What are the sizes of countertops for the kitchen?

What are the sizes of countertops for the kitchen?

Pick up the countertop for the kitchen room is not so easy. This is the same important part of the finishes, like walls, gender or ceiling. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is worth not only on the cost of products, but also on their practicality. How to decide on the choice of countertops for the kitchen, read in our article.

Standards for the type of material

First of all, the owners of the kitchen should be decided how important is the big size of the tabletop. The kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also for meetings with friends and family gatherings. It is important to save the comfort and space. The table top is the space on which the food is prepared, the sink and stove is installed. There are certain rules here, including the observance of the parameters of the “work triangle” so that the hostess is convenient to cook.

The sizes of the table top are not less than, for example, floor material. After all, this is a full-fledged working surface, near which the hostess spends most of the time.

Standard tabletops are made according to the templates that appeared thanks to the same type of apartments.

Select a ready-made option easier and financially more accessible. You will also know in advance how much the place will take the surface, and how it will look at your kitchen.

But whether everything is so good as it may seem at first glance? Standard dimensions allow you to immediately get a picture of how your kitchen will look, how much free space will remain, as well as on the table top to place household appliances and various details of the decor and public. On the other hand, it is not always good for large kitchens. If you have an area and want to take it something, then standard countertops here will not be quite appropriate. Non-standard dimensions allow you to use all your fantasy.


Countertops from MDF and DSP are most in demand among consumers. This is due to their low cost. But, in wear resistance, they are inferior to other materials. Chipboard is compressed sawdust, which are connected to each other with formaldehyde. In fact, this is the same tree, but it’s not different practicality. And formaldehyde is harmful to health.

MDF is a more natural material, so the cost is slightly higher. Paraffin and natural resins are used for connecting and pressing. There are still LDSP – this is a chipboard, covered with a layer of laminated film, which serves as additional protection and increases wear resistance.

Standard sizes of countertops from this material have the following parameters:

  • Width (depth) 60, 92 and 120 cm+
  • Length is 4 meters, but some manufacturers prefer 4 m 10 cm, 3 m long countertops are also in demand+
  • Thickness from 27 to 40 mm.

Kitchen countertops are made from MDF and chipboard. These are the most budget materials, so the most in demand. Plus here is a variety of colors and drawings, you can choose the subject for the kitchen.

Also, the damaged surface can be completely repaired independently.


Tabletop made of natural wood – this is not only a stylish solution, but also environmentally friendly and safe material. For such countertops used oak, pine, larch, beech and ash. Manufacturers use the following parameters as standards:

  • Width – from 600 to 1000 mm+
  • Length – from 1000 to 3000 mm+
  • Thickness – up to 40 mm.

The most popular and sought-after size is 3000×600 mm. It is convenient for kitchen any planning. Tabletop of wood requires some care – regular application of varnish or rubbing oil. If this is not done, the wood will quickly deteriorate, will lose its external data and practical properties.

A rock

Stone countertops are suitable for large and spacious kitchens. This material is very durable and durable. The table top looks expensive and presentable. The most popular size is 4000×600 mm. Standards that have a stone countertop:

  • Width – 60 cm+
  • Length – 75/80/240/300 cm+
  • Thickness – from 40 mm.

For tabletops, granite or marble is most often used. Both materials are very durable, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. Products are made to order.

In the usual store, you can hardly find ready-made tabletops, so think about it in time.


Acrylic surfaces are considered artificial stone. Its Composition is a white clay, acrylic chips and polymers. This material is also very durable and looks excellent. To the touch, such a countertop will seem better than a stone. Sizes such as stone, but here is less. Sometimes it is just 12 mm. Due to this, the consumption of material is much smaller, and accordingly, the cost will be below. On the strength and service life, this thickness does not affect.

Acrylic is a rather complicated material. Its installation costs quite expensive, but the result is pleasantly surprising. And special solutions help qualitatively disguise the seams, creating the effect of solid canvas. Acrylic often suffers from scratches. Therefore, the material is not suitable for those who sometimes forget to take advantage of the board or in the house there are small children. But if it still happened, then scratches are easy to restore. Acrylic is not exposed to moisture, does not absorb odors. But, when contacting acetone may be damaged.

Non-standard indicators

Standard is averaged values ​​that do not take into account many factors, including the wishes of the consumer. In order to make a worktop that differs from the standard, you will have to search for a company that is engaged in individual orders. Sometimes the interior design assumes a tabletop along one wall. Size in this case will be long. But still do not forget that the tabletop must be commensurate with the kitchen area, otherwise you risk losing a significant part of the space. Maximum length that manufacturers perform – 5 m.

For a small kitchen, it is better to choose a size of 1800×600 mm. This is the best option, but is also manufactured to order. Isn’t a dream to get a kitchen that will be performed by the project personally developed by you. Countertops that are performed by individual orders are more expensive than standard. It all depends on your taste and financial capabilities.

Remember that this is your home where you will spend most of the time.

How to choose the appropriate option?

Tabletop selection – it’s not easy. Here the role is played a huge number of factors. The key is:

  • material+
  • Method of fixing and installation+
  • Dimensions+
  • Compliance with a general stylistic decision+
  • Convenience when operating.


Material is a defining factor. From what material will be used, the life of the product depends. Also important is the thickness. Thin materials are not always able to withstand the load. Thick plates, for example, chipboard are also not a guarantee of a long service life. If you choose natural materials – wood or stone, then it’s not worth doing too thick countertop.

These materials are pretty durable, but for an excess thickness will have to pay a lot.

Fastening and installing

It all depends on the choice of outdoor tables or brackets, they will be overall or not. In the first version, the countertop is installed on the stands and attached directly to them. The load is distributed uniformly. It is important to calculate everything. If you are not sure about your abilities, please contact professionals for help. If you choose attachments to the brackets, it is worth considering the thickness of the table top. You need to choose the most reliable materials and optimal thickness.


  • Length. It all depends on your wishes, but to navigate the standard length parameters: 1000, 1260, 2460, 3050, 3,500 and 4100 mm. Also focus on the room area.
  • The width or depth of products according to the standard is 600 mm. But this does not mean that you must have such a tabletop. If you are the owner of a huge kitchen, then you can make a working surface and sewn. And if, on the contrary, each centimeter is important, it is quite realistic to reduce the size of up to 51 cm. Or maybe you want to divide the space on the zones and make an island in the center? It will also require additional measurements. And most often standards are inappropriate here.
  • Thickness. There also have its own standards. 27-38 mm – these are the parameters of the wood array and MDF. But the stone and acrylic can be thinner, it all depends on what load should withstand your table. Do not forget to take into account the aesthetic species. The countertop must harmoniously fit into the interior, without having lost it.

Compliance with general style

This item should pay attention yet when planning. It is necessary to measure the area of ​​the kitchen and the perimeter, also each wall separately. This is necessary in order to determine not only the width and length of the table top, but also the height of the upper cabinets. It is now important to decide on the location of the plate, sinks and techniques, if it is built-in. It is worth determining how the kitchen set will be – with a straight angle or bevelled. Or maybe you will have a headset on one wall – linear, and how the addition is the bar stand or island in the middle.

Now you should look at the color. Often manufacturers offer tabletops of different shade. The most wide range of MDF and chipboard. The tree is always elegant and expensive, and the natural structure is always stylish. Color worth choosing very carefully.

Most often, designers are offered to make a tabletop contrasting with respect to the total color of the kitchen headset. Here to solve you.

Convenience when operating

Finally, it is important to determine the fact that your kitchen will come out. Do you like everything in it, and maybe you should add some details or change the dimensions. It all depends on your taste and wishes. Remember that standard countertops are a much more profitable option in terms of finance, but will it suit you? Such surfaces can be mounted, and if necessary, and repaired independently. That is, you do not have to look for a specialist and spend in vain.

The table top ordered by your individual drawing is original and stylish. This will definitely won’t have anyone. You will enjoy every stay in the kitchen. But the cost most often bites. It largely depends on the material. Also when installing non-standard countertops, you will need to contact a specialist who competently performs installation depending on the load distribution. Whatever option you choose, weigh all the pros and cons and find what it fits you. And the tips from our article will probably help you.

How to choose a countertop for a kitchen, told in the following video.

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