Women’s hats for the pool: description, types, rules of choice

Women's hats for the pool: description, types, rules of choice

Swimming is one of the most popular sports. Swim in the cool pool nice and very useful for health. However, many women refuse to this classes, because after training it has to dry the hair for a long time, and the curls themselves become brittle. Prevent these problems are quite simple, you just need to buy a beautiful happy for the pool.


Women’s hat for the pool – an indispensable attribute in the process of swimming in chlorinated water. In many pools, it is even a mandatory subject.

Benefits that will bring her acquisition.

  • Chlorine negatively affects the condition of the hair. If you do not want straight to become fragile and dry, just hide them under the stylish hat.
  • In addition to the poor condition of the hair, ladies can also encounter with diseases of ears, which regularly registers cool water. Thanks to the headache, the ears will be securely covered.
  • If the hair is wedged, and in the room is not too hot, then Fast heat transfer will begin, and you will freeze. So that this does not happen, hairstyle need to protect the headdress for swimming.
  • Any healthy person loses every day at least a few hairs. All this falls on the bottom of the pool, scoring filters and leading to water quality deterioration. That is why some pools do not allow visitors to swimming without a headdress.


Unfortunately, many ladies believe that the swimming cap spoils the appearance, especially if the figure is not perfect. It was possible that there were several dozen years ago when women were only available one view of hats. However, today everything has changed, and you can choose from a rather large range. Consider several popular species.

  • Starts. These are professional models that are buying women in swimming professionally. Such products are suitable for competitions, they reduce resistance, allowing the swimmer to move faster. There are no folds on starting models, they are completely adjacent to the head.

Rates for similar hats are high, so the ladies who swim in their pleasure is better to stay on other varieties.

  • Waterpole. Such types of hats will be needed to play water polo. They are equipped with a special elastic band, which passes under the chin, connecting the cap on both sides. Thanks to this design, the ears of the player is protected from liquid ingress, and the head – from blowing the ball.

  • For long hair. Women possessing luxurious long curls can choose a special hat capable of fully hidden hairstyle. There are additional volumes in such products. There are also models consisting of two parts.

First, the hair is cleaned under the fabric and fixed, and then a headdress is already put on.

  • Volumeful. This is a new variety of hats, but it has already managed to evaluate hundreds of women who do not think their life without swimming, but those who want to stay beautiful even in the basin. Such caps are models with different volumetric figures.

It can be flowers, a variety of water droplets, ornaments, images of animals and birds, there are even cartoon characters.


Swimming caps are classified not only in appearance and purpose, but also by manufacturing material. Such materials may be several.


This is the material that first began to use for making hats. The only positive side of the latex is the price – such caps are very cheap, and allow them to be able to themselves any lady. On this, all the advantages are completed, and a number of flaws begins:

  • Low Quality – Rubber Caps Enough only several times+
  • It is impossible to wear it normally and remove+
  • In the process, the socks strands begin to stick, the cap pulls and tears hair, which is very uncomfortable+
  • May cause allergies+
  • After use, it needs to be powder with a talc, otherwise it will be glued.


Silicone caps are far superior to their qualities latex.

Their advantages:

  • Silicone is very elastic, it stretches well, enough such a hat for a long time+
  • It is excluded to enter water, and the strands will not stick to the material+
  • Absolutely hypoallergenic, even those who are inclined to allergies can be purchased+
  • produced in different designs and colors.

However, there are also cons of such a solution:

  • The headdress is very tightly adjacent to the head, so in some cases the caps can put pressure on the forehead and whiskey+
  • Silicone can be easily damaged if you use metal decorations, so before training you need to remove earrings, hairpins and gums with metal elements.


Textile swimming caps are usually made from Lycra, as well as polyester.

Positive sides:

  • The headdress is very easy to wear and shoot in contrast to previous models+
  • Tissue cap absolutely does not prescribe, wearing it comfortably+
  • strands are not electrified+
  • The price is quite affordable.

Nevertheless, experts recommend buying such seats not for swimming, but for occupations of aquaerobic. There are several reasons for this:

  • hair will still glow, because any tissue passes water+
  • If the material is cheap, then the product is growing rapidly+
  • Quickly swim in such a hat will not work, it is not intended for active workouts.

Combined options

Combined models are the best solution because they combine convenience and benefits. Such caps consist of two layers. Upper usually silicone, it prevents moisture from entering, and the lower – fabric, providing comfort.

Thanks to this decision:

  • Hair remains absolutely dry+
  • Forehead pressure does not feel+
  • The product is easy to shoot and wear.

Among the disadvantages can only be noted on such models. However, it is explained by quality and high functionality, and there is enough combined hats for a long time.

How to choose?

You need to choose a hatch for swimming, because a good model is able to provide not only convenience during swimming, but also health. The cap should fit tightly to the head, completely close the ears. Much depends on the convenience of her wear and removal – the headdress can not tear and pull hair.

It is worth noting that Bathing caps of universal size, they will suit people with any shape of the head. However, non-standard models for ladies with large parameters are provided. Just have to spend a little more time on their search.

You need to pay attention to the price: if swimming for you is an entertainment process, you should not choose the most expensive option. But professional swimmers are not recommended to save on products.

If we talk about design and style, it should also be repelled from the assignment of the cap. Girls who go to the pool to relax and maintain form, may choose any design, whether it is an ordinary silicone model or a product with a bulk decor. But those who do seriously and take part in competitions, it is better to stop their choice on classic swimming caps, tightly fitting head.

Now consider a few best models for swimming.

Adidas PU CT CP 1PC

Polyester has been manufactured. This material is good in that it does not miss the water. Stylish model, produced in black or metal colors, in the middle there are 3 bands. Very convenient to wear it and shoot. The disadvantage of the model is that It does not quite well closes the ears. Yes, and the price is high – a little less than 2 thousand rubles.

Suodunbaoluo HW0101

Classic Pool Hood made of polyurethane. She is well stretched, just puts on, quite durable. In addition, here you can find 12 interesting colors, which can not help fashionable. The lack of such hats is only that On some of them there are no company logo.

Speedo Fastskin3

The figure “3” means that with the cap you can purchase two more additional accessories: these are glasses and swimsuit. Each thing from this series was thought out and was created by real professionals specializing in swimming, as well as taking into account the properties of chlorinated water. The ruler is designed for ladies who are engaged in swimming professionally. There is no shortcomings in addition to the price. It is about 2.5 thousand rubles.

View TS V-31 NBL

Silicone comfortable hat that protects well. Comforted in the sock, has a round right form. This is an option for lovers of the whole classic. This model is available in one color, standard dark blue, also there is a corporate logo. The product is not devoid of flaws: it is difficult to wear and shoot.

Banfei 1135

A rather inexpensive combined model that is suitable for both professional swimmers and lovers of this sport. Possesses two layers due to which it is absolutely safe and comfortable. Allows you to develop high speeds, because reduces water resistance. She has a little drawback – rubber smell. But, how to celebrate buyers, soon it disappears.

How to wear?

Many girls hate the moment when you need to wear a hat. So that the process of putting on and socks passed more comfortably, take advantage of several advice from professionals.

  • Before putting the accessory, Remove earrings, rings, hairpins. This will prevent accidental damage to the product, moreover, you will not cling.
  • If your model of the cap is made of latex, Be sure to sprinkle it with Talc, so that the hair does not lip to the material.
  • Girls with long hair need to pre-lay them. The best option is a beam on the back of the head, while it is important to fix and bang.
  • Support accessory as follows: Palms are soiled inside, the hat is stretched into two sides and put on first on the forehead, and then on the back of the head, the ears need to be completely covered.
  • Shelo is recommended Position in the middle, So that he flew out from his forehead to the occipital part. Other options will be uncomfortable.
  • Remove the product since the back. Cap must be carefully picked up behind, and then remove from macushk and forehead. This technique will not allow the hair to stretch and break.

Features of care

For any thing, be it clothes, shoes or accessory, you need to care. Swimming caps are no exception. So that the model has always had a decent appearance, it is important to remember several useful recommendations.

  • After swimming the accessory you need to dry well. It is impossible to stay all night in the wet package. The product is dried naturally, protecting from the exposure to hot batteries and other heating devices.
  • Most materials are afraid of the sun, so hanging the hat to the balcony for ventilation should not.
  • Rubber products will constantly bond, They need periodic processing with a talc or baby powder.

Caps for the pool can be a beautiful and stylish accessory that will attract the attention of other swimmers to you. A wide variety of forms, colors and designs allows you to choose the ideal thing to choose. And simple rules of care will help save it for a long time, giving not only pleasant emotions and comfort during training, but also keeping hair dry and healthy.

About what kind of diving cap to choose, look next.

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