Yellow walls in the kitchen: features and creative options

Yellow walls in the kitchen: features and creative options

Yellow walls in the kitchen – it is creative and stylish. Many people want to issue an interior in such a style, but before this it is necessary to study the features and rules for the design of solar shades.


Yellow contributes to cheerfulness, improves appetite and gives rise to a desire to communicate. Also such a tone can increase mental activity, so it is popular in kitchens. You can rarely meet the bedroom decorated in such a bright color decision.

Despite the positive features of the pigment, it is called dangerous, as it rapidly raises and causes fatigue. To not spoil the mood and always feel in the kitchen well, it is recommended to dispense the amount of yellow in the interior. It is important to competently calculate the proportions, combinations of pigments and selected shades.

The kitchen with yellow walls will enjoy a person who is characterized by cheerfulness, sociability, optimism and self-confidence.

Yellow is able to visually add volume of subjects and facilitate them. For example, the kitchen in such a color scheme will look more, but the massiveness is not inherent. If only one side is painted into such a tone, the space will visually expand, and the ceiling will be higher.

How to choose a shade

Choosing, what wallpaper or paint is suitable for wall surfaces in the kitchen, you should remember On the following nuances:

  • If the windows are located on the sunny side, You should not choose too bright shades, as it will be already hot in the kitchen, solar tones will additionally add heat+
  • For cold premises It is recommended to choose a rich color, it will help make the design of the room more warm+
  • For classic style Five yellow walls for the kitchen in muted tonality+
  • If the interior is modern, Juicy tone is preferred for it+
  • Some people choose Photo wallpaper, who will act as an emphasis in the kitchen interior.

    Yellow is considered universal. It is also called a solar tone. He is able to harmoniously look almost with any shades.

    Each combination is considered unique if its solar tone is present in it.

    Lyme shade

    This option has freshness, where natural materials will look good along with natural decor items.

    Orange, Dark Yellow

    Such a tone will be organically combined with a dark palette of the Red. However, with such a combination, you need to act carefully, since the oversaturation will look ugly. It is recommended to use fiery only for emphasis and parts in the interior.


    For bright and solar lemon colors, you should choose golden or silver decor. Gold will look better in classic design, and silver – with modern destinations.

    Stylishly looks like a combination of yellow with black. Apply a large number of dark recommended only if the kitchen has enough area. For a small room, black can only be details.

    If the wallpaper has yellow, you should not buy furniture in black color scheme. It is better to pay attention to options with a black pattern, finishing of the facade and some parts.

    White kitchen paired with lemon is the best option. Using such a combination, you can balancing yellow. This option will be relevant not only for the classics, but also for modern destinations.

    Combination with furniture and textiles

    Working out the project of its kitchen, you should consider the problem of the combination of yellow with furniture objects and textiles.

    Kitchen set

    It is allowed to use an identical shade with walls or implementation in another tonality. The second option is relevant, if the emphasis is done on textiles, the surface of the ceiling, floor, or on the paintings.

    Beige sets – the most optimal option. Also suitable furniture of orange or brown. Saturated yellow wall surfaces will win with a white or black headcard. Red furniture items in the kitchen area will be well combined with light sun shadt tones.


    Curtains – a key link in the interior. They need to choose, thinking a combination of a combination with walls and other kitchen elements. Textiles is able to successfully emphasize, focus on the style decision and emphasize the status of the room.

    If heavy curtains are selected, the kitchen will become similar to the living room. If you change their curtains, the length of which rides only before the windowsill, the room will receive a large amount of light and will not look like official.

    Choosing curtains, you should remember the main nuances.

    • You can choose yellow curtains in an identical tonality with walls. This is done if bright stains are located on the walls or apron.
    • For Country Style You should choose a tablecloth, kitchen towels with curtains made of equal fabric. You can add to the interior of the pillow on the chairs, made in a single style.
    • The selection of the length of the curtain depends on such a factor as the battery. If it looks neat and modern, the length of the curtain can reach the windowsill. For the old radiator, it is better to choose a longer option.
    • For bright yellow wall surfaces Suitable combination with blue, green and brown curtains. Black or yellow textiles can also be viewed.

    Table and chairs

    The furniture market has a huge number of variations of chairs and furniture. For this reason, before buying, it should be decided which model will look good in the kitchen. It depends on what priorities exist in the family: For connoisseurs of the home the hearth, a round-shaped table was created from wood.

    For a kitchen of a small area, you can choose a set of tables with plastic chairs. If the owner of the housing does not plan to invite large companies and work cooking, the option with a bar counter and toas.

    Also for small spaces are sold folding structures.


    This part should be good to harmonize not only with the headcard, but also with the rest of the color palette of the room as a whole.

    If the headset is red, the walls of the lemon, then the apron must have a white or red tone. Such a solution can be combined with curtains and other textile products, without combining the color of the walls and headset.

    When choosing apron should be remembered about the rule of three colors. It suggests that any interior should consist of three tones, where two are bright.


    Lighting – an important detail of each room. For kitchens with a large hid, you should choose massive chandeliers. Designers recommend setting minimum two light sources, one of which will be located above the table.

    If the room has a yellow color solution, the chandelier can be white with gold elements. Alternatively, you can consider a white chandelier with brown or yellow items. Accent attention on it is not recommended. Interior and so bright.

    Style solution

    Yellow wallpaper in the kitchen is a good solution for any style. In the modern style interior, it is often combined with white, black and red notes.

    For Provence or Country Solar shades are also suitable. It is better to pay attention to muffled tones. The muted shade of sunny will be relevant for the Scandinavian interior, minimalism.

    Loft – This is a design that allows any shades of sunny. Most designers offer their customers a combination with wall-mounted brick surfaces.

    When choosing Classics You should act carefully, since a large amount of yellow can spoil the whole atmosphere. It is best to make yellow only one of the surfaces of the walls and dilute the interior of several details with a similar pigment (the dilution of curtains, vases and other details of the decor). Replacement on gold – also a suitable idea.

    How to pick up yellow color for walls, look in the following video.

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