What wallpaper to choose for the hall?

What wallpaper to choose for the hall?

Wallpapers are considered the most affordable and popular material for decorating walls. From the cheapest paper to luxury wallpapers – a variety of this decoration is not only impressive, but also allows you to find your version even the most demanding buyer. The living room, which is the main room of the house, puts out its requirements for the choice of wallpaper. They must be harmonious indoor idea, as well as high-quality and stylish.


There are many design claims for the interior of the hall – Universal and individual. Almost for all owners of the apartments, it is important that the wallpaper looks representative, stylish, fresh and for a long time remained in a presentable form. For the hall, such a requirement is especially important, because all those who come to the house are primarily accepted in this room.

Criteria selection of wallpaper for the hall is not so much.

  • Clean with environmental subtext. This means that they must be harmless, that is, natural. Material requires breathable, which will not overcoat the walls, highlight toxic evaporation, finally, will not attract dust to the surface.
  • Exterior wallpaper. These include color, and texture, and ornamental image, and style. Everything should be as organically as possible, combined and, of course, do not have visible defects. Because if you doubt that you can punish wallpaper immaculately, do not even try for it yourself. It is necessary to entrust the specialists and the preparation of the walls, if they are not perfectly smooth.

Designers advise to enter as follows – Make a plan of future repair. Think what will change in the room, only wallpaper or setting too. If the first, they are selected to the already existing furniture and textiles, to the ceiling and floor decoration. If the changes will be more global, then the choice becomes wider.

Varieties, their pros and cons

30 years ago the choice of wallpaper was so scant that it was actually not. Sometimes it was necessary to choose on the principle of “more or less”. Today, the variety of options is so wide that the choice becomes even more difficult. Therefore, it must be narrowed by eliminating obviously inappropriate options. For example, to start decide what type of wallpaper you need.

Wallpapers are of a variety of species.

  • Paper. Easier and more accessible options do not come up. May be single-layer and two-layer. The advantages include low price, a large assortment and relatively simple gluing to the wall. To minuses – burnout in the sun, low quality, absorbing odors and impaired in moisture.

  • Fliselinovye. This is a two-layer wallpaper: the top layer is a polymer coating, where the cloth is actually mixed with paper. If the second layer is vinyl, then the wallpaper is suitable for painting. At the price of them can be called accessible, they are resistant to moisture, capable of hiding small cracks of the walls. The minuses include not the most outstanding indicators of sound and thermal insulation, and if the goods are cheap, they can and shift.

  • Vinyl. Optimal in the ratio of price – quality, but there are nuances. If kids live in the house, they easily cling to the thick edge and can hang wallpaper (with paper so easy not to cope). But in general, this is a good option, because they are clean, can withstand cleaning with a brush, hide the irregularities of the wall.

They are resistant to fungus, do not shine the surface. But the price is higher, and it is not always easy to glue.

  • Liquid. This is a cross between directly by wallpaper and plaster. In fact, even this is simply decorative plaster, but it is because of the composition of the composition of the composition. This is a dry powder that needs to be breeded with water and bring to a certain consistency. And the composition obtained is applied to the wall like plaster. The joints such a coating does not form at all, provides excellent noise insulation, does not attract dust, always original.

But it is impossible to wash it, and the cost of repair is small, you won’t call.

  • Acrylic. These are all the same paper wallpapers, but only with a delicate acrylic layer. They are not as heavy as the same vinyl, because the glue is so thick, they will not need. They can be performed breathable. They are considered waterproof, very slowly faded. True, if the acrylic layer is too soft, you can nourish in sticking: if a little stronger press the cloth to the wall, it begins to go.

  • Textile (fabric). They are made on the basis of phlizelin and paper. The manufacturer places either tissue, or braided material – cotton, linen, jute, viscose or still from silk, polyester, other. Texture can be created any: smooth, velvet, silky. Relief print is quite possible. Fabric wallpapers are also considered a breathable option for the design of walls, because they are used in the living rooms without fear. Luxurious material, but dear, and still capricious. It fears high humidity, fades, gives back only dry cleaning.

  • Glass equipment. This is a special version of the material invented under painting. They are not afraid of water, they are glued and in the bathroom. Positive moment – can be repainted several times. Because the service life easily reaches 20 years and more. Of course, the repair will not be cheap, if you choose such wallpapers.

And these are only the most popular options. But really pick up for the design of the living room Bamboo wallpaper, For example. The bamboo cut-off strips is fixed on a solid foundation from the fabric, which is why the original environmental coating is obtained for walls. So you can arrange the walls in the living room of Eastern, African styles and not only. In the same category referred Corkscrews, Being a thin layer of cork veneer on paper.

Cork wallpapers Natural, smells do not absorb, do not contribute to the reproduction of pathogenic organisms. Elastic to the touch, warm, pleasant and certainly non-born, but expensive. As well as considerable popularity today metallized wallpapers. On the paper layer – aluminum foil, on it drawing with the subsequent layer of varnish. This is moisture-proof material, it is washed with soft sponges and cloths. But without aggressive detergent, since the metallized coating is easy to scratch.

What color is better?

This request often refers to the fashion and trends of the current season, which also makes sense to consider when choosing wallpaper. And the first thing I want to note in this regard, the steady position of the wallpaper of monophonic colors. Ordinary, recognizable shades or bright and unexpected – this is no longer so important, the main thing is that they create a smooth background. Stripping in the choice of color costs from the size of the room, planning. If the number of the room is very modest, then light and natural tones are preferable to bright, and even though the dark color gamma.

Of the interesting novelties and trends you can allocate several options.

  • “Knitted” light wallpaper. It is a print wallpaper or even a photo of mating various sizes. For the whole room, the solution may be too bold, but for one wall, especially the one where the sofa is, is a great choice. Cozy, unexpected, warm, bright, unusual – these words can characterize the transfiguration room.

  • 3D-wallpaper. Also deserve attention, because this coating allows you to turn the wall into a widescreen image.

In the fashion options with illumination, as well as with the magic flicker of fluorescent stains.

  • Textile Wallpaper with a Pestry Flower Print. In the color basis of these wallpapers two shades – sky blue and herbal green. There are peach, and beige, and lemon options, but the first two are greater popularity. They are also suitable for one accent wall in the living room.

  • White walls. It is impossible to imagine that they came out of fashion. Understanding the request for white decoration of walls, manufacturers try to please the buyer with texture. Wallpapers are becoming more interesting due to the formation of a special texture, the creation of pleasant effects, which is felt and visually, and feel.

Very much in the last seasons of flowers of water and sky: turquoise, aquamarine, mint. The interior with blue shades no longer seems cold and deserted – he began to associate with freshness, ease, invigorating cool.

Floristic theme does not go out of fashion, retrotemics are very popular in the image of flowers and plants. Wallpaper can be motley, cheerful, bright, but in this case, the furniture must fit more modest requirements. The choice of wallpaper, indeed, depends on a number of circumstances, and everything must be coincided for the ideal choice.

Choice with different factors

Someone prefers only wallpaper for painting: strong, reliable. They can be repainted in a few years without updating the room next sticking. Another more important to choose wallpaper, currently currently, is the rigorous, and the selection of options is carried out against the background of this basic query. Anyway, You have to obey not only practicality and fashion, but also a small list of other factors.


If the wallpaper is suitable for furniture, it is already half. For example, you have a beige-brown headset in your room, and you decided to wake the room with white wallpaper. It does not always work harmony, because warm shades are difficult to get along with a cold background.

Consider compatibility on examples.

  • Dark floral wallpaper – Gradually look, but only in combination with reconciling white. Very dark furniture can be completed with light countertops, but natural shades are actually no. They, as well as beige or sand floor, would look in such wallpaper.

  • Dark green wallpaper with blue subtock Might be perfectly combined with white furniture, but the owners, in addition to white shelves, there are striped chairs, a gray sofa and a wooden original table. And everything looks organic. But in such a combination a lot of tricks.

There are interior elements that balance all this variety – for example, a picture on the wall, carpet, curtains.

  • Excellent combination of all elements of the interior – Bright furniture, but not only white, and with the inclusions of the objects of the beach sand. Very successful combination of blue, white and light beige in one space. Dark furniture would be superfluous here, and if such a color objects, like legs in the chair, would be presented in more indoors, it would also be considered overload.

If you prefer bright, dominant wallpapers only at the wall where the sofa is, Find some color roll call in Color and Wallpaper Color. For example, a fader-yellow sofa finds a design-response in faded yellow stripes on wallpaper, or flowers, or elements of the ornament and so on.

You can stick the wallpaper that will obviously coincide only with textiles (plaid, carpet, curtains, napkins, tracks), and this is also not the worst decision.

Interior style

The living room design should follow a specific interior style, at least the main moments to adhere to. Contemporary manufacturers have whole collections of wallpaper, made according to the requirements of a particular interior style.

Consider bright examples.

  • Wallpaper in English style You can call strict and restrained: they are not very bright, the drawings on them are not the most expressive and impressive. Straight lines – this is what it is better to emphasize the style.

  • Scandinavian style wallpapers Presented in bulk shades with small prints made by pastel colors.

  • Classic style wallpapers may have gilded fragments. Wallpaper in retro style is natural coatings with vintage patterns, floral compositions, stripes and cells, abstraction.

For Provence style Flower topics suitable, as well as realistic photo wallpapers and materials that combine strict lines on a light background and floral ornament. On the wallpaper in the modern style there are contrasting color transitions, as well as bright drawings with clearly defined lines.

Interior style Modern Requires wallpaper that are stylized under brickwork, embossed stone, leather, wood, plaster.

Room size

The main query sounds like this: you need such a wallpaper so that the room seemed more. And it is logical, for a small room, the choice of wall decoration is strategically important. If the choice is successful, the hall in Khrushchev will seem not so small. Designer tricks:

  • If the room is low, then the problem partly can solve the wallpaper with vertical stripes – they, indeed, visually increase the height of the walls+
  • Dark shades in a small room will steal up to 45% of lighting, because only light will allow not to reduce the room visually even more+
  • Textured wallpaper with a slight relief – a good solution for the room in 16-18 kV. m, they will suit such a living room in that relief wallpapers are perfectly catching over, create color differences+
  • Wallpaper with glitter is also visually expanding space, but with respect to shine should be very careful – if there is a lot of it, the room can turn into a kitsch+
  • In the combination of wallpapers, the most successful tool can be molding – it provides the perfect interior, proportional, organized, increasing the height of the walls.

All – and dark walls, and a motley drawing, and a complex print, and a large ornament are allowed to the spacious living room. The main thing is that the psychologically new “outfit” of the walls did not prescribe and did not become an irritant.

Fengshui rules

How it is better to arrange the walls, many apartment owners are checked with Fengshui teaching. And the prescriptions of this ancient theory are really curious.

Choice of Wallpaper by Fengshui Rules:

  • Drawings with aggressive subtext will lead to mood drops, ailments, incomprehensible nature of lethargy+
  • Do not buy wallpaper with images of faded flowers and trees – it is believed that they negatively affect the mental state of the person+
  • If you choose the photo wallpaper, it is better if they are with paired images, one hero of the image symbolizes loneliness and looping on it+
  • It is believed that the image of architectural objects on wallpaper develops intelligence, motivates and stimulates mental activity+
  • Wallpapers and photo wallpapers with the image of the seas and lakes are a symbol of the full bowl, which is your home, but the photo wallpaper with waterfalls and fountains broadcast the leaving house well-being+
  • Flying items on wallpaper are active energy, but the option of such a design is more appropriate in the office (or in the living room area, which has this function).

Believe such recommendations or not – your solution, but even if Fengsui leaves you indifferent, orientation in the choice of wallpaper according to the parties of light has a more rational approach.

Side of Light

If the living room is on the south side, the question becomes decisive, How will the color of the wallpaper interact with natural living room lighting. On the sunny side there will be different options. For example, deep and saturated shades are permissible here, since good lighting will not allow “eat” space critically. Muffled colors are considered more preferable, because very bright under the obsessive sun can literally “cut” the eye. Cold shades in the sun room will create a feeling of coolness, and the colors of the natural gamut (sand, ocher, earth) will be most comfortable for the eyes.

For the northern room, a more suitable is considered a moderately contrasting interior. Use brown furniture, red, chocolate, burgundy, thick honey shades. But dark furniture put on a light background, and if your furniture is light, the background can be moderately dark. Do not get involved in black and white graphics in the northern living room. The eastern and southeastern living room will most suit brown or green wallpaper, the western side is preferable to the western and gentle pink shades.

Wallpaper Combination Recommendations

Experts allocate the basic rules for combining wallpaper, considering which you can beautifully and correctly shove wallpaper in the living room and without the help of specialists.

As competently combine:

  • Ideal if wallpapers are equal in thickness, especially if we are talking about the same wall+
  • In one room, more than two ornaments are a clear bust, it is permissible only if your combined wallpaper from the design collection+
  • Bright colors are always harmoniously combined with neutral shades – white, beige and light gray+
  • Always before buying wallpapers, fragments of two options attach a friend to a friend and appreciate them with natural lighting+
  • With a simple method, combinations combine only two colors that are perfect to each other+
  • If different wallpaper has chosen, they must have visible shares+
  • The advantages of combining wallpaper in the fact that they can zonate space, hide the flaws of the walls, emphasize the important elements of the living room.

Combination methods a lot. You can share the space vertically and horizontally, choose a visual focus, make accent and focus, highlight niches and protrusions.

The choice of wallpaper is very important The more “I saw the eye”, the easier the brain gets used to knowingly successfully solutions, professional design of rooms. Do not be afraid to learn from examples from famous logs, catalogs. Even if the interiors from there seem very rich and inaccessible, color combinations, combination, selection of furniture and decor are read and become an artistic guideline. And this will beneficially affect the repair in its own dwelling.

About how to choose the right wallpaper, look in the following video.

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