Pool cap: characteristics, rules of choice and wearing

Pool cap: characteristics, rules of choice and wearing

In addition to glasses, bathing suit and towels, a special headdress is required to visit the pool. The choice of caps should be thoughtful, as the market offers a wide range of models.


In most public swimming pools, visitors must swim in the hat. If this information is not prescribed in the requirements, it is still better to go to such an institution in a special headdress. Today there is a huge assortment of swimming hats, which are beautifully stretched and conveniently sitting on the head.

With this swimming accessory, functions are performed:

  • Prevents clogging of the filter element of the pool hairs+
  • Protecting the hair cover of the head of the swimmer from the negative effect of water with chlorine (in the absence of a bathing accessory, hair becomes prone to fallout, luxury, losing their shine)+
  • Prevents fluid from entering auditory passages+
  • reduced resistance that can occur during the swimming process+
  • The main volume of hair is protected from wetting+
  • Warning strands in the eyes, as well as their entanglement in glasses+
  • Reduced heat transfer+
  • emphasizes the individuality and original style.

This accessory is useful and during a trip to the sea, since It is able to protect curls from the destructive influence of sea salt. In the swimming header, the head does not sweat and does not frozen, and is also completely protected from ultraviolet radiation.

Materials and colors

Currently, people who wish to buy a swimming cap can be confused at the time of choice. The thing is that This headpiece can be both waterproof and transmitting water, on velcro or with ears.

The range of data accessories for the pool pleases the eye and a wide range of colors. Girls, for example, can buy a waterproof hat with flowers, robes and another. But for men there is both funny options, and restrained, for example, white disposable hats. Many guys and girls like funny hats with cartoon characters or bulk figures.

From silicone

Silicone hats for the pool today are considered the most popular. The demand of the accessory is associated with its elasticity, hypoallergenia, ease of use and care, strength. Consumers can choose An individual version of this head-building, as the color and design solutions are presented in a wide range. The cost of silicone hats is low. The disadvantage of such a bathing accessory can only be called that they are unpleasant to the touch.

Silicone caps are very simply put on, as they are characterized by drig. During the wearing of this accessory, there is no unpleasant sensation. To ensure the reliability of the adjustment, on the head selection of silicone there are thickening around the edges.

This type of caps are recommended for professional occupations in the pools, as they are not going to the folds and do not blocked. Since silicone has the ability to pull the head, when buying products it is better to give preference not too close size.

From latex

Latex and rubber hats used for swimming in the pool, are quite inexpensive. But they have much more minuses:

  • Sophisticated displacement and removal procedure+
  • Lack of comfort during use, which is expressed in adhesion to the hairproof head+
  • need for additional processing talc to prevent gluing+
  • ability to cause allergic manifestations.

From textiles

Textile or knitted hats for swimming are made of synthetic material. It can be like Lycra and Polyester. The benefits of this head remote can be attributed to the following:

  • Lack of squeezing of the head+
  • Accessory does not create difficulties while putting on and removal+
  • Excellent fixation of the head of the head+
  • Available cost+
  • lack of electrification strands.

Among the negative characteristics of this type of swimming accessories are highlighted Passenger, That is, hair not protected from negative water influence.

Another minus textile hats is high resistance in the process of swimming. It is best to use such accessories not for the swimming process, but for the occupation of aquaaerobic.


Caps for swimming, which are made of textiles, but from above are silicone, called combined. Disadvantage of such models one is their high cost.

The benefits of the accessory are the following features:

  • elasticity+
  • Ease of wearing+
  • Big effect on the scalp+
  • Easy to wear, removal+
  • Easy to care+
  • good strength and vapor+

Combined type swimming products are considered pretty practical and comfortable in the sock. If the swimmer can afford such an accessory, then he will serve him for a long time and delight his quality.


Caps for the pool are children and adults. Adult accessories large sizes than children, but it is worth knowing that Different manufacturers have the size of this head, may vary.

Volumetric Swimming Caps can always be found in the market of modern sports goods. They are presented in a varied color scheme that helps swimmers look stylish. Manufacturers who produce bathing caps took care of children who love to swim. Children’s accessories have a smaller volume and do not squeeze the head of young swimmers.

There are also Professional varieties of swimming caps with high hydrodynamic properties. They are The best option for high-speed swimming, Since they are characterized by the full compliance of the human head anatomy.

Girls who have long hair can buy a headpad for swimming, Equipped with additional volume. Such accessories reliably protect long strands, and they do not interfere with the lady sail.

Tips for choosing

Cap for swimming and soul can be purchased at the store of sports goods. All other attributes for such workouts are also sold there. So that the hair does not go out during swimming, a girl, as well as a young man It is worth choosing the accessory for swimming in the outdoor pool. Specialists recommend trying on a headpad for swimming right on site and stay in it at least for 3-5 minutes to understand how comfortable. If the accessory for swimming uncomfortable, it is worth choosing something else.

For ladies with long hair, there are special hats in which water procedures can be carried out without watered strands. Such products are manufactured with the presence of an elongated back, in which the girl should place his curls. However, you need to remember that Similar models are not too streamlined, so it will not be very convenient to engage in sports swimming.

The lies of the same men are the easiest way, since the hat for swimming is not needed. However, if you want to emphasize the image and make it stylish, you can stay on some unusual model.

Choosing a hatching cap, it is worth considering such moments:

  • Material of manufacture+
  • price+
  • Color decoration, designer solution.

The cheapest option for bathing accessories is considered Latex models. However, it is worth knowing that they are difficult to wear on the head due to poor stretching. Also latex hats are short-lived, they can be easy to break. Everything else, such an accessory is able to cause an allergic reaction.

Silicone headdress for bathing is much more expensive than the previous, However, such a purchase will be justified by investment. This accessory does not cause allergic reactions, it can be easily put on and removed, it also does not create difficulties in care. Available in sale both seamless options and seams. A wide selection of colors cannot but please consumers.

Fabric headdress has a considerable cost, which is practically not justified. I use such a hat for swimming in the pool, you should not count on protecting the hairproof head, which in any case wet. The most expensive view of the swimming accessory is combined. This convenient and practical product is perfectly worn, does not create difficulties in leaving, removing, putting on.

Modern swimming pool hats have a beautiful appearance, there are various images, volumetric parts. Many manufacturers implement collections in a single color scheme. For example, swimsuit and headdress can be sold together and have one color.

But the baby who are engaged in the pool from birth, do not get the headdress. but Immediately after the procedures, they need to wear a cap to avoid supercooling.

Beautiful and interesting bathing accessory will help the child to swim in the pool with pleasure, feeling confident. According to consumers, children who have original headwear for swimming, with a greater hunt visit training. Preferably, young swimmers independently choose hats for themselves, guided by their taste.

If a child has curly or too volumetric hair, it is recommended to purchase the smallest adult product for it.

Basic selection criteria:

  • Headdress for swimming should hide the hair on the head+
  • the accessory should hide your ears to prevent water from entering them+
  • The product is obliged to quickly wear and remove+
  • Hood should be characterized by dense edges, good elasticity+
  • We carry this product can not cause allergic reactions in humans.

Rules of wearing and care

Before starting to constantly wear a swimming cap, you should learn to wear it right. If the latex cap, then the process of its wear can be painful for the child, and for an adult. In the event of inconvenience, during the work of the product, you can spoil yourself the mood before the sports training. In the case of silicone accessories, problems with putting on and with removal is practically not observed.

If the swimmer is dry, clean and electrified hair, then they should be smoaping.

Long curls need to be collected by a bundle using the gum, as the hairpin can damage the accessory. If there are earrings, they are recommended to shoot them.

In the headdress it is worth covering two hands and stretch it. After that, you need to insert your head between the palms. The header for the pool is on the head, and the sliding book of the palm gradually lowered until the ears are closed with a headdress. Next, the cap should be accurately straightening up all directions by checking the presence of eliminated curls. If the latter are available, then they should be put under the cap and smooth.

Adults must teach their children to put on and removing swimming accessories. Also, parents must control the permanent wear of this head, before the swimming process. Before putting on the product it is better to smoke. To remove the hat, it is enough to pull it out of my head with special accuracy. Wherein It is worth pulling away one of the edges of the product and pull it.

Events for the care of this swimming accessory depends on the material of manufacture. But some common rules still exist:

  • After each application, the cap is worthwheeling with flowing cold water+
  • After washing a headdress, you need to dry in a straightened form without direct sunlight+
  • Can not be allowed to contact the chat for the pool with sharp objects, such as studs or earrings+
  • If the product is damaged, and there is even a tiny hole, it needs to be replaced with a new.

LATECSKY PRODUCTS PRODUCT TALKOM after drying. About such models Users leave the most negative responses. Swimmers celebrate their impracticality and short service life. People who love comfort can go to the pool in fabric accessories, also prefer the parents of young athletes. Silicone and combined swimming caps are most popular, as they are durable and safe.

About how to choose a hat for swimming, look next.

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