color should be enjoyable, not annoying, so as not to urgently change it in 1-2 years. To decorate the dining area is needed in a tone that will cross the kitchen style. Interesting such options.

    • Modern Kitchen in the style of high-tech allows the use of gray, white and black tones.

    • Minimalist design uses the same shades along with sandy.

    • Country and Provence suggest the use of natural, natural shades and prints. Muted salad, all tones of brown and pastel shades are perfect. Beige Wall with Small Plant Print – Common Option.

    • In classic style you can use rich and saturated shades. Light colors are used as a basis, and dark – for furniture and decorative elements. So, on a light wall you can make dark golden beautiful monograms using stencils.

    When choosing a color for the wallpaper near the kitchen table, it is worth navigating on the main kitchen palette. Similar or contrasting options are used.

    Do not apply in the design of the kitchen very bright and screaming colors or too dark. The room will look annoying and depressing.


    Finishing can be almost any. It is recommended to give preference to materials that are not very dirty and easily clean. Otherwise, the repair will soon require updates, and the daily cleaning itself will turn into torment. We give the design options with different materials.

    • Wallpaper. Fairly common choice for apartments. Choose better washable options or liquid. You can draw up with wallpaper exclusively zone near the table and make the framing a gypsum molding or baguette. On the sides, you can put narrow cabinets or racks, which will also help distinguish between space.

    • Decorative plaster. Allows you to make both smooth surface and imitation of wood, paper, fabric, metal, leather. Color attached to the caliber and selected separately. The material looks good in all modern interiors. Such plaster passes air, not afraid of high humidity and does not emit harmful substances during operation.

    It is noteworthy that the material can be applied to any basis, including brick, glass or metal.

    • Brick. Kitchen in Loft style or vintage, high-tech or minimalism allows you to leave the brick wall in the original form. Supplement will be a picture in a frame of natural wood or a lamp with a metal ceiling. Brick is perfectly combined with tiles.

    • Dye. Separate the wall in such a way simple and practical. Main, choose non-toxic material. Well fits the water-emulsion paint, but not any. Material with PVA in the composition does not tolerate the effects of high temperatures and moisture. Silicone or latex base allows you to create a special protective layer on the stele, protect it from aggressive kitchen medium.

    Decor elements

    Just get the wall with wallpaper or cover paint not enough to create a coziness and family heat. The focus on the desired area can be put with the help of attractive decor elements.

    • Posters and pictures. Looks good images of the gastronomic subject. So you can not only emphasize the purpose of the place, but also improve your appetite. Other images of images are quite appropriate. The main thing is that the element is beneficial to stand out against the background of the overall interior.

    Large posters and paintings need to be placed singly, but small – groups. Alternative can be considered family photos in beautiful framework.

    • Mirrors. Size depends on your own preferences. If you eat and reflect in the mirror on the whole wall not very cozy, then you can arrange a small or curly mirror. Some beliefs say that there is no mirror, however, the teachings of Feng Shui does not prohibit the use of such a decor. Reflection makes the kitchen visually larger and lighter. You can decorate the wall with mirror frescoes or mosaic.

    • Shelves with decorative elements. Interior can be decorated with painted plates or other dishes. Hinged shelves can be both as simple as possible and figured, glass, with painting or thread.

    Too zealous with similar elements. Otherwise, cleaning will be longer, and the zone itself will become overloaded, littered.

    • Decorative plates. Well suited for interiors in retro style and country. The elements of the gastronomic subject emphasize the purpose of the zone. Above the table such a decor is more than the current. Colors worth choosing based on the overall gamut of the room. If the kitchen is bright, then the plates should be concise and vice versa.

    • Wall Clock. The element is exclusively decorative, the functionality does not have. Tradition to hang such a decoration stretches from those times when it was considered an indicator of wealth. The size should be impressive.

    However, avoid the bustle, huge vintage clocks in small kitchen are inappropriate.

    • Chalkboard stalenny. Not only decorative, but also functional meaning. Allows you to leave households cute notes. You can not only write, but also draw.

    Excellent solution for moms that are preparing with children. You can use both a small stylistic board and the surface with special paint.

    • Lamps. Allow you to make the kitchen lighter, highlight the dining area and decorate the wall. Small lamps better hang pairs or groups. Actually install one big wall model.

    Many use combined decor. You can combine mirror panels and lamps, shelves and paintings. The main thing is not to violate the harmony, otherwise the interior will be overloaded.

    There are more interesting decor elements that are relevant above the dining table.

    • Plank for notes. The panel allows you to fix various postcards, photos, leaves and remember everything important. You can place recipes, product lists and just cute messages.

    • Letters. Volumetric figures are still relevant. In the dining area you can lay out the names of the houses of the house or pleasant wishes.

    • The calendar. The trend is more popular in the West. Ideal if the calendar allows notes to make notes. The practical solution will help to remember all the important dates and events. Excellent solution for compiling plans and graphs.

    • Huge cutlery. Ideal look in retro style. You can hang a panel or items themselves.

    • Decorative panel. Decor can be made independently, which is very convenient and not expensive. Medium-sized panel can be reeded by torcarons, coffee grains, dry plants.

    • Table plates. Good vintage interior solution. On the signs can be depicted pictures or wishes.

    Successful examples

    Beat the dining area correctly not as difficult as it may seem. The main thing is that the table is pleasant to eat and easily relax. We give the most interesting ideas.

    • An example of a combination of several decor elements. The mirror visually increases the space, and the photos create family comfort.

    • Juicy image of the perfect size. Fruits are combined with a common kitchen interior.

    • Laconic shelves with a small amount of decorative dishes. Original watches aside complement the general view.

    • A stylistic board allows you to leave beautiful images or messages. Shelves are laconic and look appropriate.

    • Non-standard solution looks very original. Artificial fireplace creates a feeling of comfort.

    • Beautiful decoration of the wall makes an interesting accent. Despite the fact that animals are depicted, they symbolize coffee with milk.

    Tips for decorating walls in the kitchen, see the following video.

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