Wasserkraft shower corners: model range, optional recommendations

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Wasserkraft shower corners: model range, optional recommendations

When making their homes, many people pay special attention to the arrangement of the bathroom. Often in such premises set shower cabins. Wasserkraft shower corners use popularity.


Shower corners are distinguished Small sizes. They can be installed even in small-sized bathrooms. Some models are even provided for “sitting” bath.

Such designs can be both open and closed. In the first case, the products are made without ceiling coverage. And also they do not have one of the lateral sides. Such samples relate to economy class, as they only have a basic package.

Closed shower corners represent the form of a fully closed design.

But when installing such a shower cabin, it should be borne in mind that hot and cold water should be easily supplied to it, the sewer system and sources of electrical energy.


Wasserkraft currently produces different model of shower corners, which are part of several separate main collections.

  • ELBE 74P. This series includes transparent shower corners with a black frame design and handle. It includes 2 shower models that differ in size (900x900x2000 mm and 1200x900x2000 mm). Cabins are equipped with a swollen mechanism. Component designs are available with a special application that allows them to make them more resistant to dullness. And also it allows you to easily clean the parts.

  • Salm 27i. The series includes shower corners, which also differ in size. All of them are made with pallets. Most often in production, tempered glass and aluminum profile. Corner doors make with silicone seal and with magnetic lock. Their handles are made of metal alloy, and the rotary mechanism of the structure – from high-quality brass.

  • Kammel 18s. This line includes shower cabins from transparent tempered glass. Pens and sliding mechanism make stainless steel. The design with silicone seals is produced. Such showers should also be installed with pallets, but, as a rule, they do not go with them in one set. They should be purchased separately. In some cases, the cab is mounted immediately on the floor covering.

  • Aller 10h. Cabin data from tempered glass have strong metal alloy handles. They are equipped with silicone seals on the doors with a magnetic lock. Such designs can be installed both with a pallet and without it.

  • Aller 10hBlack Matt. This shower corner is made of transparent tempered glass with a metal profile. Handles – Metal Alloy. The design is produced with decorative matte black coatings of high quality plastics.

  • ALME 15R. The model is equipped with a special roller mechanism from brass. And also it has silicone door seals with a magnetic lock. The pallet is not included in the kit, it is purchased separately. Possible installation on floor covering.

  • Berkel 48p. This shower corner refers to budget options. Design handles make metal alloy. The product is made with a telescopic regulating profile. Installation can be carried out both with a pallet and without it.

  • ISEN 26S. Such cabins also belong to the budget version. They are made of durable tempered glass with a matte surface. The sliding mechanism is made of stainless steel. Gerla handles create metal alloy. Such a shower is installed an angle.

  • Dinkel 58r. This model of hardened transparent glass is made with a roller mechanism from brass. Door handles make stainless steel. A shower cabin with anodized aluminum profile is produced.

How to choose?

Before buying a suitable shower corner, some things should be taken into account. So, be sure to see the type of doors. They can be or swing, or sliding. The first option is considered the most reliable and practical. But at the same time to open such products requires a lot of space.

And it is also necessary to pay attention to the dimensions of the design. If your bathroom is a small square, then it is better to choose a more compact model. Be sure to take into account the shape of the pallet and the material from which it is made.

The shape of the pallet determines the shape and all shower corner. The material of this product should be as strong as possible and reliable, have an anti-slip coating.

Recommendations for the choice of shower corners Wasserkraft See next video.

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