What curtains fit into a bright bedroom?

What curtains fit into a bright bedroom?

Curtains – element of textiles capable of give any room at home additional comfort and completeness. If we consider bedrooms, then you can see that in most cases they are drawn up in bright colors, and it is definitely necessary to consider to select the curtain.

Not everyone knows which curtains can figure in bright rooms for sleep and rest, but important make sure that this accessory looks as organically. To do this, it is necessary to understand not only in the types and materials of the curtains, but also in the styles of the interior, and in color combinations.

Types of curtains

There are many varieties of curtains, and they all can be used in the bedroom interior. However, each of the species has its own unique characteristics.

  • Classic Curtains are made of dense material that does not transmit sunlight, and have quite large length – almost in the entire wall. They are often used in crowded in combination with tulle curtains so that the day in the room was not too dark.

  • Roman Curtains look like a straight fabric canvas full of window. When picked up the fabric folds, forming soft folds. In the assembled form, this model looks very elegant.

  • Curtains Rolled type also look like a straight closure closing in unfolded form the entire surface of the window. In the upper part of the design there is a special roll, around which the canvas, rising, turns around when assembling.

  • Do not lose their popularity in bedrooms and such a kind of curtains like blinds, representing fabric or plastic plates that can be used in three modes – completely closed, partially skipping light or assembled.

  • Very creative look filament curtains. In certain interior styles, they will become a real twinkling bedroom. Looks such models like a series of straight threads that can be decorated with various elements, such as beads or sequins. They are used both in combination with porters and independently.

  • Models with lambrequen more appropriately look in bedrooms. Lambreken is an element horizontally closing the top of the window. It also helps to visually increase the window opening, if you place this part of the curtain right under the ceiling.

Lengteen’s length can vary depending on the curtain models.

  • Tweight curtains consist of a thin tissue that is well transmitting light. Most often they are used in combination with porters to create a balance of lighting in the day and night.

  • If a balcony has a balcony in the bedroom, or you just want to originate the window, then you will fit Side Curtain Models, which can be fixed using special garters, making one part of the window opening more open.

  • To create an accent on the curtain canvase, you can choose the option With 3D stamp. In the open form, such straight curtains will look like a whole picture. They do not need to equip any accessories, because they will attract attention to themselves.

  • One of the luxury attributes are French curtains. Their design looks very unusual, because everything canvas both in the disassembled, and in the assembled form decorated with folds located in several small rows.


Bedroom curtains can be made of various fabrics. List the most popular materials.

  • Veil – Thin mat, transmitting light into the room. It is customary to combine this tissue with dense porters. Veil gives the window design of lightness and airiness.
  • Fans of natural materials can use cotton, which misses light, looks very organic. But this fabric is easy to think, and can also give shrinkage after washing.
  • When silk threads are skillfully intertwined on a canvas from a natural or synthetic tissue, a special matter called jacquard. It is popular for the production of a curtain, giving any bedroom good view.
  • Blackout – Material, the threads of which are intertwined with each other very tight. As a result, opaque curtains are obtained.
  • Linen Curtains look very aesthetic. They do not accumulate dust, but as well as cotton, give shrinkage after washing, require careful strokes.
  • Silk The canvas are good because with the beautiful look they also do not accumulate static electricity and dust. However, under the influence of the Sun, the fabric can easily burn out, so it is necessary to use a special protective lining.
  • Cheaper Silk Analogue – atlas. It is able to reflect the light, has a brilliant texture. The thickness of such fabric may vary. And also it is light by weight and, as a result, quickly dries after washing.

Style selection

To the bedroom in bright colors looked harmoniously, you need to choose the appropriate interior design. Not all of the existing concepts involve the use of light tones in the design of the room. However, a series of styles will look quite appropriate, and special types of curtains are characterized for each of them.

  • For interior in the stylistry Provence Linen curtains that can also be combined with thinner curtains. Dense opaque fabrics are inappropriate here, because olive design implies ease. The main curtains of beige, light green, pink or white tones in most cases are decorated with a small floral print and can be fixed on sides with clamps or elegant ropes.

  • Similar floral coloring is also relevant for style Shebbi-Shik. However, the main two colors for curtains in a similar bedroom – white and light pink. It is appropriate here as weightless straight models from Tulle and options with lambrene.

  • Bright sleep rooms may be treated in Scandinavian style. Simplicity of forms and colors is important for this direction. Direct curtains here are not even combined with Tulle.

Sometimes the Roman curtains are chosen, the design of which is minimalist.

  • If the bedroom is finished in bright colors on the concept minimalism, The difference between the curtains from the Scandinavian design will be that in addition to the porter, all the window is also clown and fine matter.

What shades will fit?

To create color harmony Curtains in a bright bedroom You can choose with a focus on various landmarks.

  • The combination with other elements of textiles is key. Some products, such as silk, look harmoniously, only if perfectly fit the color under the bedspread on the bed and decorative pillows.
  • The color of furniture is important. For rooms, accessories in which are decorated under the natural tone of the tree, the curtains are suitable in warm colors. They may include a small ornament.
  • In the bedroom with white furniture you can choose textiles on the principle of harmony or contrast. Curtains can also be white or, on the contrary, have a saturated one-photon color.
  • In bright rooms, the color design technique is practiced when the curtains are 1-2 tones darker.

Since in the bright bedrooms for sleep, the basic color of the walls is white, gentle pink, beige, light gray, then for the curtains are a little more muted pastel shades, such as dirty pink, golden beige, mustard, cream, gray-blue.

Recommendations for choosing

To pick up the most suitable for features of the sleeping rooms, need to take into account a number of useful tips.

  • If the windows of your bedroom come to the north, give preference to thin tissues, for example, tuna or veil. They will skip much more light than dense material products.
  • If the window openings, on the contrary, come out on the south, then it is advisable to use dense matter, such as blackwood. They will not allow the bedroom strongly hot on hot days.
  • To premise a small size, it is advisable to choose the most simple design curtains. Otherwise, complex structures will overload the bedroom, thus depriving it.
  • In addition to bright walls, a narrow room will be visually wider than curtains with horizontal stripes or pattern.
  • For a window with an erker in a bright room, curtains are suitable in Roman or French styles made of thin matters. Side parts can be decorated with curtains.

Beautiful examples

If you still can’t decide on the choice of curtains for your bright bedroom, Look at the finished examples of interiors:

  • Deep brown, embodied in the side of the curtains, will perfectly dilute a beige bedroom, especially if it is echoing with other elements of the decor+

  • Curtains from overflowing fabric perfectly complement style with luxury attributes and accessories made in golden colors+

  • The lambrequins can be made in a strict rectangular form, which will repeat the shape of other furniture items in the bright bedroom+

  • If in the bedroom 2 windows, then they can use even different types of curtains, provided that they are harmonized in color and are well combined with the selected concept.

About what curtains are suitable for bright bedrooms, look in the video.

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