Wall mural near the table in the kitchen interior: design options and selection tips

Wall mural near the table in the kitchen interior: design options and selection tips

Make a small kitchen space spacious, and the interior will help the photo wallpaper. Tips in this article on the selection of suitable canvases for the zone near the table will help make the design of the kitchen is successful and beautiful.

Pros and cons

If you think the photo wallpaper is a suitable option for studios and offices, then they are mistaken. Wall murals are perfectly combined in a modern kitchen, giving the interior originality and comfort. Their main distinguishing feature is the ability to push the boundaries and visually increase the room, to make it more comfortable and spacious, creating a pleasant atmosphere and a good mood.

The advantages of photo shutters include the following characteristics.

  • Democratic value. Wall mural do not have an exhaust price like other high-quality finishing materials. The most inexpensive of them – paper, but they will have to change them often. More expensive – on fliselin, vinyl and natural basis.
  • Achievement of modern design – Fluorescent, LED and panoramic photo wallpaper with 3D effects that have the highest price, but also have unique features. They are able to glow in the dark and change the colorful plots, creating the effect of the viewer’s presence in the picture itself.
  • Simplicity of application and dismantling. Stick photo wallpapers on the wall or remove them easier from it than any other, if you correctly follow the attached instructions. Especially convenient to work with self-adhesive wallpaper.
  • Resistance to environmental impact. The photo allowance for a long time retain their colorful under the influence of sunlight, do not absorb smells, do not collect dust, resistant to mold. They are not so noticeable spots that inevitably appear in the kitchen.
  • Practicality. Wallpaper is easy to wash, they are not afraid of a wet cleaning, resistant to insignificant friction, easily hide small disadvantages and errors on the walls, making them invisible. Service life of some types of wallpaper – up to 50 years.
  • Big choice. The number of plots and designer options Even for a small space is simply infinite, and the material manufacturing technology allows you to make a photo shutdown to order any size.

The disadvantages include the following features:

  • Wallpapers are glued to the perfectly smooth surface of the wall+
  • the plot that is constantly in front of the eyes, quickly bored, I want to change it.

Design options

The design of the dining area can be chosen for every taste and style. Receptions, with the help of which the photo table makes the room more:

  • Creation of perspectives in space, a visually pulling pattern and leading the viewer from a small room in the distance+
  • Presence in the work of clear horizontal and vertical lines capable of visually aligning flaws in the proportion of the structure+
  • The game of light, creating a feeling of space and airiness in the picture, smoothly flows into the room, making it atmosphere to spacious and light+
  • Photopolot, correctly selected and placed in the desired zone, represents a single integer with the interior.

Compositions with photos of large color pictures fit perfectly into the interior in oriental style. Series with bouquets and blooming gardens, Mediterranean romantic streets, drowning in curly colors, performed in soft pastel colors, perfectly decorate the kitchens in Shebbi-Chic, Provence and Country. The image of the streets of European capitals is perfectly in the premises decorated in the style of Loft and High Tech. Clear and concise photos of the sights of Paris, New York London or Venice are able to turn even the most unsightly cuisine in the usual “Khrushchev” in a stylish cozy corner. Popular photos of bridges, lively boulevards and streets, arched spans and large squares are popular.

Images of small cozy cafes and restaurants – theme for romantic natures. Sitting in your own kitchen with a cup of hot coffee, you can feel like a guest of one of these cozy establishments.

Popular summer terraces, verandas and balconies, arbors, where lush cascades of ampel colors are fused along the trellis down and turn right above your table.

Fishokna and glass doors overlooking shady streets, flowering gardens look like portals to another space. Similar illusions create the feeling that you stay on vacation in a cozy green place away from everyday worries.

Especially in the soul, such a solution to the interior one who dreams of living in their own country house.

Magnificent expanses of the fields, mountain gorges with the greatness of falling waterfalls, forest edges with flashes away in slender high trees – and the kitchen turns into a small island of civilization in the huge kingdom of nature, where the atmosphere of peace and peace reigns.

Landscapes with animals, endless deserts and savannahs look at the minimum area too large and more suitable for the kitchen-living room, but sea compositions are perfectly harmonized even with the most modest kitchen.

Wall mural with sea themes are perfectly suitable for the kitchen in Mediterranean and minimalistic style. Pictures depicting a calm sea surface, sandy marine shames, leaving the distance on the background of sunset, small cozy coves with transparent sea water, filled with the morning sun, give a feeling of mental equilibrium and rest. Snapshots, imprinted sea, horizon and nose with a light pleasure yacht, create an illusion of a maritime family travel on its board.

Many theme of the sea causes bright memories of vacation spent somewhere on the southern coast. The preserved photos can be the basis for the photo wallpaper, which will remind a pleasant holiday all year round.

Unusual sensations give pictures “Sea bottom”. The impression of full dive in the mystery of the depths of the ocean can be experienced if the picture is made with a partial occasion at the ceiling.


Large images of appetizing juicy fruits for a small room will not fit. Much more appropriately small still lifes over the table on fruit topics with kitchen utensils.

Original drawings

To the creation of wallpaper there are many and they do not need to have a plot. To decorate “Khrushchev” relevant to use a small pattern, which successfully helps to increase the space. Wall mural “Natural Stone”, “Coffee”, “Spices”, applied to the wall near the dining area fragmentary and in the form of prints, look very fresh and interesting.

Tips for design

So that the photo wallpaper made a small kitchen more, and The atmosphere of staying in it is favorable, follow the following rules.

  • Purchase wallpapers based on natural fiberglass. They are the most practical and durable, long serve even on the most modest kitchen.
  • Wall murals must harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the interior, combined in style and color with your furniture and textiles, floors and ceiling.
  • Plots in a small room should not be too screaming, bright and motley. Do not take the wallpaper where more than 3 colors and their shades are combined.
  • The dominant bright emphasis near the table in the kitchen can be done if the rest of the room is neutral and monophonic.
  • When choosing the plot, it is better to avoid dark saturated tones – black, chocolate, dark blue. They “eat” free meters. Cold light shades – blue, pink, lilac, on the contrary, fill the space by air. Bright warm juicy colors – orange, cream, yellow, will make visually more cuisine, the windows of which go to the southern and south-west side.
  • Make a working area of ​​the kitchen with the help of panels. Under the influence of steam and greasy drops, the picture will quickly deteriorate.
  • The effect of an increase in photo wallpaper works when objects are removed from the viewer, and too close presence of bright stains can annoy those present.
  • Do not force the wall with photo wallpapers bulky furniture objects. Table and chairs, a small corner is a maximum that will fit into any plot.
  • From art walls that embody the fantasy ideas of artists, it is better to refuse, because they will look good in a big space.

Before buying wallpapers, analyze what you like in your kitchen, and what disadvantages you would like to hide. With low ceilings, designers advise to use a panel with elongated objects:

  • high-altitude houses and towers as dire+
  • Mountain vertices leaving under the clouds and high trees.

The narrow room will be able to transform the plots that expand the space located horizontally:

  • Beaches and valleys+
  • Panorama of blooming plains and fields.

It is important that the wallpapers you have chosen like all family members and created a good mood. Perhaps among your own pictures there are works that are quite worthy to take a place on the wall near the family table and remind of the most pleasant impressions.

What kind of photo wallpaper pick up in a small room, you can learn from the video.

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