What curtains fit to blue wallpaper in the bedroom?

What curtains fit to blue wallpaper in the bedroom?

Curtains are an important element of the decor of any room. Without them, the room looks uncomfortable, and the situation is unfinished. The article will talk about how to choose a curtain for a blue bedroom.

Features Color Gamma

Blue and all of its shades, how can not be suitable for decoring the bedroom. He always associated with rest, calm, peace, this color and coolness.

It is believed that in space, in the design of which the shades of blue and blue prevail, even breathing somehow easier.

Therefore, many people often choose blue wallpapers for decoration of residential premises, including bedrooms. They do not irritate the eyes, do not bother and combine almost with all other colors.

So pick up the interior in the bedroom with blue wallpaper is quite simple. However, as in any creative process, here there are subtleties. Let’s try to figure out what exactly the curtains will fit into the bedroom with blue wallpaper, what shades give preference, and which should be avoided.

How to choose?

Designers advise choosing clothes for windows, considering several factors.

Room size

With the help of a curtain, you can visually expand the space or, on the contrary, to reduce it, add lights or make lighting more muted. For example, if the window opening is small, and it is necessary to view the curtains lighter than the wallpaper. And vice versa, dark or very bright curtains will look like a window, so such colors are better to choose for a large bedroom.

Wallpaper color

The bedroom in a single blue gamma looks very gentle and pacifying. However, that the room does not merge into one shapeless space, Shadon Curtains must contrast a few walls – differ on one or more tones.

Winewings are considered to be combinations of blue with white, gray, sandy, yellow and beige.

Such tandems created the nature itself – immediately remember the water surface and sand or heavenly blue and whipping on it white clouds.

Location windows

If the side is north, and the sun is rarely peeking into the bedroom, it is possible to limit the lightest curtains of pastel tones. Pale pink, light lilac, moderately beige, pale yellow – All of them are perfectly harmonized with blue wallpaper on the walls and add heat and coziness to the room. Not bad union of blue with brown – He creates the atmosphere of home comfort, configures on vacation.

If there is a lot of sun in the bedroom, dense curtains will need, so that the light from the windows does not interfere. In this case, you can consider more rich shades – thick blue, dark green, rich red, noble burgundy, royal purple. All of them will create a feeling of additional coolness and sex that is so necessary in the bedroom.

The combination of blue wallpapers and bright curtains looks spectacular and elegant, but before you choose such an accessory, think if it will not irritate vision.

First of all, the bedroom is a place to relax, although in some cases it can perform other functions.


When choosing a bedroom curtains, the design of the design is taken into account.

For Classic Bedrooms usually choose calm muted tones. Curtains, such as olive or beige colors, moderate green and many other colors will be appropriate here. As for the ornament, they are better not to abuse. The drawing on the curtains will look better against the background of monochrome wallpaper and, on the contrary, one-photon curtains look more noously paired with wallpaper where there is a drawing. This rule concerns not only the classics, but also all other interior styles.

For blue bedroom in the style of Provence Traditionally choose a floral ornament that can be repeated both on the walls and on the curtains. In such a bedroom, you can hang white tulle with a vegetable print, and tight curtains to suspend with special pickups on both sides.

Bedroom Barochko style Reminds Boudoir Queen. White, pink, lilac – all these colors will be more than by the way. And gold or silver spractions must be present – the more, the better. It can be a gold embossing on the wallpaper – on a blue background it looks great, golden champs on the curtains, all kinds of brushes, fringe and other elements of the trim.

But the bedroom In the style of minimalism is the opposite of the previous type. Restrain and asceticism reigns here. Wallpapers most often in gray-blue gamma, curtains can be dense. Colors of steel metallic, dark brown and even black will suit this interior. The drawing is either missing, in general, or some abstract geometry is allowed.

Alternatively, traditional tissue curtains for a blue bedroom with a minimalist interior can be selected Metal Blinds Color Steel. This is a particularly good option for those who have a bedroom at the same time is a cabinet. Such curtains emphasize the rigor of the situation and will not distract from extra details.

What kind of curtains you choose, It is advisable to add their similar accessories – plaid or bedspread on the bed, lampshade in a table lamp, decorative pillows and much more. Then the atmosphere will be completed and harmonious.

In the next video, you will get acquainted with what curtains will be combined with a blue interior in the bedroom.

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