White kitchen design options with wooden table top

White kitchen design options with wooden table top

White kitchens with a wooden countertop – a real classic that remains in fashion for many years. The combination of natural array and glossy or matte facade refreshes any interior, gives him respectability and traditional. The heat of natural material creates a special atmosphere in the kitchen and does not require additional support in the form of bright and saturated colors.

Glossy and matte kitchen headsets in white look attractive, fit almost any style in the interior and decorate even a small space.

Features, pros and cons

The ability to harmoniously combine colors and shades – a big talent, not given to each designer. That is why most people who independently draw up their home, preferred classical combinations. But fashion does not stand still. How can a modern interior design of gray-white and black and white kitchen with apron? To sort out the most interesting trends, it is enough to consider all the current options in more detail.

White kitchen headset never goes without attention – it is accused of excessive marked surfaces, then declare a real hit in the field of design. Of course, to maintain the cleanliness of the working surfaces and facades in this case is somewhat more complicated. But the pleasure of contemplating his purity and harmony is difficult to overestimate. Besides, Light surfaces in glossy execution make practically imperceptible fingerprints, water drops.

This design of space is easy to make a background or transform, simply adding bright details, while not changing anything change. White kitchen with a wooden countertop – an interesting design solution that can harmoniously fit into any space. Among her obvious advantages can be noted the following.

  • Visual expansion of Square. White color erases borders, makes it possible to create a feeling of space and ease. Using it in a small kitchen, you can avoid the feeling of cramped. In the spacious room, the presence of wooden countertops allows you to avoid blurry, gives the interior design depth.
  • Lack of monochromicity. Monotonous headsets look too monotonous and flat. The tabletop with a fundamentally different texture and the original natural pattern becomes the color stain that does not create dramatic contrasts. If you want to strengthen the impression, you can unusually beat the design of the apron, focusing on it.
  • Lack of lighting problems. Light surfaces, especially in large quantities, and in glossy execution well reflect light. Using this effect, it can be significantly saved on natural and artificial lighting.
  • Practicality. Despite the increasing opinion that white covers are lighter than dirty, in the headset with a wooden tabletop, the main “blow” takes on the work surface. Accordingly, in the process of use, intensively struggling with pollution does not have to. Maintain order will be quite simple.
  • Noble combination. Natural wood and white background in combination look incredibly harmoniously. Even inexpensive wood species in such a combination looks respectable and luxurious. White itself also gives additional chic and gloss, emphasizes good taste of room owners.

Lack of white kitchens with a wooden countertop only one – high cost, because the materials still claim to be respectfulness.

Follow the order, too, will have a little more. Otherwise, the combination of pure white color of the kitchen headset and array of wood has exceptionally advantages.


White kitchen with a wooden countertop can be open (in a minimalist or scandinavian style) or with closed-type facades, in traditional execution. In addition, you will have to choose the type of surface – it happens matte and glossy. It is worth noting that The countertop is selected taking into account the design of the rest of the headset, its texture depends largely on which choice will be made.

Glossy facades

Sparkling gloss of the white surface of the cabinets always looks very effectively. Usually such design solutions are chosen for small areas. Support in the form of a snow-white ceiling and walls, contrasting dark floor allows you to visually pull out the room, add it to the space. Matte countertops pick up glossy facades, allowing you to create the necessary contrast in the interior.

Frosted facades

Choosing a matte coating for facade structures, you can not worry about how the table top it will be combined well. The versatility of the design solution makes it possible to use modern and classic motifs in the finish. You can make quite interesting combinations of options, including with a bar counter or partially open shelves. Cleaning of the spots on the matte surface will occupy more time than on the glossy coating, where they are enough just to erase. Lighting the interior will also have to think in detail.

Matte surface absorbs light, and does not scatter it. Accordingly, it will have to take care that the kitchen is quite well highlighted.

Material table top

Making countertops for such a kitchen is made of solid array or glued raw materials. The most commonly used quite solid and at the same time good breed processing are:

  • ash+
  • beech+
  • oak+
  • larch.

These types of wood are considered noble, elitar. They provide a product for a long service life, well confront moisture impact. In budget versions of the heads apply more accessible options. Pine or spruce massif of wood is less density, quickly loses an attractive view under the influence of moisture and pollution.

Table tops from glued massif are used by modern manufacturers much more often. This option provides for the creation of a typesetting of thin slats, well dried and connected with a special resin, under the press. It costs such a solution much cheaper, the finished product is less prone to a change in geometric parameters, resistant to moisture. The finished countertop is immediately obtained by moisture-resistant, has all the characteristics of the natural tree.

Method of gluing may provide for the connection of the material only in width or in all directions. The surface can maintain a natural color gamut, in this case it is simply covered with special wax and lacquer. If you need to give simple wood a more noble appearance, toning is applied. You can use shades:

  • Mahagona+
  • Wenge+
  • Cherry+
  • Oak (whitening, moraine, gray)+
  • Out+
  • Buka.

Each of these colors of the table top will look harmoniously against the background of the snow-white facade. In addition, veneered or laminated chipboard can be used in the budget version. In this case, the quality of the material will correspond to its price.

Shape headset

When choosing a kitchen headset, it is important to understand that the rationality of the use of space will depend on it. If we are talking about a typical apartment where it is difficult to highlight a separate area under the dining room, it is better to choose the most ergonomic options. Direct linear kitchen on one wall, refrigerator in the reach zone – here is the layout option for small housing. If you want more, and the room is small, the good choice will be Corner configuration. In the corner there is a washing, the work surface gets the necessary elongation.

If the kitchen is used exclusively by destination, it is worth considering the option with parallel or island placement modules. In the first case, cabinets and work surfaces are located on two opposite walls. Bar rack can be placed between them, making the configuration close to P-figured. Such an option is suitable for a kitchen, where many built-in or large-sized equipment.

White kitchen with an island in the center looks interesting and stylish, but requires a spacious room, otherwise the idea implemented will create a lot of inconveniences.

Style solution

The choice of style for white kitchen with a wooden countertop can also be practically anyone, with the exception of high-tech or pompous rococo. Among the most popular, the following stylistic directions can be distinguished.

  • Scandinavian. Simple and concise style that does not provide luxury. The facades are better to choose simple, painted, countertop with the most rough texture. White tile in the field of apron trust in the picture.

  • Minimalism. Modern style, in which the combination of natural materials and a laconic color solution will also rule the ball. Clean white walls with matte texture in combination with a glossy head of the tone here look more than appropriate, the table top should be light enough. A bright apron with a geometric ornament will become a stylish final stroke. Minimalism eliminates the use of a large number of baubles, color varnish.

  • Provence. Style included in the group “rural” or country, along with Shebbi-Shikovo, Rustic. Characterized by relaxation, ease. White color here can have bluish, creamy, lavender subton, instead of glass appropriately use in suspended cabinets Original stained glass windows with watercolor.

  • Classical. Traditional cuisine for a large family house or a small bachelor apartment is suitable as it is impossible. The classic involves the use of solid-quality furniture from an array, with a matte noble texture. Clean lines, strict geometry, and no extra ornaments, but allowed room plants and live flowers in vases.

  • Modern. Modern kitchen in white can also have a wooden countertop. But here it will be supplemented with an interesting toning, born wood can be used with characteristic subapalities. With such a design element, lacquered plastic or vinyl facades are combined, and chrome fittings.

Possible color combinations

How can you add white kitchen colors? It can be brought by walls, the finishes of which ensures the necessary contrast. If you want a maximum of light, It is enough just to focus on the work surface with apron. Different design techniques are appropriate here – the technique of applying color decorative plaster, a tile under stone and brick can be used. But much more often apron becomes a bright intestine, where blue, emerald, salad and orange colors are used.

If the table top is dark, it can be supplemented with a black marble with a mirror glitter, and adding a black and white floor, it will be possible to emphasize the aesthetics of minimalism. The gray-white interior (for example, with a bright oak working surface) can be supplemented with similar inserts or frames on the facades, metal fittings in the tone. Popular and pure-white glossy kitchens with tiled apron and matte walls.

If you want bold contrasts, one wall in the room can be made bright – the wine-red, emerald, turquoise or trimmed with wood in the color of the countertops.

Beautiful interior ideas

  • Bright example design of kitchen in modern style. The apron repeats the colors of the table top, the walls have a white pink shade, softening the outer coldness of the main color solution.

  • Range style embodiment in white kitchen with wooden table top. Simple stone floor facing, tile under the brick on the walls, emphasized “rural” furnishings and a luxurious table made of natural wood in the color of the working surface, as an accent in the interior.

  • Modern kitchen, which is easy to attribute to the stylistics of Scandinavian minimalism. Color conciseness is compensated by interesting details. Thoughtful layout makes a small kitchen very functional.

How to make a wooden table top for the kitchen with your own hands, look in the following video.

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