Washing machine under the sink in the bathroom: features, subtleties of choice and placement

Washing machine under the sink in the bathroom: features, subtleties of choice and placement

Unfortunately, there is often a place in the bathroom with a modern well-maintained apartment. To compensate for its disadvantage, there is a simple solution offering a planning favorable in terms of savings. In any bathroom there is always a washing machine and sink. A successful way to placement will be a washing machine under the sink in the bathroom – so you cut the place required for the sink and technique, roughly twice.


Not every shell will suit this layout. Most likely, you will have to purchase a special plumbing, which is designed specifically to be installed on top of the washing machine. Such sinks are distinguished by form, sizes and specific siphon.

In addition, it will be necessary to prevent the draining. It is necessary that he does not interfere with the washing machine stand at the wall, so it is removed right above it – behind the shell.

Another feature, which should be considered when installing the sink is Special attention to the tightness of pipe connections on which water flows. You do not want your washing machine to and then pours.

Another useful advice for homeowners who want to implement such a layout in their bathroom – it’s worth a slightly put forward the washbasin forward so that the washing machine does not interfere with the sink to the man wash.

Advantages and disadvantages

A serious advantage of such a layout, as already mentioned, is the savings of the useful area. With small bathroom sizes it can be a big advantage.

As for the shells, there are almost no restrictions in their size and design, and you can benefit from this advantage. Almost for any planning there is a suitable sink.

In addition to practicality, the original shape of the washbasin will be advantageous to distinguish the interior of your bathroom from standardized Soviet bathrooms.

There are several inconveniences that will have to come to humble for saving. It is usually attached to the wall behind the sink horizontally, which is not very convenient – water flows not so good, and there is a probability of formation of blockages. This is one of the shortcomings of the shell located above the washing machine.

Another minus is that the drain pipes, and the siphon must be selected based on the size of your washing machine and its location in the bathroom. Not always in the store there are suitable sizes of pipes. The drain assembly must be performed at a high level, because when water enters the washing machine, a short circuit may occur.

However, if you correctly select components and properly comply with the safety rules, you can minimize the inconvenience and risks and fully enjoy the benefits of this practical decision.

Types of Moels

Features of the design of the design depend on the type of shell. It can be invoice – such washers are installed on top of the washing machine. This is a compact and convenient solution, sink and washing machine will harmoniously look together, especially if you correctly choose the size and material.

Hinged washbasins are attached to the wall right above the washing machine. Screws and special steel accessories are used for fixing them. This design gives a slightly more freedom in the drain device. Embedded shell has a stand on the type of table, and under the table top it is very convenient to place a washing machine. Then the last will get reliable spray protection.

In general, when choosing a sink of a certain type, pay attention to the following important parameters.

  • Dimensions. The height of the sink should allow it to place it at a level up to 70 cm from the floor to wash it convenient, especially if there are children in the family.
  • Design. An important factor – aesthetic attractiveness of the model. There are now many options for invoices, hinged and embedded shells.
  • Set. Washbasin, siphon and components of the drain system must be approached for your purposes. Make sure to mount them with the situation of your bathroom will not work. It is recommended to pre-make measurements before purchasing.
  • Capacity. Most of the shells that can be mounted above the machine, small. Their maximum load is usually 3 kg. Think whether it is suitable for you. However, this feature has its advantages. Water and electricity saves. In the extreme case, you can simply perform procedures for washing and washing more often than in conventional sink.
  • Moisture protection. This is a necessary precautionary measure. It is necessary to ensure that the washing machine should be protected from splashes.

Given the listed features of different types of washes, you can choose a model suitable for your individual conditions.

Where to post?

Choosing a place for installation of technology is of great importance. Other furniture should not overlap access to the sink and washing machine, especially in a small bathroom. Of course, you will also have to take into account the design of plum and supply pipes, as well as the design of the bathroom. Sink can be used in order to hide any technical elements of your bathroom, leaving only a neat stylish washbasin.

If necessary, the plum pipe can be hidden into a special locker or niche, manufactured for this purpose. The main thing is that they are easy to connect to sewage, and the faucet and washing machine are to power from the water supply. Drain is always placed behind the sink or side of it if you need to combine the sink with a washing machine, which is close to the wall.

Countertop to which you are going to put or integrate the sink must be slightly above the surface of the washing machine. The optimal gap is about 3 cm. When installing the sink, it is recommended to use a building level (bubble or electronic). If you place the washbasin is not in terms of the level, problems can occur with the drain of water, and the design will have to redo. The same applies to the installation of the drain.

Finally, after choosing a place for the sink and the assembly of all items, make sure that all the connections are sealed. In the assembly process, the winding or modern rubber seals is commonly used.

Tips for choosing

It is recommended to buy a sink from the manufacturer, known for models of high-quality plumbing. These brands include, for example, the Russian Ravak company, German RGW, Belarusian BELUX. Buy plumbing with a guarantee and check the configuration – sink, pipes, siphon and mounting for installation, as well as seals that will be necessary at the assembly stage.

Do not forget to make measurements. Buying a washbasin into a room where the washing machine is located, it is worth making sure that it will not be too big to access it and the washing machine is not difficult and enough space for other furniture. At the same time, too miniature shell also has its own minuses.

In any case, it is necessary that the washing machine is fed without any problems under the washbasin and there remains a place to plum.

As for the last paragraph – the improvement of the drain, You also should immediately make measurements in the bathroom and buy pipes of the desired length to make sure they are suitable for the sink you chose. When installing, part of the drain pipe will have to be placed horizontally. It should be a small tilt (use the level for verification) so that the water is well drained and the pipe did not climb.

If you are experiencing difficulty installation, Ask in the store if it is impossible to buy a sink along with the installation service. Many serious brand plumbing suppliers provide such a service. It will cost additional money, but the installation of the sink will be performed at the highest level.

Successful Examples of Interior Design

How well chose the sink from the point of view of interior design, we judge how practical one or a different solution, and whether it is combined with a common view of the premises.

For example, shells with rounded corners visually seem more compact and leave more free space. It is very important for small bathrooms.

Overhead Washbasins look very well on washing machines, if their color and size are wicked successfully.

    Finally, the choice of a specific designer solution depends on your taste. Disadvantage in options no – choose what you like more.

    On how to install the sink over the washing machine, look in the video.

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