What are inflatable pillows and how to choose them?

What are inflatable pillows and how to choose them?

Convenient inflatable pillows are very popular today. Such things are produced by many firms, and buyers can purchase a good copy at an attractive value. You should know what are the modern inflatable pillows, and how they should be chosen properly.


Inflatable pillows are ideal for long journeys and travel. Often these products are used for other purposes, as they allow you to relax and sleep. Products have many advantages, so they are in demand among modern consumers.

  • Modern inflatable pillows are really distinguished by high level of comfort. Very often people take similar things with them on the road to conveniently relax and sleep.
  • In the range of current inflatable pillows, one options that can be added to. Thanks to this, products acquire very small sizes, they can be fitted in compact handbags. If necessary, these varieties can be inflated again before use.
  • Modern inflatable pillows do not need complex care. They are unpretentious, to support them in purity extremely simple. Enough to wash such a thing or gently wipe with a damp cloth. Due to this, you can not worry about hygiene.
  • Some pillows are implemented complete with useful accessories released for eyes and user ears. With the listed components of the rest turns out to be more comfortable and full.
  • Inflatable pillows are implemented in a wide range, buyers can find in stores a variety of variations. They differ in design, and size, and in form. Each user has the opportunity to choose the perfect suitable product.

Inflatable pillows have not only pluses, but also disadvantages. We learn more about them.

  • Some varieties of inflatable pillows are considered not very comfortable and durable. Of course, it is negatively reflected on the period of their operation.
  • In most cases, inflatable pillows are made from materials, which during operation are exposed to very rapid heating. This may entail a lot of unpleasant sensations.
  • There are a lot of cheap fakes, produced by the similarity of the original branded products. Mostly copies are characterized by lower quality performance, and in the process of use only people disappoint.

For this reason, wanting to acquire a really high-quality inflatable pillow, you can easily run into a bad fake.

Review of species

The products under consideration can be the most different. Inflatable pillows are divided into separate species in several criteria.

In form

First of all, all inflatable pillows are divided into form. In stores you can find a lot of models made in the form of a neat bagel. There are also no less popular arcuate products that can most closely fit into the occipital part, preventing possible heading of the head.

If a long-round trip is scheduled, then a convenient head restraint will be the best option. The inflatable cushion of this type is usually fixed on the top of the car seat or other available armchair. Using an inflatable pillow-head restraint is not only in sitting, but also lying. In both cases, the accessory turns out to be very convenient.

A high-quality clamp for the body is characterized by an oblong structure. Locking this product is carried out on chairs in the user head. The second end at the same time rests in the car seat. Externally, the options under consideration go to a soft hand or shoulder, on which it is possible to relax well, take a break during travel or flight.

The inflatable pillows in the form of a rings are very popular. These varieties are more suitable for use in the sitting position. In addition to round, you can find oval and even square varieties of inflatable products.

They are a little less popular because it is convenient to use them in all conditions.

Baby and adults

All models of inflatable pillows are divided into 2 main groups: for children and adult users. It should be borne in mind that Properly selected high quality pillow will be very comfortable and useful for the child. These products contribute to maintaining the correct position of the muscles and vertebrae of the young user. Due to this, possible nervous pinches, curvature of the musculoskeletal system and other similar problems are preventing.

Inflatable pillows contribute to healthy and full-fledged child rest. With these accessories, a small user can simply relax, and may well sleep. Different age groups produced different pillows, differing in their design and form.

  • For example, a one-year-old child is perfect for a model that resembles a rugby helmet.
  • Children aged 7 to 14 people usually use very other options. We are talking about a sloping soft belt from the belt to the shoulder. These pillows are fixed through a security belt in the car.
  • Adult users produced inflatable cushions larger. Fewer requirements are presented to these products, although their quality must be at the corresponding level. The choice of a perfectly suitable pillow depends on the features of the physique of an adult user, as well as its individual queries and sensations.

By destination

Different inflatable and rubber pillows differ in their immediate intended purpose.

  • Rogly cushions are ideal for maintaining heads in the process of relaxation, rest or sleep.
  • Arcuate options that are made specifically for the neck. These are the most comfortable cervical cushions that are enjoyed in great demand.
  • Headrest pillows can be used both in sitting and lying position. These varieties laid under the head.
  • The products in the form of the rings are laid under the back and lower back.

You can find a lot of high-quality inflatable pillows, designed to solve various tasks. Today, fabric models are also in demand, which are no less useful during travel and long-distance trips.

Different manufacturers produce various inflatable and rubber pillows, designed not only for seating in the car, bus or plane. Most comfortable hiking and tourist instances that can be used even in extreme conditions are in demand.

With pump and without

Today, many road and tourist models are sold with a pump and without it. We will get acquainted closer with the characteristics of different options.

  • Arguing pillow. These varieties of inflatable products are extremely simple and easy to use. They manage to inflate high quality literally in a couple of minutes, simply by pressing a special pump. Air level in products can be adjusted, repulscing from specific needs and user requests. Copies with built-in pumps are remarkably maintained neck, characterized by interesting designs, small size and very small weight.
  • Without pump. Today, many copies are sold, which are not equipped with a pump. In these varieties, the built-in valve prevents possible air leakage. These pillows are inflated.

We find out which firms produce the best inflatable products of high quality.

  • Benbat. Famous Israeli brand, producing great quality baby pillows. Benbat products have a bright design, a very convenient structure.

  • Miniso. Large manufacturer, producing road accessories in a rich assortment. Miniso Inflatable Pillows are one of the best price-quality ratio. Products are reliable and comfortable, cost cheap.

  • IKEA. Products of this world-famous brand is characterized by convenience, an attractive design, practicality, a huge assortment. The emphasis is placed on unpretentious inflatable copies that do not need difficult care.

  • Xiaomi. Popular brand produces very original inflatable devices with orthopedic and massage effect. On all products there is a branded Logo Xiaomi.

Child Nuances

We will understand in the main nuances of the selection of inflatable device.

  • It is advisable to choose unpretentious products from wear-resistant materials, from which you can freely and easily remove dust, dirt, all bacteria and microbes.
  • The product must necessarily measure to understand whether it will be suitable for you.
  • If there is such an opportunity, the product is preferably tested. It is necessary to understand whether it will be really comfortable for you.
  • It is worth choosing the product of the optimal form, because each modification is intended to support different parts of the body.
  • For a child, you need to choose the corresponding model of the pillow. It is not recommended to buy for children “adults” products.

It is recommended to buy only branded inflatable pillows in specialized outlets or branded online stores.

On how to choose an inflatable pillow in a hike, look next.

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