Which kitchen table is better to choose?

Which kitchen table is better to choose?

Meals are very important for people – both in physiological, and in moral terms, and in terms of personal communication. It is necessary to carefully study the features of each piece of furniture in the kitchen. The same deserves kitchen tables.

Basic rules of choice

Family members will constantly meet in the kitchen in the apartment. Sometimes guests are here. To make a meal and conversation to bring pleasure, you need to think not only about practical moments, and about the appearance of a specific product. In a small kitchen room, the dining table is often used as a desktop to prepare products for cooking culinary sizes. However, Even if the total area is sufficient, still on the kitchen table sometimes you have to cut something, draw up and so on.

Hence the first major requirement – Construction reliability. If it is not practical enough, serious problems may arise. The next moment is the same – decorative characteristics. In addition to these two things, it is necessary to take into account the sedes:

  • Stylistics kitchen+
  • The size of the room (the furniture should be commensurate)+
  • Number of family members.

It is better to choose a table on the kitchen with such a calculation to conveniently sear the whole family and the usual range of guests. But after that, there must be free space. After all, people have to get up, turning and so on. Yes, and the landing itself must occur without any difficulty. To not be lost in guess, can be repelled just from universal formulas derived by experts.

They found that Sitting feel comfortable when there are at least 0.6 m at a minimum of 0.6 m in a width and 0.4 m in depth. Over these figures you need to leave at least 0.2 m wide for a common setting. Based on universal numbers, you can confidently say that the dining table should not be 0.8-0.85 m.

At the same time, it is selected separately, judging by its own needs, and not on finished standards.

IMPORTANT: Special meaning in choosing tables is wider than 1.05 m. Use such tables is very uncomfortable even in the largest rooms. In such a situation, it is difficult to communicate hard, and I do not have to count on the comfort. It is also worth thinking about the geometry of the finished product. Family of 4-6 people will be satisfied with rectangular furniture 1.5×0.9 m. If there are 7 or 8 people in the house, you will have to choose a model with dimensions 2×1.1 m.

In order not to acquire too large and cumbersome product, you can prefer Transforming design. As for the form, the rectangle is chosen mainly for classic interiors. This product is very convenient, as it can be without problems set to the wall or moved to the middle of the kitchen. If there is no enough space, you need to look at Square versions – they differ quite high “capacity”. Square shape is optimally suitable for small kitchen.

Round tables look as interesting as possible and original. Such models are worth choosing in a house where there are children and pets – those and others can be very injured when hitting the angle. However, the rounded product will not be asleep close to the wall or partition. A kind of hybrid of a circle and a rectangle acts oval – this form looks great and combines the best qualities of two other configurations. You can also look at the semicircular tables.

What material is better?

Strength, reliability and stability of furniture directly depend on the materials from which it is made. Recommendation: It is worth choosing a model where the tabletop and legs are made of one substance. This makes the design more well-coordinated aesthetic and prevents many technical problems. First of all, still deserves the material from which countertops do. An indisputable classic is wood – she has been used for several thousand years.

The advantages of wooden products can be considered:

  • excellent strength+
  • reliability+
  • Long service+
  • Pleasant appearance (almost unattainable for artificial materials).

Tint and texture of table tops vary greatly depending on the wood breed and even from the age of the tree, which is used in a particular case. Wooden furniture is guaranteed to fit into classic and even emphasized the old-fashioned setting. Of the more exotic options often recommend rattan. The lightness of this material does not prevent him from being quite strong and used for many years. Usually rathanes are covered with thick glasses. This solution allows you to:

  • Save an appearance+
  • Enhance operational characteristics+
  • Prevent clogging of groats with crumbs and food parties.

Countertops sometimes make glass. Immediately note that the legs from this material are not released. Glass models are visually lightweight and do not clutter space. At the same time, their functionality is not in doubt. Merry versions of the glass table are made, of course, not from the window glass, but from its special version. Such material is able to survive even a strong blow, and if it is damaged, then the guaranteed will not injure.

Glass surface can be:

  • transparent 100%+
  • With a matte cast+
  • With different drawings+
  • With pictures applied by photo printing.

Most often design of glass is equipped with metal legs. Such models will be perfectly fit into minimalist interiors and a high-tech style setting. You can also consider such options:

  • Laminated chipboard (LDSP)+
  • Chipboard with veneer+
  • a natural stone+
  • tile.

The last 2 options are rare.

How to choose color?

Now in fashion such colors of interior and furniture objects, like green and white tone. Tints of green positively affect the nervous system, do not harm vision and help tune in to work. White tone is truly versatile and fit into absolutely any environment. At the peak of fashion is located and saturated purple color. If not so much fashion considerations are important as practical moments, you need to pay attention to universal recommendations for kitchen tables.

In bright kitchen, eat also light furniture is not too practical. This can lead to the effect of blurring the outlines. But you can choose the same color as the facades of cabinet furniture. It is only necessary to vary shades, choosing a tabletop for 1-2 tones lighter or darker. Then it turns out a very winning combination.

Important: a tough binding to the tone of the facades is optional (even on the principle of contrast). It is quite possible to repel from the opposition of light and dark colors in general. In dark rooms, it is recommended to use furniture to be addressed to eliminate unpleasant glooming and improving the perception of space. With caution in any case, it is necessary to approach intricate screaming colors. They help to allocate part of the room, but calm and harmony are very important in the kitchen.

Review of domestic producers

The following stamps deserve attention in the economical price group:

  • “Commander”+

  • “Domotek”+

  • “Vista”+

  • “Cube”.

Russian production products under these brands are described realistic. That is, the manufacturer directly and honestly indicates, for example, how good the glass he used. Do not even trust in a small degree mention of the type “Absolutely Italian Quality”. All these statements – Marketing Step. Pretty good positions among domestic manufacturers takes Firm Kenner.

Classic design tables of the middle price group supplies the company “Leader Furniture”. She applies varnishes delivered from Italy. Fully made of natural wood is made by kitchen furniture under the brand “Comfortstole”. However, the design is noticeably less diverse than Kenner. Attention also deserves classic birch products under the brand “Utah” and oak products “Orimex”.

Pretty many people give preference to furniture from Belarus. Among the tables supplied from there to various cities of our country, the products of Pinskdrev firm deserves mention. This manufacturer uses a birch and oak array. Its assortment has both ordinary tables and original transformers. Great and variety of paints.

Rating overseas brands

Italian kitchen tables for quality have long and firmly occupy one of the leading positions. But the cost of production Factories Italy is large enough. Popular and demanded worldwide tables will cost the consumer in 100-300 thousand. rubles. We are talking about the following brands:

  • Domitalia+

  • Tonin Casa+

  • Riflessi+

  • Cattelan.

High price is quite justified. And it’s not just amazing design. Consumers can be confident in the use of solid countertops and in reliable fixing all parts. Products of Chinese factories can be very different in their characteristics.

In the economy segment only occasionally high-quality components and rational technological methods.

Even in various ratings, these firms are consistently included:

  • Boca Do Lobo+

  • Koket+


  • Olivia Bar+

  • Cross+

  • IB Gallery.


Since in the overwhelming majority kitchen area is relatively small, it is not necessary to especially choose between options for placing furniture. The table usually take place at the wall opposite to the working area. Only in relatively few spacious premises, tables place in the middle. It is impossible to underestimate such a characteristic as the number of legs. Single-legged designs if they are thought out, turn out to be quite stable and very convenient.

It is excluded in this case a constant clash of legs with a tabletop support. Two-legged options can look very compact, but this solution is quite inconvenient. Due to the design features, it will be impossible to sit down at the end. On three legs preferably round tables. And in traditional models, four legs are almost always used – and this method is even more practical than other solutions.

Mandatory requirement for a good modern table is the compliance with the kitchen interior. Therefore, it is necessary to choose it when the rest of the ensemble is determined. Or initially make a clear project, which then strictly adhere to. Quite a reasonable choice in the modern interior will be tables with bar racks. In any cases, before you need to get acquainted with the reviews.

How to choose the right kitchen table correctly, look in the following video.

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