Choose children’s wetsuit for swimming in the pool

Choose children's wetsuit for swimming in the pool

If the child is swimming, it may be necessary for training workouts. This sportswear has a lot of advantages: it not only increases buoyancy, but also helps to prevent heat loss. In the case when the pool is open-air, this product protects the body from solar burns and damage.


Suit for swimming in the pool is able to perform a protective function. In training, this product is also useful and the fact that its smooth coating allows to reduce water resistance. Due to this, the results are better to play an important role for small athletes.

The principle of the action of the Wetsuit is based on the fact that water falling under it, there remains, heating from the body temperature of the swimmer. Due to this, it turns out to keep warm, and the child will not freeze even in a pretty cool pool. For this reason, the main requirement for such products is the most dense adjacent to the body.

In addition, a person who has put on a wetsuit should not have a feeling of stiffness. And also follow the lack of cavities. Collar usually quite high. Since the seeping of cold water can deliver a lot of unpleasant sensations, the moment should also be excluded.


Wetsuit may be several types. Among them are distinguished, wet and semihow.

As for the first species, it absolutely excludes entering the liquid. Such suits are used for children in exceptional cases, they usually acquire divers and scientists. The cost of products is very high.

These models can be used to people who are engaged in an underwater hunt. It is recommended to use special gloves and shoes. It is possible to connect a suit of this type to scuba having a tube to download breathing air.

Hydroyshapes are also popular for underwater hunting. Due to the presence of seals and zippers, they block water from entering.

When selecting this product, it is important to pay attention to the size.

For children, wet wet costumes for swimming in the pool. They allow water to fall under the surface where it warms up under the influence of body temperature and retains comfortable sensations for a long time. Here are also their subspecies:

  • Naked wetsuits are the thinnest and applied exclusively for classes in warm water+
  • The most popular are bilateral duplicated, unlike one-sided, they have more serious protection+
  • Combined suggest duplication depending on the need for upper or lower part.

And the separation occurs in thickness. The indicator can be from 3 to 5 millimeters. The longer it is supposed to find in water, the more thick material should be chosen. The maximum size can reach 7 millimeters, it is suitable for long-distance swims. If the child, for example, plays a water polo, a sufficient suite of 3 millimeters thick.

The difference is available in the location of lightning. It can be located in the abdomen, backs or neck.


For the manufacture of children’s wetsuits, such material is most often used as neoprene. It has both advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, you should stay at the advantages. Neoprene stretches perfectly, which allows you to shoot and wear a water-beam, without experiencing special difficulties. And he does not shine movements and resistant to external influences, so it will be problematic to damage such a product.

Neoprene does not require special care and easy to use. During swimming, the heat will be maintained for a long time. Costume can be performed in different colors. In addition, it is distinguished by the cost.

However, there exist in this material and disadvantages. If there are no special inserts to protect against wind, it can be bludge. However, for closed pools, this is not a problem, so many parents do not pay attention to this indicator.

Tips for choosing

    Children’s wetsuit should be chosen depending on the purpose. Plays a role not only water, but also air.

    The main condition of the product is the density of its adherence. New water should not fall under the surface and mix with already heated. The costume should not be neglened, nor wrinkle or stretch. If the size does not fit, it is recommended to refuse to buy.

    If we are talking about children up to 2 years old, the choice of costume needs to be done according to the dimensional grid. Such kids grow very actively, and growth may change quite in just a few months. The guys older costume will be enough for a couple of years.

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