What are the materials for apron to the kitchen and that of them are better?

What are the materials for apron to the kitchen and that of them are better?

The kitchen is one of the most important premises in the apartment. Each hostess wants to make this room not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive and cozy. Innovative technologies and modern equipment allowed manufacturers to produce a huge range of materials for kitchen apron, but before going to the store, it is necessary to carefully examine the properties and specifications of the goods you like, so that the repair has served not one dozen years.

What should be a kitchen apron?

When carrying out repair work, special attention must be paid to the working area, which is often susceptible to pollution and mechanical damage. The kitchen apron is one of the most important elements of the working area in the kitchen, which is located above the worktop on the wall. This zone will experience a large number of following negative impacts that need to be considered:

  • High temperature mode+
  • mechanical damage+
  • Water par+
  • water drops+
  • splashing fat+
  • Juice of sour fruits and vegetables.

Taking into account the negative impact, the material for the apron must comply with the requirements:

  • High temperatures resistance+
  • High decorative indicators+
  • Moisture resistance+
  • Easy care+
  • Excellent hygienic and sanitary characteristics.

Types of materials

For many decades, people were limited in choosing building and finishing materials and for finishing the kitchen surface used paint, wallpaper or ceramic tiles. In the past few years, the situation is radically changed. In modern building stores you can see A huge range of products that differs not only by appearance, but also properties and characteristics.

Different materials are suitable for apron of kitchen.

Ceramic tile

Classic option for wall decoration, which still remains relevant. Annually an assortment of this group of goods from the tile is replenished with new products, and designers lead a permanent job over new collections. Despite the long-term use of the tile, the demand for it not only does not fall, but also constantly growing. This indicator is due full compliance with all the necessary requirements.

His advantages:

  • moisture resistance+
  • Easy to care+
  • Small weight+
  • durability+
  • Immunity to the action of high temperatures+
  • environmental Safety+
  • Wide color assortment+
  • The presence of various geometric shapes+
  • Compatibility with various stylistic directions.


  • Be sure to have professional skills for work+
  • Possible deformation with careless handling.

A rock

Durable and beautiful material that is natural and artificial and not so often used in modern premises. This product category also includes ceramic granite, polished natural rocks, plates from plaster and concrete. To this group of materials, experts are recommended to relate particularly carefully due to the complex structure of some of them.

Due to the special processing and application of the protective layer, the product acquire positive characteristics:

  • Resistance to temperature differences and long-term exposure to high temperatures+
  • Unresponsibility to a pair and water+
  • Easy care+
  • environmental Safety+
  • Long operation period+
  • High aesthetic indicators.

Negative properties:

  • High price range+
  • complexity of laying and repair.

For decoration of cuisine, builders do not recommend using marble porcelain stoves.


Modern product, which has a high level of heat resistance and impact resistance. Thanks to these properties, glass is becoming increasingly popular annually. He has many other advantages:

  • Maximum moisture resistance+
  • No harmful impurities+
  • Immunity to temperature fluctuations+
  • High aesthetic indicators+
  • Wide colors gamma+
  • The ability to apply a graphic image+
  • immunity to dirt, fat and smell+
  • Ability to use in any stylistic direction+
  • Long operation period.


  • Big weight+
  • Mounting complexity+
  • attraction of specialists for installation+
  • Manufacturing on an individual order, taking into account the required dimensions+
  • The need for information about the type of wall to which the apron will be attached.

PVC panels

Inexpensive product that is made from polyvinyl chloride. This product has a wide range of shades, and some models can be decorated with a graphic pattern. Unfortunately, they are distinguished by:

  • Low resistance to pair, heat, mechanical damage, moisture and fat+
  • Inability to use abrasive cleaning products and hard brushes+
  • Frequent appearance of fungi and mold in the slots near the wall+
  • Selection of toxic substances.

There are qualities:

  • Wide color assortment+
  • availability+
  • low price+
  • the ability to use a solid canvas+
  • Easy mounting+
  • Fast replacement of deformed areas+
  • Small weight+
  • No need to pre-align the wall+
  • Ability to combine with other types of finishing materials.


Dear finishing material, which is very rarely used in budget repairs due to the high price range. In addition, it is impossible to use abrasive cleaning products. However, steel is characterized by:

  • Resistant to high temperatures, mechanical damage and exercise+
  • immunity to pollution and smell accumulation+
  • Simplicity of care+
  • inertia to moisture+
  • Durability and durability+
  • Resistant to the appearance of mold and fungi.

MDF coating

Beautiful material, the texture of which resembles a tree and harmoniously combines with all the styles. Positive sides:

  • reliability+
  • Easy mounting+
  • durability.

Unfavorable factors:

  • The presence of formaldehyde resin+
  • High level of flammability+
  • The appearance of mold and fungi in wet conditions+
  • The use of material is allowed only with protective coating.

So that the kitchen corresponds to the selected stylistic direction, before repairing it is necessary to carefully examine all the latest fashion trends and choose the most suitable. Find out new ideas and find out which ones are currently relevant, will help Specialized magazines and consultations of professional designers, who will definitely select the necessary decision. Each type of finishing material can be used for different stylistic solutions. Many trends in fashion.

For designer decisions, for example, a popular classical ceramic tile will be remarkably suitable.

  • Monochrome decoration – a simple and accurate option that does not require the selection of the material and is performed as quickly as possible. The monophonic apron is harmoniously combined with all styles and types of kitchen furniture. Subsequently, the cosmetic cosmetic kitchen will simply change the wallpaper to be combined with the color of the apron. However, this apron is brain, it is necessary to conduct regular cleaning.

  • Simultaneous use of several colors – a new trend, to implement which you need to carefully approach the selection of shades. All colors used should be harmonized with kitchen furniture and wallpaper. Disadvantage – visual decrease in space.

  • Applying mosaic – the modern direction that is becoming increasingly popular annually. In this coating, you can combine one, two or more colors. Advantages – simplicity of care, application of the minimum amount of tools, the ability to combine with other finishing materials. Weak place – the presence of a large number of interchanger seams.

  • Socusing tiles and thematic panels – an unusual design solution, the use of which requires practical and theoretical knowledge. All materials should be harmoniously combined with each other and create a general composition. Such a decor is characterized by a high price and complexity of performance.

When using artificial or natural stone, designers recommend paying attention to On a completely new material: large pebbles, who lack sharp corners. Pebbles not only has high aesthetic indicators, but also helps to remove all the irregularities of the kitchen surface.

The fixation of the material can be carried out both in chaotic and planned, and the process of performing work will not cause difficulties even at beginner masters.

Glass aprons – Last Trend in the Construction Industry. Designers have developed a large number of fashionable ideas for using this material.

  • Transparent surface – Protective layer under which the decorative surface is located. This coating can be protected by all types of materials that cannot be used in the kitchen. You can use the surfaces of any size, it is possible if necessary to change the inner drawing.

  • Matte coating – Satinat. It is mounted at the time of the surface facing. So that the base drawing looks clear and beautifully, it is necessary to choose patterns with bright circuits and outlines. Sometimes designers leave the gap between the base wall and glass facing for accommodation in the voids of decor and spectacular lighting elements. Has a high cost, complicated for cleaning.

  • Colorful monotonic coating – original solution that allows you to visually expand the space. This type of surface can be both matte and glossy, and can also have any colors.

  • Glass apron with illuminated – Unusual and practical design, which is an independent art object. Special lighting devices are mounted in the upper and lower profiles. Summary increases space, creates comfortable conditions for cooking. However, it has a high cost, complicated for mounting.

  • Glass coating with photo printing – the most popular option that can decorate any room. The use of modern equipment allows you to produce and glued to the back of the panel various images that are able to visually expand even the smallest kitchen space.

Makes it possible to use any kind of graphic images, but you will have to fully replace the picture when even minimal damage appears.

  • One of the latest trends in the world of decorating the kitchen is Mirror Mosaic. It visually increase the size of the room, but will require daily cleaning, it will constantly reflect moving objects.

How to choose?

To take the right solution when choosing a necessary type of apron for kitchen, The following parameters must be taken into account:

  • Dimensional range of materials used+
  • View of the kitchen plate+
  • Type of furniture+
  • Common kitchen style.

Professional builders are recommended when calculating the size of this kitchen element Take into account the implications under the bottom and top cabinets, the distance between the stove and exhaust. If the kitchen design does not provide for the installation of mounted furniture, then the apron must reach the ceiling itself.

When installing housekeeping materials, the owners must understand that this finish will not be safe and durable, and it is better to choose better products.

Interesting ideas

Design of the kitchen has long ceased to be a boring occupation. Modern designers offer a huge number of interesting options and creative ideas that will help to make food cooking not only practical, but also beautiful. Before the start of the transformation of the kitchen space, it is necessary to objectively assess all the advantages and disadvantages of the idea.

  • Creating a single color composition of kitchen apron and furniture – a new trend in the world of decor. The selected graphic image extends to the entire work area, all the elements of which become a single whole. An indispensable material for this solution – Glass panels (Photo 1).

  • Bright and juicy colors against white kitchens are always popular and relevant. Especially if the green tone is selected (photo 2).

  • Modern people who are not afraid of experiments can pay attention to the metal mosaic (photo 3).

What are the materials for apron in the kitchen, see the video below.

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